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Frying Pan Pt 3

Posted on Sun May 7th, 2023 @ 9:55am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant JG Aurora Vali

Mission: Repairs and Retribution
Location: Cardassian Freighter


The Cardassian's roughly shoved the Captain out of the cell, prodding her in the back with their weapons if she wasn't moving fast enough. History had taught her they would keep her alive and more or less intact until they reached their destination. These were only low level guards and whoever was expecting them was also expecting them to be alive.

"Move faster!" the guard shouted, jabbing her again. She winced but did nothing to increase her pace, knowing it would infuriate him so. Their footsteps echoed into the distance before the closing of a door masked the sound completely.

Back in the cell, Savar looked at Aurora. "The Cardassians will keep the captain alive until we reach out destination Aurora. Though I fear they will inflict a harsh punishment on her for her insubordination. She will be returned here but may be the worse for wear." He paused, "We must wait for her to return, it may be short or long depending on much pain the Cardassians wish Rhenora to suffer."

Aurora nodded. “I’m sorry, I’m worried about Rhenora. She’s further along in her pregnancy than I am, what if they cause problems with that?” She sighed. “That, and I’m...scared.”

"I do not blame you for your concern concerning Rhenora. I share that concern. However the Cardassians do not care that she or you are pregnant Aurora. You must accept that. As for being scared. You must be strong, do not give in to despair." Savar replied wishing he could hold Aurora, but their binds prevented that nor could they use their bond to communicate thanks to the inhibitor the Cardassians had placed on her.

“I’ll try Imzadi, that’s a promise” She moved closer laying her head against Savar’s chest. Just the sound of his heartbeat was enough to calm her.

Savar kissed the top of her head. "I know you will Aurora." He answered simply. He wished she knew just how proud he was of her and the strength she was showing in the face of this situation.

It was over an hour later when the Captain was returned, her body bruised and battered but intact. She seemed semi-conscious, mumbling incoherent words and curling in on herself when she was thrown back in. The Cardassians were smart, knowing how to abuse and torture someone whilst keeping them alive.

Savar closed his eyes at the sight of the bruises he could see on Rhenora's body as she was returned to the cell and dumped back in the cell. He was beside her in an instant. Kneeling next to her, unable to touch her because of the cuffs on his wrists. "Captain, Rhenora." He spoke to her, her body curled in, her hands still bound behind her. He tried to make out the words she mumbled but was unable to. "Rhenora." He repeated.

“Captain!?” Aurora moved to Rhenora’s side. She wished she could get the shackles off her hands, off all their hands. It wasn’t like they were going anywhere. Just then the door opened and three plates were tossed in with mere tiny morsels of food, and equally small amounts of water.

A took a little time to rouse and recover, something Rhenora knew to take her time at doing from previous experience. They wouldn't take her again until they knew her body would be able to handle it. The mind however was a different kettle of proverbial fish. The meager sustenance was standard Cardassian prison fare - a cup of water, and a slice of old dry bread that even the rats wouldn't try to eat.

"Soak the bread in the water a little at a time, then you can at least eat it" She offered as she sat, resting against the back of the cell. Everywhere hurt, but soon that would be the least of their concerns.

"Excellent advice Captain if are hands were free. As it is now, it is rather difficult." Savar answered. "Wait. I can soak the bread for Aurora, she for me and we both can for you." He suggested.

"Depending on how flexible your shoulders are...try this" The Captain moved away from the wall a little, then drew her torso up and scooted her hands underneath her legs, essentially allowing them to be in front of her after a good deal of wiggling.

"Impressive Captain." Savar replied with approval and was about to start when the forcefield at the entrance snapped off and a trio of burly Cardassian guards appeared . Two entered the cell, one stayed at the entrance, a disruptor in his hand, covering Rhenora and Aurora. "If you don't want another beating Bajorian scum, get your hands behind your back!"

Meanwhile the other guards pulled Savar to his feet. "Come Vulcan, your dinner will have to wait. We have some questions for you, like is it true Vulcans have an extremely high tolerance for pain." They chuckled as they pushed him out of the cell and the forcefield came back up. Leaving Aurora and Rhenora alone.

“Savar...” Aurora moved towards the cell entrance watching her love go, before she returned to Rhenora’s side. She gave it a few moments before copying what Rhenora had done in moving her hands forward. She had little choice but to soak her stale bread in the water and soften it, grateful for something to eat and drink.

"Rest, you'll need to keep your strength up" Rhenora said kindly, offering Aurora some of her bread. She was used to being hungry, something her body never forgot how to deal with from the old days. They wouldn't let her starve, the big wigs where-ever they were going wouldn't allow their prized prisoner to die en route. "They won't kill him, they'll hurt him, abuse him, but they won't kill him."

Aurora nodded and ate what she had. She had faith that Savar’s Vulcan teachings would protect him from feeling any pain during torture. At least she hoped so. “I guess I still have my turn to come, I just hope I don’t let you both down.”

