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"Fighters Away" Part 1

Posted on Tue Dec 22nd, 2020 @ 4:49pm by Commander Sandy Thomson & Lieutenant Commander Sandy "Ghost" Shannon & Lieutenant Kedzi Direx

Mission: Sunfire Station Keeping Starbase 247
Location: Fighter Deck Sunfire
Timeline: Current.

Sandy brought her 3 main Squadron's to readiness status. Tapping her combadge, "This mission is going to be support of the USS Eagle and to eliminate the threat to the ship in the Dark Nebula. Basically a rescue flight and fighter support. Once we have eliminated the threat, we will land supplies and help in the search for the scientists." Looking at her pilots, "I know that some of you are new to this Dark Nebula stuff but you will do fine. I have faith in each and everyone of you that you will do your job to the best of your ability. Now people let's rock and roll! Man your birds!" she hollered.

Watching her pilots head for their fighters, she smiled widely. "They are a good bunch of kids" she said outloud, and headed for her fighter "Raven". Mounting it, she opened a comlink to the Eagle.....=/\= "Ghost to Cmdr. Arlidd USS Eagle, Incoming flight of 3 Squadrons, 54 fighters in all from USS Sunfire. Our orders are to escort and provide combat air protection for your mission. We are also so ordered to destroy any and all threats to the ship being rescued, and the Eagle. Where do you want us to rendezvous with you?"=/\= Sandy asked. "All fighters launch, form your squadrons port side and wait for further instructions, Ghost out, and she launched her fighter.

Lieutenant Commander Smith sat on the bridge of the USS Eagle that was at the edge of the nebula hearing her voice he said." Open a comlink... This is Commander Smith, if your fighters have warp drive meet us at the nebula... If they did. If we had a shuttle bay that could carry a fighter if we could... Find a way to me I need to stay and watch the nebula recommended you speak with Sunfire staff about transporting yourself to us if they are coming."

Ghost looked puzzled, "All fighters hold positions," she said and switched to ship to ship comm, =/\= Ghost to Sunfire command, is there a problem or a change in our orders, the Eagle mentioned that we should transport from the Sunfire. Please confirm, =/\= Ghost said. Sandy "Ghost" Shannon was one to never question orders but this was onetime when she did.

[USS Sunfire]

On the USS Sunfire, Sandy Thomson had just read the communique handed to him. He read it a second time just to make sure he'd taken in the salient details, then turned to the Communications officer, saying "Open up a ship wide channel Lieutenant."

The Comm's officer replied "Aye Sir, channel open."

"All hands, this is Executive Officer Commander Thomson" Sandy said "Captain Sheridan has temporarily been re-assigned , so as of now, I've been asked to take command of the USS Sunfire during it's current mission."

He looked around the bridge and saw the crew looking back at him, not in any way scared or apprehensive, but rather expectantly to see what orders they would be carrying out.

"Helm, set course four six three mark two...the Dark Nebula" Sandy said to the Helmsman.

"Aye Sir, course set" the Helmsman replied.

"Take us out, one quarter impulse power, once we're clear of the outer marker, take us to full impulse, once we're past the second marker take us to warp five" Sandy added.

"Aye Sir" the Helmsman replied, turning back to his console.

Addressing the crew again Sandy said "All hands, carry on, Thomson out."

Looking to the Comm's Lieutenant he said "Patch me through to the USS Eagle."

"Aye Sir" the Lieutenant replied, then added "Link open Sir."

"Commander Thomson on the USS Sunfire to USS Eagle."

"This is Lieutenant Commander Smith here Sir" Smith replied.

"Captain Sheridan has been re-assigned so I've been temporarily promoted to Captain of the Sunfire" Sandy said "I know the Starfighters are on their way to you and will hopefully be with you soon, give me a status update of your current situation at the Dark Nebula please."

"We've just arrived at the Dark Nebula Commander" Smith replied "We've set the ships scanners to try and penetrate the Nebula to get what readings we can" Smith replied.

"Very good Commander, keep me informed of your progress, Sunfire is on it's way to you now, along with the Starfighters, Thomson out" Sandy finished.

He nodded to the Comm's Officer and said "Open up a channel to Commander Shannon."

"Aye Sir, channel open" the Lieutenant replied.

"Sunfire to Commander Shannon, how are you and your fighters doing, are you near the Dark Nebula?"

=/\= Ghost to Sunfire we just paused our rendezvous with the Eagle, they said something about transport from the Sunfire. We are about two hours from meeting up with the Eagle. I'm not sure if the Eagle is equipped for our fighters. Meaning room on the ship Sir. There are 54 fighters out here.....=/\=

"No, the Eagle's not equipped to handle that amount of fighters, a couple yes, not fifty four though" Sandy replied. He was silent a moment then said "We're not that far from you Commander, we should reach you in less than an hour, once we do, have half your fighters dock on the Sunfire and refuel and keep half of them out as a flying escort because we're entering into dangerous space. We'll rotate them half way to the Eagle so the other fighters are in and refuelled and the pilots can get a rest, Thomson out."

"Understood, will hold position till you arrive" Ghost said. Switching coms, "You heard the captain, maintain position till the Sunfire reaches us" she finished.

[Dark Nebula]

The USS Sunfire, along with it's fighter escort arrived at the Dark Nebula and once again, Sandy had the Comm's Lieutenant open a channel to the USS Eagle.

"Commander Thomson on the USS Sunfire to USS Eagle, we've
arrived, anything to report?" Sandy asked.

"Smith here Sir, yes, we're getting some odd readings coming from within the Dark Nebula. There's an ion trail meaning there could be a vessel in there, but it's not an ion trail configuration we're familiar with" the Commander replied.

"Are you able determine what direction the ship came from, or how big it is, anything that help us?" Sandy asked.

"The ships computer has analysed the readings and it's not come from Federation space" Smith replied "we've back tracked it as best we can, and it's come from what was formally Dominion held space. There's something else Sir" Smith added "but this is something I need to talk to you and the Senior staff from the ships about."

Sandy rubbed his chin, this sounded rather ominous " Very good, I'll beam over immediately with Commander Shannon to your ship, have Lieutenant Direx join us in your Ready Room, Thomson out."

The main ship to ship Comm link was closed, and Sandy tapped his badge and said "Thomson to Shannon, meet me in the transporter room just now please, we're going over to the Eagle."

"Understood, landing now" Ghost said and brought her fighter home.

[USS Eagle, Captain's Ready Room]

Sandy entered the room and made his way straight across to Smith "Ok, what do we have?"

"Computer, seal the room" Commander Smith said.

After a few moments the computer replied

==^==Room sealed==^==

Turning to face everyone in the room, Commander Smith said "This discussion is a potential Starfleet Priority One situation, which would normally mean it's Captain's eyes only, however, it's only a possibility at this time."

He tapped the console on the desk in front of him and brought up a 3D image of a molecular structure.

"This is part of a coding sequence we picked up when we scanned the ion trail. In itself, it's not setting of any alarm bells as yet, but it may. This sequence can be used in many variations, one of which the base sequence of the Omega particle...

Kedzi looked around the ship seeing what was going on not really much while the others are doing their thing in part of the eagle ship.

"Omega.....Oh my god! That is a dangerous subject to even be privy to. Apart from being a dangerous molecule, in the wrong hands, a weapon of mass destruction. It is unstable," Shannon said looking at both Smith and Thompson.

Commander Sandy Thomson
Temporary Commanding Officer
USS Sunfire


Lieutenant Commander Sandy 'Ghost' Shannon
Group Commander
Starfighter Wing
USS Sunfire


Lieutenant Kedzi Direx
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Sunfire


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