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Broken and Bad

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2023 @ 9:30pm by Remal Kajun & Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: Repairs and Retribution
Location: Kunar

They were given cold showers, tossed into their cells, and thrown some food and a small container of water each. Only the bars divided them and Rhenora could see how much Remal was hurting. Despite the horrendous poison the Mrs had given them they had revealed nothing, for there was nothing to actually reveal despite what their captor wanted to hear. Rhenora sank against the bars, not wanting to eat but knowing that they needed to keep their strength up if any hope of rescue was to be maintained.

"Remal, you must eat" She encouraged.

His senses were still crying out with every moment that passed. The shower, cold water and all, seemed to help some and now he had at least found some mobility. While he could not speak, he could communicate and his mind was still focused if a bit out of sorts.

Leaning against the bars he reached out and touched her hand to reassure her things would be okay, somehow. Then he got an idea, something that had been used a long time ago when he was nursing a deaf soldier back to health. He took his hands and clapped them together, then tried the best he could to use his hands to communicate.

He motioned, slowly, painfully, at his eyes, then at her eyes. He was hoping she wasn't in too much pain to understand what it was he was attempting to do.

She looked at him, weary and a little confused but drew her eyes to his, seeking whatever communication he offered.

He had her attention, that was a start. He started small by pointing to his eye, then making a heart shape, and then pointing at her. A most simplistic way for him to say, I love you, which didn't get said often enough in his book. But this was also something he was sure she would understand.

She nodded her understanding, pressing a hand against the bars as though it would draw her closer to him. Repeating the movements she echoed his words, adding the verbal component as her strength slowly returned.

His eyes lit up knowing she was grasping what he was trying to do. The rest required hand movements for words he had not ever had to say and so would require some creative charades. He started by pointing to his hair and then spinning his finger in a curl pattern to signify curly hair, then bonked his head lightly on the bars to signify someone specific they both knew. 'Bonnie'

Rhenora looked at him a little confused, wracking her brain before running through several people who had curly hair. As she listed them she carefully watched his reaction. When she said Bonnie, there was a different reaction.

He nodded, thankful she was catching what he was putting down. Next, he spread his pinky and thumb apart and pressed it to his arm and made a 'pshh' sound with his mouth hoping she would get the universal sign of a hypo being injected.

Again she paused, running a set of words and actions through her middle mind. "Bonnie needs a hypo?" She offered first, watching for the slight shake of his head. "Bonnie has a hypo?", not quiet. "Bonnie gave a hypo?".
Another nod. It didn't make sense but she was sure there was more to the story that Remal was trying to share.

He skipped motioning at himself because he felt that was needless and moved on to his next word, which would be difficult. He thought for a moment, then grunted and held up one hand palm up. Then used the other hand to act like someone was walking across his palm slowly. He walked across the length of his palm, then quickly started at the base again with his hand in a gun motion. He was signing 'tracker' but wasn't sure if she would get it.

*Walking? Hunting?" She paused after two shakes of the head. "Tracking?" A final nod. She stopped, eyes distant as she put the prices together, not daring to utter a sound as she knew they were being watched. Bonnie injected a tracker, into Remal! The Sunfire would know where to find them.

"Blessed be" she whispered, finally understanding what was going on. There indeed was hope.

He gently squeezed her hand for her understanding mind. She didn't always get there on the first try, but that was what he loved about her. Her determination would get her there in the end. Now he wanted to convey what happened to Patin, but that would be more difficult.

Right then the guard chose to hit the bars with a mild electric charge. "Break it up you two. Best get some sleep, for tomorrow is going to be even better." He said while staring at Rhenora with a lewd sort of grin on his face and lust in his eyes.

The shock forced them apart quickly and added to the pain they were already experiencing in their nerve endings. Remal shook his hands as though he could simply shake the pain aware, all the while glaring at the guard. The sooner they were out of this place, the better.

The look in her eyes said 'let it go', although it was hard when they were constantly degraded and punished. With the knowledge of the transponder it gave her a renewed sense of hope. They just had to survive enough to get rescued.

Settling back from the bars she waited until the guard was gone then leant backwards against the rock wall of the cell, close enough so she could almost feel Remal's bodyheat but not enough to touch the bars in case the guard came back.

"Soon" She whispered so that only her husband could hear. "They will come soon" She wasn't referring to the guards, although anyone listening in may assume as such.

He gently knocked the back of his head against the bars to signal his hope and agreement before slinking back against the stone wall as well. The previous night had not afforded him sleep, and therefore he was exhausted. There was no promise for sleep this night either, but he was going to at lease try.


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