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The Mrs has a Drinking Problem II

Posted on Fri Sep 22nd, 2023 @ 1:32am by Commander Jenna Ramthorne & Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: Repairs and Retribution
Location: Kunar
Timeline: Same time as Drinking Problem Part I


Across the quad, sat a connected building, which housed the on base guard house. Within the stone veneer walls, a group of soldiers sat together, gambling and talking trash as most soldiers do in their down time. Pat'Trek was reminiscing about the war and talking about the woman waiting for him back on Cardassia. Dumbma brought up his desire to find a woman someday. While Kal'tra stared off into space, thinking about his stomach and how more and more they were starving as much as the prisoners were. Together they were a group looking for a cause and the right leader. Once boredom and hunger intersect, stupid soon follows. Throw in liquor and stupid becomes dangerous.

"I'm hungry" Kal'tra grumbled, staring at his empty water bottle. Their rations had been cut again.

"Here, courtesy of her highness" the fourth guard broke his silence by producing a bottle of Kunar, it's label dusty and tattered indicating its age. It raised eyebrows around the table and was quickly and silently agreed that the usual 'what goes on your stays on tour's commitment stood firm. No questions were asked.

They filled their glasses and downed their liquor, the grimace turning to pleasure as it hit their empty stomachs.

"Anyone see the new Starfleet people? I wonder what they did to make the Bitch hate them so much?" Another queried after a refill boldened him.

"You're always hungry Kal'tra, it's that gut of yours. Perhaps if you focused more on your workout regimen and less on your intake consumption." Pat'Trek commented with a bit of wisdom hidden behind senility. "As for the Starfleeters, didn't you see the news? They killed Gul Maccet in cold blood then evaded trial. The 'Bitch' has a right to hate them I think."

"Hey, uh, where did you get this wine?" Dumba asked the man who had supplied the booze as he stared at his empty glass. "And is there any more where this came from?"

"Occasionally The Bitch's butler 'forgets' to lock the cellar, more like he's too drunk to bother. There's liquor, food and all kinds of wonderful there" He produced a small round of soft cheese and a handful of almost intact crackers. "Proof that it's who you know, or more like who you watch carefully. Right now he's in with her with a bottle or two of the 23 and a plate of niceities. You can get your ass that it's unlocked again" He paused a popped a sliver of cheese into his mouth, savouring the flavour as it mixed with the liquor. " As for the Starfleeters, they don't seem like murderers. That's just my opinion. Maybe she just hates them. We've seen that before. Specially the Bajoran ones."

"Keep your voice down. Some of us are still loyal to our commanders. You keep talking like that, and acting like a sympathizer, you'll likely end up dead in your bed." He swallowed and gulp of wine. "Besides, murderers or not, I'm no judge, they don't send them here without good reason. No Bajoran is innocent." He shook his head.

"I have to agree with Pat'Trek, we've all got blood on our hands. But even you have to admit, she's got it out for this group and I'm willing to bet she's receiving some sort of compensation for making them disappear."

"Come on man, I didn't come here to talk politics. My stomach demands food. You got any more of that wine?" He asked as he was shown an empty bottle. "Awe come on! I say we storm our way into the store room at take what we deserve!"

The one that gathered stood and disappeared for 5 minutes, only to return with food, wine and news. "He is still in there, they're discussing compensation and why she's so pissed with the new lot. Oh, and the cellar was still unlocked so I ahhh..acquired these for the good of Cardassia." He dropped the food and fresh bottle on the table. Not stupid enough to steal a good bottle, he had pilfered from the bottom of the pile, carefully replacing the full bottle with an empty one.

"Compensation huh? Bet we never see a dime of that compensation." Bar'dok said from the sidelines. The conversation had now spread and several other guards were actively involved or becoming involved into the topic of conversation.

"We deserve that money as much, if not more, than she does. While we toil away here in these dank caves with the filth while she lives up there with her man servant, being waited on hand and foot."

"Hand me some of that cheese." Kal'tra demanded while clutching his gut. "Man I haven't eaten well in days. Not since I was back home."

Someone nudged Pat'Trek who had been quiet for a while. "You good man? You look like someone who has something on your mind."

The room hushed as they looked to him for his thoughts. "Oh, I was lost in an idea. What if we set them free?"

"What, and spend the rest of our lives as her personal whipping post?" One of them scoffed. "You're mad"

"No, hear me out. We feel like she is focused on this group right? That she has received some sort of compensation for them. If that's true, she'll want them caught and brought back alive instead of the usual kill on sight. In the chaos, some of us will break in and steal what rightfully belongs to us. Either way, we win. Assuming we can get off planet before she realizes what's happened."

"So you're suggesting a diversion, with benefits" his friend clocked his head sideways as he digested this morsel of hope. "How do we accomplish this?"

"Simple." He stated as he got up, alcohol in hand, walked across the barracks to the control box. "Like this." And then he proceeded to dump the remaining contents of the bottle over the control panel. Sparks erupted with a satisfying sizzle. The overhead lights flickered off and back on, then off completely.

Seconds later the emergency lights lit up the darkened tunnels in a red glow. Outside, in the main control center, the warning klaxon blared. The power inside and out throughout the whole of the compound was now out. Pat'Trek's grin was barely visible in the darkness. "Alright, lads, I'm storming the castle, who's with me?"



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