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Marking time

Posted on Wed Feb 28th, 2024 @ 9:51am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Jenna Ramthorne & Remal Kajun

Mission: The Beginning of the End
Location: Bajor
Timeline: Current-ish

The warmth of the fire wrapped them in its cosy embrace like a well worn blanket smothers the cold. They sprawled on the couches in front of the fireplace, the flames licking and dancing along the timber within it casting an organic ambience around the space.

" So are you on leave right now? Or are you supposed to be back on board" Rhenora asked with a curious glance.

Jenna sat on the edge of the couch, upright and alert, yet comfortably enjoying the crackling fire and the wine as it warmed her insides. "That is dependent on you and the contents of the data PADD. As I said, I am under a sort of probation. Seems the Admirals don't fully trust that I can lead nor do they trust that I'm not going to go running off on my own again. At least that's what I've garnered from their words." She provided a half smile, "Details lie within as it were."

"Probation shmobation" Rhenora rolled her eyes as she picked up the padd and read it in detail this time. "The crux of it is 'yes you're on probation', but you're to be assigned duties under my supervision. So I'm supervising you to relax and enjoy some downtime before we shove off again into goodness knows what."

"Well then." Jenna finally sat back and relaxed her shoulders. "Orders are orders." She eyed the PADD, "Does it indicate my official position or rank, or anything?" She put her hand out as though offering to take the PADD and read it in depth now that Rhenora had unlocked it. Curiosity was getting the better of her and Rhenora had a known issue when it came to details.

"Have a read, there's nothing in there that you don't already know. Although they have your rank at Commander. We'll get that sorted in due course" Rhenora handed over the padd.

"Oh and I have a bad habit of crashing the ship, I might need your help to remedy that" the comment was off the cuff and tossed into the conversation.

Jenna stopped, almost snorting her drink, "You mean you've managed to crash another one?" She fought back the urge to laugh aloud. "I mean, there's this pilot I know, she used to be pretty good, only ever crashed, one, maybe two times that I'm aware of." Jenna now allowed her laugh to bubble to the surface.

"Two" Rhenora coughed into her drink as she muffled the word. How her ships managed to find themselves Planet-Side in pieces so often was a mystery.

Jenna's ears caught the muffled word and her eyes grew wider, the smile larger, "Oh my, you have been busy in my absence." She took a drink of the wine in her hand. "Maybe I can help with that issue, no promises though." The laughter continued and she glazed over the Commander comment feeling she didn't deserve it and therefore it wasn't worth discussing right now, or ever for that matter.

"So," she said once the laughter had died. "I thought the cabin was complete. Mind if I ask what happened?" She pressed as she looked around the cabin. For the most part the walls were up, despite the obvious unfinished nature of the roof and the North wall. The interior however, was still taking shape.

Rhenora drew a halting breath, as though being reminded of the darkness that seemed to be ever looming in their lives. "There was a fire a few months ago, some extremists from a Pah' Wraith cult called The Brotherhood found some old prophecy that claims our child is to be the bringer of peace to Bajor and are determined not to let that happen" she explained, knowing that once the can of worms was opened there was no putting it back.

She paused again, seeking solace in Remal's hand and gazing at the warmth of the fire as a chill ran through her. "They've tried several times, but one of those attempts was setting fire to the cabin whilst we were here"

Remal picked up where Rhenora trailed off, "In fact Bajor itself seems to be in the throws of an internal revolt." He squeezed Rhenora's hand, "We've lost friends, but we've also reconnected with others. And, no matter the turmoil, like this cabin, we persevere."

Shocked, Jenna took a look around at the cabin then back at the loving couple. For a moment she saw them years prior, standing at the alter on their wedding day. Bright, smiling and happy they embraced. That was before someone tried to kill them, named Bradwar Durr or something like that. "It sounds as though you've been through a lot too." Sympathy poured out.

"So why come back? Why spend your vacation here if you know being here could mean someone will attempt to kill you again?" Jenna asked earnestly. She wondered why anyone would knowingly risk putting their life in danger or their unborn child's life in danger, and then the hypocrisy struck her before she thought any further. She turned and looked away, out the window and the feeling of being watched returned.

"Because if we show fear, they win" Rhenora said simply, nailing Jenna with a determined look. "That is not acceptable, no matter the risk." She knew the virtue of the words, living them was a different story. "We are cautious, however, in who we trust here".

"In fact," Remal lowered his guard and stepped over to the window. "If you're feeling like someone is watching you it's because we have friends out there looking out for us. Most of the local and a few trusted individuals are looking over us and the cabin in our absence." He admitted openly, a fact Rhenora had not been told but he was sure she was aware of. "As a precaution of course."

Jenna nodded, "I understand. I had this feeling all the way here but couldn't see or hear anyone in the area." There was a moment of silence as her words hung out there and she shifted position, "So... Mother of the new Emissary huh? That's, uh, what's that like?" Jenna asked to break the air.

"Like someone had too much spring wine thousands of years ago and saw weird stuff that people believe beyond doubt is true and will come to pass." Rhenora snorted with a healthy dose of distain. She sobered for a moment before being honest with herself. "It's a battle between what Bajor wants, the Prophets want, and where we fit in it all. The Prophets have been... less than forthcoming with details." Her eyes travelled from the reacquainted friendship in Jenna to the man that was her heart, soul and rock.

Jenna eyed them both in turn as well, never one to believe in the divinity of mystical beings and god like beings such as Q she found the situation at least interesting. "What about you? What does Rhenora and Remal want? Surely you want this baby and the happy life that goes along with it?" She asked outwardly even as she was reflecting on her own loss of a child and the happy life that was to come with it.

Remal picked up on the tone in Jenna's voice, a sorrowful one. "Of course we want the child, don't get us wrong. We're just not prepared for the Bajor shattering consequences that come with the prediction the Temple Beings have predicted... or not predicted." He cross checked his words considering how vague the wormhole aliens were. "I mean what kind of life are 'they' going to have being raised as the future Emissary. That's a burden I would not wish upon the most capable let alone a child."

"We just want to be a normal family, not one that shapes the future of a planet or has special ties to celestial beings who meddle in Bajor's affairs when it suits them" Rhenora remarked as she rested back against the cushions of the lounge. "It's bad enough that they pop into my head when it suits them and show me all kinds of doom and gloom, we just want to be normal people"

Jenna didn't quite know what normal was though from Rhenora's description it sounded nice. "I can't imagine you ever living a normal life. But, if that's something you're wanting then I pledge to do everything in my limited power to help you achieve that normality." Jenna took a sip of her wine and finally allowed her shoulders to relax back into the couch cushions.

"What is normal anyway?" Rhenora retorted as she took in her old friend. "It is indeed good to have you back Jenna. I believe the guest room is almost finished. Won't you join us? Remal's breakfast is to die for."

Jenna sat forward, "I'd be happy to join you." Her heart skipped a beat as she felt elation towards the request from her closest friend. It really was a mix of emotion she was sure if she didn't keep in check her tears would flow like rain. For now she would eat and chit chat and play catch up and everything would fit together like the round peg in the square hole once more.



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