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BACKPOST Kit go down the hole

Posted on Thu Jan 25th, 2024 @ 10:43pm by Lieutenant Sarah Wilson & Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell & Ensign Kitiuas Thenis & Remal Kajun

Mission: Character Development
Location: USS Sunfire
Timeline: After the plasma wave


The dizziness had subsided somewhat, the nausea was manageable, Kit looked at medic Johnson, "Continue with your care of your companion and yourself. I'll use the emergency hatch and climb to the bridge and send you some help." crewman Johnson responded, "With all due respect sir you're not in any shape to do that." Kit merely smiled at him "I need information and we need help, besides been knocked around far worse as a child." With that statement Kit stood up gingerly on the medical grav sled and reached for the emergency hatch of the turbolift, waves of nausea and dizziness accompanying the action.

Ronson looked up from his overworked tricorder as the main crisis moved into its recovery phase. "Commander, I have a turbolift with three occupants jammed between decks 1 and 2, it's most likely Kit and her medical team" he called to the XO. The bridge medical team's heads snapped around to his direction.

"It's a few metres down, but we should be able to climb down" Ronson started as he looked towards the turbolift doors. A few moments later they had prized open the doors and looked down at the top of the turbocar.

"Kit?!?" Ronson shouted, hoping his voice would penetrate.

Kit was perspiring profusely, her stomach was twisting in knots with nausea, as she slowly climbed up the turbolift shaft. She heard Ronson call her name. "Yeah, I'm alive, medics need some attention though. I am going to murder whom ever thought it wise to tie me to a medical grav sled though." she replied, then she suddenly dry heaved.


Somewhere near deck 2, Remal had been helping with those in sickbay who were still reeling from the loss of a friend or loved one due to the new entity threat on board the ship. When the first plasma wave hit, he began triage work as patients streamed into the bay. After the second wave hit, he went with a team to check the other decks.

He had gone into their shared quarters looking for Rhenora, who should have been resting as ordered, but she was nowhere to be found. With a sigh of resignation he began making his way to the bridge. As the lifts were out, this meant fitting his rather large frame into the rather tight Jefferies tubes, which he despised. They never felt as though they were built to fit his size, let alone his knees and he always wondered why they weren't simply built to be more accomodating.

Every deck, he would stop for a breather and to scan just to know he was making a dent into his destination. As he neared deck two, he scanned several lifesigns coming from the nearby turboshaft. One of the signs appeared to be trying to exit through the top of the lift. He adjusted his trajectory East and crossed the distance to the lift tube then released the manual lock on the door only to come face to face with an Orion female who appeared to be on a mission. "Ensign Thenis? May I be of service?" He asked.

Kit was startled and almost fell back of the emergency ladder. “Working my way to the bridge, while I think of ways to kill the individuals who thought it a wise idea to strap me to a bloody gurney.” she was perspiring heavily and looked like she was ready to vomit. “There are two medics in the turbolift that require medical assistance, and no I did not harm them.” The smell of a combination of cinnamon, roses, and vanilla with the occasional lilac thrown in wafting off her body.

Remal smiled at the thought of her hurting some medics after being strapped down. "So, not one to enjoy a bit of foreplay huh?" He jested. He climbed out of the J-tube hole and onto the ladder. "You go on in and take a rest. I'll head down and see what I can do for the medics, deal?"

Kit smiled back, "No, not one for hospitals and sickbays. Thanks for the breather. I'll start back up shortly." With that she gently slide into the J-tube and rested her back against the bulkhead.

Meanwhile the medical team that had been on the bridge were working their way down the tubes looking for the stuck turbolift. "Hellooooo, anyone down here?" The voice echoed from overhead.

He began the climb down to the lift when the lights resumed normal illumination. A new fear suddenly emerged as the stuck lift suddenly activated dropped as though continuing it's journey from earlier. Now there was nothing below him in case he slipped, but there was also nothing stopping the next lift from hitting him on the way up. He needed to move back into the hole where Kit was.

Kit had her eyes closed and was enjoying the coolness of the bulkhead when she thought she heard the sound of a turbolift moving away. Impossible, ship's power is down. she thought. Still, she opened her eyes and realized that the power had returned. She acted instantly, slapping her commbadge =/\=Bridge, stop all turbolifts. There are personnel in the turbolifts.=/\=

The bridge personnel acknowledged and the lift car stopped within moments, everybody breathing a sigh of relief. The medical staff began working their way down towards Kit and Remal and the medics in the turbocar.

Kit sighed a sigh of relief. Well at least that should prevent further injuries till we sort this mess out. she thought. She then heard the medical team arrive. Smiling she looked at them "I'm fine, give me something for nausea and dizziness. I'll report to sickbay later."

" Let us be the judge of who is fine and who is not" The medic replied gruffly, a little winded after travelling the JTubes. A tricorder scan and a few minutes of medical treatment and Kit would be fine to continue and seek follow up treatment later.

"What's the condition of the medics who were in the turbocar with you?" The doctor asked.

Kit looked at the medic and sarcastically replied “Oh, just peachy, why believe they will be up to running the next Academy Marathon. How do you think their doing, bounced inside a turbolift that also had a medical grav sled? I believe the captain’s husband is down there with them.” She looked sharply at both of the medical personnel, “And for your information I will go to sickbay, when I damn well think I need to.”

Thankfully the medic had applied basic treatment to Kit whilst she had been launching sarcastic remarks - a red flag when it came to stress and pain. Thankfully the medic didn't give two flying figs and continued with the treatment.

"Very good then, well I'd best be on my way then. Do drop in when you're done climbing turboshafts, you do need further treatment sometime in the future.

Remal had managed to climb down to the lift, which had dropped another 4 decks. He popped his head into the hole, surprising those within, "Howdy." He said with a jovial grin. "Mind if I drop in?"

The medics inside the turbocar groaned at the comment but shuffled out of the way to allow Remal space to climb in. A few moments later the primary medical team descended to assist.

"Well looks like you lot got yourself into a bit of a jam" The doctor quipped as he climbed in through the upper hatch to help Remal.

Situation over, it was only a matter of moments before the lift was secured, the people inside assessed for injuries and they were on their way again. Having gotten his climbing in, Remal felt it safe to skip leg day in the gym. In the tubes above, Kit was treated and released before any further incident could take place.


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