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New Faces

Posted on Mon May 22nd, 2023 @ 4:49am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Ensign Vailah

Mission: Repairs and Retribution
Location: Guest Quarters - Starbase 67
Timeline: During Repairs

Captain Kaylen Rhenora sipped the rapidly cooling coffee on her desk, reading through reports, making adjustments to them as necessary and working her way through meeting the number of new crew assigned to the Sunfire. Until her quarters were repaired on the Sunfire they would have to meet here on the station.

"Computer, locate Ensign Vailah and page them to report to my location at their convenience" She instructed, flicking on to the next report.

The young Kelpien officer was at her quarters no more than seven minutes later. She'd been shopping at the starbase's sprawling promenade (and acquired quite the boatload of nice clothes and snacks) when the ship's computer paged her, and so she'd dropped off her bags in a guest locker and bolted all the way to the Captain's quarters. When the ship's commanding officer calls you in for a one on one talk, it could rarely be good - and you never made them wait. She chimed at the doorbell, anxiously awaiting to be allowed in. Hopefully this'd be one such situation where she wasn't in trouble. Not that she ever had been.

Rhenora looked up as the door chimes, setting aside the report she was reading and rising, making her way to the door of her cabin. Depressing the control the doors opened to reveal one of the Sunfire's newest crewmembers.

"Ahh you much be Ensign Vailah. Please come in" the Captain stepped to the side and guestured inside.

Well, she certainly didn't seem to be in trouble. That was good. She couldn't think of what she could've possibly done wrong to warrant a one on one talk, really.

"Yes ma'am, that's me. How may I assist?" She asked as she took her seat with her hands folded in her lap.

Rhenora rounded the desk and took her own seat, regarding this new officer before her. She liked to meet her new crew as soon as they boarded, feeling as though it set the scene for expectation and established a connection and repore.

"There is nothing to assist with, I merely like to meet new crewmembers in person rather than finding out about them from a profile."

Well then, this wasn't so bad! And here she'd thought that she was going to be reprimanded for something she'd done and not known about. "Well, what would you like to know about me, Captain?" She asked. What a relief. And here she'd been thinking that she was about to be shipped off as quickly as she'd come aboard.

The Captain relaxed her posture, emulating a figure of ease rather an a figure of intimidation and authority. She meant back against the chair and sipped her coffee with a smile. "Why did you pick the Sunfire?" She started, knowing that officers generally put a lot of thought into choosing their next assignments.

"Well, I asked for an assignment that would see somewhat more action than a patrol vessel." Vailah replied. "I indicated that and only that to Starfleet and I let their reassignment personnel handle the rest." She shrugged her slender shoulders nonchalantly then. "Though I can't say I'm unhappy with this assignment. It's only just begun, and I am eager to see where our next mission takes us once we are finished with repairs!"

"Indeed we will" The Captain smiled warmly, "But let me make one thing perfectly clear, this ship has seen a lot of action, and I don't anticipate that changing anytime soon. The fleet is still reeling after the war and good ships are thin on the ground. I hope you're up for the challenge"

Vailah smiled. "Without meaning to seem overconfident, captain - I accepted the risks that inherently come with my duties and service in Starfleet when I first set foot through the gates of Starfleet Academy. I promise that I will take on any challenge that is set before me and overcome it to the best of my abilities."

"Then I'm sure you will have no problems finding your feet here. I'll assign you to assist with the repair and refit as well as taking some downtime alongside everyone else." The Captain agreed with an incline of her head.

'Of course, ma'am. I would be glad to do what I can to assist." She replied gamely. "The crew does deserve a good break. I've been asking around as to what happened..."

" The exact cause of why we lost power and crashed hasn't yet been determined and is under investigation" The Captain replied carefully. "Suffice it to say we spent a 'lovely' two weeks on a planet infested with dinosaurs and other critters that were trying to kill us" The irony in her voice was evident "I've never been so grateful for a solid roof and a shower."

They covered off some ships business for the next few minutes until the Captain was called to another meeting.


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