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Brin and Faro - Disrupted Dreams

Posted on Sun Jul 7th, 2024 @ 1:33pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Jenna Ramthorne

Mission: The Beginning of the End
Location: Bajor
Timeline: Current-ish

The plans were well and truly in motion, with everything coming together nicely. The people in the nearby village suspected nothing other than some caretakers looking after the cottage whilst it owners were once again in the stars. The surrounding forest had been planed for explosives and weapons, hideouts and caches. Now all they had to do was bide their time until the Ma and Fa returned to fulfil their destiny.

"Brin! Faro! You must see this!" One of the Brotherhood fighters burst into the humble cottage that served as the movement's planning centre. He flicked on a monitor. "The Sunfire has been declared missing, they have missed their last two check-ins." He was animated in his expression.

Brin did not panic, there was nothing worth panicking over, yet. He eyed Faro however, and noted the frustration on her face. It was the face of someone whose plans had just been unwound. He detected an eye twitch but did not comment, not yet, instead he marveled in her emotional control. Together they watched the report as it was laid out before them.

It was a secure Starfleet security channel that one of their compatriots had broken into. For the most part the information was monitored and then ignored, a cursory scan for anything related to the Sunfire or Captain Kaylen. This was the first mention other than the standard mission reports. Faro replayed the latest 'state of the fleet' daily digest, her eyes clouding as the Sunfire was mentioned as missing their checkin and their current location was unknown. Currently another Starfleet vessel was enroute to their last known location to begin a search.

"This....may complicated matters" she muttered sourly.

Brin motioned for the others to leave the room before he calmly spoke to his beloved, "Where has thy faith disappeared off to? To invite discouragement in and allow it to take hold so quickly is to invite it's friend, heartache." He walked over and held Faro's ear in his hand as a measure of her Pah. "We must hold fast to the plan and have faith in the Wraiths' who have shown us the way."

"We have but a matter of weeks. If the Sunfire is indeed lost then the child may be born far from here and the opportunity to deliver Bajor from its fate will be lost" Faro lamented, a rare expression of anything other than the fierce determination she was renowned for. Deep inside the warrior was a seed of doubt that was gnawing away at her conviction. She dared not speak for fear her words would harm the faith of their tribe.

Taking a cleansing breath she remembered all they had been shown, all they were promised. "The Prophecy will occur, we must be ready"

He did not allude to his own internal worries about the situation for showing worry was to show weakness. "Indeed it will and indeed we must." He released her ear and took a small step back. "Now, release your concerns and tell me, what else is plaguing your mind this day. I know that you have been over working yourself instead of delegating and your stress levels show outward what lies within. So please, as the kids say, 'lay it on me'."

She drew a breath, checking that no-one else was in earshot before speaking. " I know what the Prophecy says should happen, but everything we have seen and even this new information belies that. Are we foolish to lay our lives and our future on a word that was written thousands of years ago?"

He rested his butt on the edge of his desk, a simple wooden piece built by the hands of skilled craftsmen. "Possibly." He said simply and without any edge of frosting to aid the swallow of the dry cake. "To interpret the words of Prophets written by the hands of mortal men written well before our time exactly as written is futile at best. The possibility for error always exists."

He saw the concerned look cross her face and so continued, "This is why we put our faith in the Pah' Wraiths. Their interpretation of those words, as non-linear beings, is closest to the real thing as it was spoken. They were there and they understand the meaning." He shifted, as he waited for her to ask questions. She knew, through him only, what the Wraith had told. She was following Brin on his journey to fulfil what the Wraith had lay before them. Was it duty, honor, love, which bound her to him?

"Indeed, my faith had but wandered. Thank you for reminding me of the path" she nodded towards him. "Ever the reasonable one, I faltered, you have set the path straight again" she nodded towards him, shunning her own ability to doubt the grand plan laid before them.

True to self, she remained bound without reason. He reached out with a comforting hand and rubbed her shoulder. "It is normal to have doubts at this stage, for even individuals with faith like my own. We hold true to what we know, and what we know is the plan." He stood showing his confidence, ready to repeat the fabled prophecy.

"Bajor is divided, struggling to find itself since the occupation has ended. The former Emissary caused further division by being not of Bajor. His battle with the Wraiths and Gul Dukat were legendary, but ultimately a setback to the peaceful unification of our world. You know as well as I that once the child is born, the people will rally behind her as a the new Emissary, further pulling us away from our traditional roots. It is said there will be Civil War, strife, and then a exodus to the stars instead of a coming together. The Ma and Fa, must die, for peace."

Of course, this was the prophecy as told by the Wraiths, not the Prophets. The Wraiths were not always the best at truth, honesty, or working for the greater good.

"We have waited long for these moments, worked tirelessly for the last few weeks. The Sunfire will return as it is foretold, and we will ensure the Wraith take their place as the true Prophets of Bajor" Faro spoke with conviction, mostly for herself. "We will continue with the preparations"

He smiled, showing how much he appreciated her hard work. "Rest first, and be rest assured, our efforts will not be in vane. Time is on our side. Even now, our members are spreading the word to the far reaches of Bajor. Soon, we will be victorious, soon we will have what is ours."



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