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Oh Oh.

Posted on Fri May 12th, 2023 @ 11:40pm by Lieutenant Sarah Wilson & Commander Dean House & Remal Kajun

Mission: Repairs and Retribution
Location: Starbase 67

Doctor Sarah Wilson was concerned. Not massively concerned but enough concerned to put down the padd she was working on and start making enquiries. The Captain was an hour late for her routine check up - something they had scheduled for once a fortnight. She hadn't been given the once over since they escaped from the Dinosaur planet and the good doctor wanted to make sure everything was in order.

"Computer - locate Captain Kaylen" She called, drumming her fingers on the desk. Could it be that the Captain had simply forgotten? It was unlike her to not even call to apologize or reschedule.

"Captain Kaylen is not onboard the Starbase" The computer intoned.

"Scan the Sunfire, is Captain Kaylen there?" Sarah's pulse quickened and dread started to fill her body.

"Captain Kaylen is not on board the Sunfire."

Sarah breathed out a nervous breath. "Computer, locate Commander Savar on either the Starbase or the Sunfire"

"Commander Savar is not on the Starbase nor on the Sunfire"

There was a few select cursed words under her breath. She decided to work her way down the command chain until she found someone actually ON the station.

"Computer, locate Commander House"

Dean was looking through a few things at one of the shops there on the station, giving a point, "No, not that crystal, that one. Yeah right there." Setting a tub down with other parts for things in it.

The computer replied, "Commander House is on Starbase 67."

Sarah resisted the urge to scrunch her fists into balls "computer, tell me the location..... Nevermind." She paused as took a breath, thankful that at least someone in charge was still around. "Dr Wilson to Commander House, we have a problem. The Captain, and Commander Savar are missing, others may be also. I suggest an urgent meeting with station security and a rapid roll call of all Sunfire personnel"

"What do you mean missing?" Well wasn't that lovely, Dean shook his head a little. "Start with the roll call, emergency one. I can deal with Security."

"Yes Sir" Sarah replied and immediately used a pass to send a priority communication to all Sunfire crew.


While his lovely wife was relaxing and enjoying a masseuse to gently massage her cares away, Remal had strolled over to the shops where he was looking at the different cookware available to him. Afterall, once repairs were complete he hoped to find some normalcy in their kitchen and the garden once more. The Sunfire was still at least a week away from final repairs and finishing touches were a long way off, but a man can dream right?

As he finished and exited he shop, he heard a commotion followed by screaming coming from the area of the massage parlor. Even in the safety an security of a Federation starbase, somehow his beloved had managed to find trouble. Concern flooding his very senses, he dropped all pretenses and rushed to play catchup, running towards the center of panic and against the crowd who were moving in the opposite direction.

Arriving on the scene, one of a destroyed storefront and panic stricken people, his face went pale and he began pushing forward harder, searching. "Rhenora!" He bellowed. "Move, move," he ordered the crowd. Remal stopped only when he reached he empty chair where he had left his morning star. She was gone and those around were either dead or unconscious, taken by force. He tapped his badge, "Security to the masseuse parlor, Captain Kaylen is missing!"

It took only moments for the stations security to arrive, quickly securing the location to make sure the evidence wasn't interfered with. A minute later the medical team piles in, treating the injured and removing the dead. The head of security, a balding man by the name of Lt Commander Suckem started questioning those in the immediate vicinity. A call came over the comm that two other officers from the Sunfire were also missing. Suddenly his day became that much more complicated. "Suckem to Commodore Incharge, I believe we have a situation"

Back in the stations security office, the true nature of the situation was revealing itself. Sarah, Dean, Remal and several other Sunfire officers had gathered there to go over what they knew. After the roll call it was apparent that three senior officers were missing.

"We have witness reports that there were Cardassian's seen in the area just before they went missing. Whilst that in itself is unremarkable, does it bear any significance to you?" The security chief asked, reviewing the data that had been collected so far.

"They were supposed to be on trial in a Cardassians Court whilst we were crashed on that horrid planet" Sarah mused openly.

The security chief rubbed his chin thoughtfully before turning to one of his deputies and issuing some quiet instructions.

"Call those on your senior staff that you trust to the wardroom in 30 minutes. We may have something for you then"


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