One hour stretched into two when suddenly the forcefield at the front of the cell snapped off and two Cardassian guards dragged Savar between them while a third followed behind to make sure the prisoners didn't try anything. His phase covering Rhenora and Aurora. The guards pushed threw Savar into the cell so he fell to the floor and lay unmoving. "Gotta admit Vulcan, you're tough. You never made a sound. Gonna be interesting to see how well you die." With the guards exited the cell and the forcefield snapped back on.

Savar was in a word a mess. He had two black eyes which were swollen half closed. His nose appeared broken His face was puffy with mottled bruising all across it. As was his chest if his tunic were to be raised. He also couldn't take deep breaths which could indicate either broken or fractured ribs. After a moment he stirred and turned his head to look at Aurora and Rhenora. Through the slits of his eyes. "The Cardassians are quite brutal in their dispersing of punishment. Uncreative but brutal." He managed to get out through his swollen lips

"Sadly they treat it almost as a sport. They'll come in a few hours and heal you enough so they can do it again" Rhenora replied sagely, allowing Savar to ease himself into whatever position was comfortable for him.

It took a few moments for Savar to finally manage to get himself in a sitting position. "You are correct Captain. They do take a certain perverse glee in inflicting punishment." He nodded slowly at her words. The action causing him some pain. "I have no doubt I will again be their guest."

Aurora was trying her hardest not to burst into tears at the sight of her beloved husband in such a state. She didn’t want to show weakness in-front of the Cardassians, she had no doubt they probably saw her as the weakest link anyway. She sat beside Savar gently offering him some water to soothe any thirst and his injuries. She had managed to wriggle her hands forward which made the job easier.

Savar sipped water from the cup Aurora held to his swollen lips. "Thank you, Aurora...The water helps." He whispered as he took shallow breaths as to not to cause his ribs to hurt more than they already did. His hands were still locked behind his back. "I am pleased you and Rhenora were able to get your hands in front of you.

Aurora bit her lip it was so hard to see Savar like this. “At least this way I can take care of you Imzadi.” She gently kissed his cheek not wanting to hurt him more than he was already hurting.

"For which I am extremely grateful Aurora. Thank you for your concern and love." Savar answered softly as he took another sip of water.

Aurora made sure Savar had enough to drink, looking up as they were suddenly joined by guards again.

“Didn’t we tell you to keep your hands behind your back!!” Aurora was roughly manhandled as her shackles were removed, and her arms put back behind her and reshackled. “There are some questions that you are required to answer!” She was roughly pushed ahead out of the cell, and the forcefield was raised behind her.

Savar struggled to rise and was pushed roughly back down. "Stay where you are Vulcan! We aren't done with you. Just wait your turn." The guard laughed harshly as he exited the cell.

It had felt like forever for Aurora as she was returned to the cell, she hadn’t been brutally beaten like Rhenora or Savar, instead her skin was covered with cuts, and burn marks. The Cardassians changing tactics of torture for her. There was also a gash down one side of her face.

Seeing Aurora's skin covered with cuts and burn marks and a gash down the side of her face. made Savar's heart break. "Aurora!" He called out, straining to keep his emotional control from breaking at seeing her. "My love, what did they do?" As he got to his feet and moved to her side. He strained to break the cuffs holding his hands but it was no use, he was too weak.

Aurora rested her head against Savar’s chest. “They err...” she tried not to cry. “Asked me questions...I didn’t, wouldn’t know the answers to! They laughed at me Savar!” Tears ran down her cheeks. “They said you...wouldn’t want me looking like this!!”

Savar lowered his head to touch Aurora's. It was the only way they could touch each other. He wished he could wipe her tears away. "They are wrong Aurora. My love for you knows no bounds. You are the stronger than they realize. We all must continue to be strong and not yield."

Aurora nodded. “I will be strong, I won’t let you down Imzadi.” She took a deep breath bottling up her emotions, she wouldn’t let the Cardassians see her cry, not now, not at all.

Savar rubbed his head along hers. "I know you will Aurora and you never let me down. I am always proud to be your husband. None more so than now."

Rhenora allowed the two as much privacy as a holding cell would allow, which wasn't much, remaining seated with her hands in front of her. She had no idea of the recent passage of time, allowing her eyes to drift closed and her mind to wander into deep meditation in order to fortify and protect itself against what was to come. She made her peace with the Prophets, having always had a bit of a rough relationship with them and asked them for grace and mercy for what was ahead for the three of them.

Aurora curled up as comfortably as she could resting the unwounded side of her face on Savar’s lap. She wasn’t sure if Sarah would be able to completely remove the scar the cut on her face would leave, but she’d face that when the time came.

Savar rested his head against Aurora. He felt terribly guilty in the fact that he was unable to protect her from the Cardassians and their torture of her.



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