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Fresh Arrival..

Posted on Tue Jan 19th, 2021 @ 1:26pm by Major Timothy Hawk

Mission: Sunfire Station Keeping Starbase 247
Location: Transport Shuttle
Timeline: On going recent events

Major Hawk laid in the back of the shuttle, behind some cargo containers enjoying the little bit of darkness it provided. His dreams closer to nightmares he'd never share, if asked what he was dreaming about his reply would probably be rainbows and unicorns. A tapping could be felt on his shoulder having rolled over to ignore it. The tapping could be felt harder then a grip on his shoulder he sighed as his breathing returned to normal, he kept his eyes closed. "I'm guessing we're there." He wanted to stretched but he was in a awkward position and his pillow was his duffle bag.

His helmet and rifle were somewhere around himself probably behind a other crate, his tactical battle gear scrunched up and wasn't the most comfortable the only reason he wore it was so he wouldn't have to try and fit it in a bag, it didn't compress well and it offered the bonus of being a pressure suit in case the shuttle decompressed he only needed to throw on his helmet and gloves. Turning over to see a confused looking pilot, a bit panicked.

"Major, what the hell are you doing? How long have you been back here? If anyone finds out I missed someone, hell we were about to turn around! Do you have any ideas what's been going on? We've been following it on our scanners." The pilot a nervous looking ensign, fresh out of the academy feeling to him began to explain the situation to the fresh transfer.

"I'm glad I didn't miss to much, is that all? Is there time for some coffee? Do you have any sugar around here?" Hawk replied and sat up, using his palms to push himself up to his knee's, he reached for his bag, throwing it over his shoulder strapped over one, resting firming over his back, across his chest. Looking around he found his helmet, and shoved it on, activating the pressure seal. Reaching for his rifle next, he deactivated the built in energy dampener a 'safety feature' he wasn't to fond of. It took several seconds for the energy cell to do it's thing the only plus was a high powered shot was ready to go without all the time needed to charge up.

The pilot looked frantic now. "What do you mean is that all sir?! Aren't you taking any of this serious? It's not some bloody story sir!"

Hawk looked up at the Ensign and quirked his head. "You don't sound British.." With that he threw the rifle over his free shoulder, and grabbed his gloves, sealing them onto his suit creating a nice pressure seal. "So with all those fighters, being launched did you guys already transfer my personal fighter? I'm quite fond of it. I'd hate to think some other man is keeping her warm."

The pilot sighed and grabbed a pad from the wall, looking it over, he noted his personal fighter, numbered 7777, had already been transferred. Records showed no other pilot was active in it. "No sir, it's ready to go glad to see you're worried about something." He moved over to the transporter console on the wall to set coordinates to U.S.S. Sunfire.

"I don't want any other man touching her, I've got to be protective of my girl, I aint got no other." The pilot stared, open mouth not sure how to respond. "Energizing." This was the only thing the pilot could think to say. In a bright blue light the world inverted around him and began to spin little making him feel dizzy. Arriving in a hallway somewhere on Deck 2, he saw a couple crewmen run past him. Stopping one of them by grabbing their shoulder. "Crewman, throw this in my quarters, where ever they are. I'm Major Hawk, fresh transfer."

The crewman looked puzzled for a moment but then quickly nodded grabbing the duffle bag and pulling out a pad to probably log the inventory before running up to catch up to their buddy. Hawk then turned around and made his way to the nearest turbolift. "Bridge." the doors hissed closed and a second passed before they opened on the bridge, he noted the situation and moved past a few officers before making his way towards the Captain's chair to address whoever was in command. "Sir, Major Timothy Hawk reporting, sorry bout the lateness I fell asleep behind some containers on the shuttle, and people forgot I was even there. I had some pretty pleasant dreams of coffee though. Where could you use me?" He stood waiting for his orders.


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