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Quiet suffering

Posted on Wed Sep 13th, 2023 @ 7:38pm by Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: Repairs and Retribution
Location: Cells
Timeline: Current

~ Savar and Aurora’s cell ~

Having been tossed back into the cell by the guards Aurora lay on the floor barely moving, everything hurt from being stretched on the rack, she could only hope that no internal damage had been done and that the baby was alright. Only time would tell.

Savar was soon returned to the cell and dumped inside unceremoniously. He lay unmoving for several seconds before his mind registered the fact that Aurora was there with him, he moved slowly to her as if he was in a fog. Reaching her he could tell she was in pain. He lifted her head to his lap. "Aurora my love, what did they do?"

Aurora let out a pained whimper as Savar moved her, her eyes closed focussing on trying to shut out the pain. “It hurts...everything hurts...” she paused. “They have a rack, the Mrs had me...stretched.” She opened her eyes looked up at Savar. “Imzadi...what did they do to you!?”

Savar did not reply right away. He was in pain, not only for his injuries but what Aurora had suffered. He lowered his head to hers. "I am sorry my love." he whispered as he continued to hold her. "I suffered no physical pain. I was subjected to mental violations, altered perceptions of actual events." He replied softly.

Aurora nodded. “I don’t know how much longer we can hold out here Savar! She knows I’m carrying our child, and she’s willing to exploit it.” She rested her hand on her stomach. “I can’t let anything happen to our baby!”

Savar nodded, "She is blinded by hatred Aurora." He looked down at her, his eyes full of tears at her suffering. "I know Aurora. I know. I can only ask that you remain strong."

“I will try Imzadi...I will try.” Aurora nodded as she slowly reached up a hand to wipe away Savar’s tears. “Help me...I need my Vulcan half to block out the pain, help me to do it.”

Savar's fingers moved with a will of their own. They found Aurora's cheek and temple and gently pressed the skin there. He heard himself speak, "My mind to your mind Aurora. My thoughts to yours." he intoned as entered her mind to block the pain she was suffering. he saw her anguish at being placed on the rack and cruelly stretched. "The pain is an illusion. Block it from your mind. cast it aside." He spoke to her.

Aurora focussed on Savar’s words, the pain slowly falling into the background as he spoke. She saw his torture too, the doubts the Mrs was trying to fill his head with. “Do not listen to her words Imzadi, do not let her fill your mind with doubt.”

Aurora's words were what he needed to hear. Her loyalty, her devotion, her strength gave him strength to repulse the words of the vindictive Mrs. United he and Aurora would give the other strength to repel any attack the Mrs. could bring upon them.

Aurora withdrew herself from the mind meld letting Savar rest. “Thank you Imzadi, please rest, you need it as much as I do.”

Savar nodded. "You are welcome Aurora. The pain is gone?" He gently inquired. Her well being was paramount to him.

“It is...tolerable now, thank you” Aurora nodded as she shifted her weight to get more comfortable. It wasn’t as if the cell had anywhere comfortable to lie anyway.

Savar nodded at her words. "Lie still Aurora. Conserve your strength. Lie upon me. I am softer than hard stones our captors call beds."

Aurora nodded and gently moved just enough to cuddle with Savar, she wanted to be his strength as much as he was hers. “Let us both rest Imzadi, while we have the chance.”

"A most logical idea Aurora." Savar replied as Aurora cuddled next to him and he lay his head beside hers. Thankful for this moment that they had together.

Closing her eyes Aurora was soon drifting off to sleep, the exhaustion of events setting in. Savar was all the comfort and warmth she needed to get to sleep.

Savar listened to the gently rhythm of Aurora's breathing. He was relieved she was able to sleep, to renew her strength through sleep. He fell asleep thinking about her.



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