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Ensign Vailah

Name Vailah

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Kelpien
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'8"
Weight 70 kg
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Dark blue
Physical Description Vailah could certainly be considered physically attractive by humanoid standards, even if she quite obviously isn't quite humanoid. Tall, well-proportioned like a swimmer is and toned in limb and body she tends to draw eyes wherever she goes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Aradar
Mother Kivaa
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Several cousins residing on Kaminar

An aunt on her father's side residing on Magna Roma

Personality & Traits

General Overview As a former sportswoman Vailah is no stranger to hard work or competitiveness. There isn't that much to compete for at her current station in life but one often finds her taking on some of the harder and sometimes more gruelling tasks; someone has to do them after all. She is a firm believer in continuous, lifelong self-improvement and acquisition of new experiences, which is why she often likes to try many different things, most notably food and sports and sometimes holodeck programs.

This being said she is elsewise a social woman who prefers to spend her off time with her loved ones and colleagues and getting to know those under her command. To her working with her fellow security officers is like living in a community like the one she once lived in; small, tight knit, in which there is a bond that endures through difficulty among other things. It is for this same reason that she will try hard to maintain cohesion and peace between her colleagues, without which the unit will cease to function.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Hardworking
+/- Will take on any task that is given to her and complete it with quality.
+ Sociable

- Can work to burnout (and often does, actually)
- Doesn't really know her own limits, leading to the above
-/+ Protective, at times overprotective of those she cares about
Ambitions * Settle down with a family of her own someday.

* Make the galaxy a little bit safer through her efforts

* Learn how to play the guitar. She would learn on her own but she's so far been unable to find a pick that she doesn't snap in half by accident.
Hobbies & Interests * Sports of many kinds, most notably basketball

* Cooking her own meals and for literally anyone who wants her to. Don't ask her to cater for an entire function or something, though. She's not that good.

* Patronizing bars, lounges or any kind of social space.

* Self-regulated training, usually some form of PT

Personal History Vailah did not come from any form of notable background. In fact she started out ordinary as can be, born to a farmer father and schoolteacher mother in a northern countryside town on the eastern continent of Kaminar. Her father grew vegetables and fruit in the small plot of land and facilities he owned near the family home while her mother taught chemistry in the local school. The community itself wasn’t very big and thus tightly knit; visitors normally compared its dynamic to some small American towns on Earth where the residents were familiar with almost everyone else. Overall their life was simple but comfortable and all three enjoyed it greatly.

Comfortable as their life indeed was her father was intent on making sure that his daughter knew that nothing in life ever came easy; as soon as she was old enough he had her help him with his work on the land; much of her childhood was spent this way helping to grow, harvest and then help carry his produce to the local market. Of course, he wasn’t the kind of father to simply teach and not explain; he took painstaking care to impart his knowledge of the seasons and the conditions needed to keep his wares growing healthily and even how to prepare them in simple dishes to her, going so far as to pen a little guide book for her to refer to always while she slept at night. To this day she considers these times her favorite times of her life and will gladly speak of them to anyone who asks or will listen. It was also from these experiences that she gained a love for plants and their care.

This hardly meant that she didn’t have time for friends, though, some of her happiest days were spent playing in the local streams and forests at the town's edge after school where her mother taught. Tracking mud, water and squeaky boots all the way home was a common thing for her to do; though her parents were not necessarily happy with this behavior they always cleaned her off and told her not to do it again - but of course, she didn’t listen as a normal child wouldn’t. She was a relatively outgoing and fun-loving girl and well liked by her peers and teachers.

Speaking of teachers and school, however, Vailah was not the strongest of students. Her study methods and ethic were not in question, even her teachers could see that, but she was the kind of student who needed to work one and a half to maybe two times as hard to get the same grades as her classmates. This was where her mother came in; when she had the time she would spend it tutoring her daughter the best she possibly could in her subjects - but of course most of the work was undoubtedly made by Vailah herself.

She would eventually find something which she did excel at, though: sport and games, possibly due in part to her father's efforts. Badminton, springball, Gravity, tal'ketsh, Tellarite dodgeball, you name it, she would pick it up in short order through extensive practice, either by herself or with friends. She would eventually go on to represent her school in competitions, most notably in basketball, and win awards. Nothing big, but it would be the start of what promised to be a short yet meaningful career for her as an athlete - the government promised to render her along with a few others assistance in training in the hopes of taking them to the intergalactic stage.

That would be her life for the next few years, training with Kaminar's athletes to represent the planet in the wider interstellar stage. Their training would take them to various places (sometimes off Kaminar and onto other planets entirely) before their first competition held on Archer IV when she first turned nineteen, at which she secured a third placing. Hereon there would be no stopping her; she would continue to earn commendations and medals until the age of twenty-one… which point one of the largest upsets in late sporting history forced her to change her outlook on life and ambitions. She remembers the day all too well: she and her team had only progressed five minutes into the game when several seats in the audience detonated, killing several and injuring countless more. Terrorists clad in black balaclavas swarmed through the stadium doors, killing as many as they could hit with their phaser rifles before local law enforcement eventually took control of the situation. Vailah and her team managed to escape, but only after two of her teammates were killed in front of her eyes.

She realized the night of the incident that perhaps she might've been taking life far too lightly. As beautiful as the universe was that incident was solid proof that life was a beautiful but fragile thing. That combined with the guilt she harbored over being helpless to save her friends as they were fired upon and killed drove her to seek out a career in security. That being said she didn't like the idea of being confined to Kaminar or elsewhere for her work, and so she decided to take up her career with Starfleet.

Arriving on Earth Spacedock was something of an overwhelming experience for the young woman; Out of the unboarding gate she made her first impression by getting lost on the way to the immigration checkpoint - yes, truly an achievement, despite having done it several times by now albeit with the help of her sporting team coach. Having to clear customs, documentation and even finding her way through the halls of Spacedock was even scarier to her, never mind the fact that she hadn’t quite passed vahar’ai yet - she stammered her way through the first two in fact. Her Standard wasn’t the best, it never had been, and she was truthfully terrified that she’d have to spend her career speaking it all the time. Thank heavens for universal translators.

That being said the entrance examination would be a full two months away, and she knew how important it was to familiarize herself with the planet she would be studying on for the next few years. She took it upon herself to religiously walk the town every night after spending the day studying, knowing full well that it was the least she could do to prepare herself for the greater galaxy that she would be putting herself into.

What a sigh of relief she heaved when she passed the entrance exam. She practically fell back into bed as soon as she returned home… and once more that night, this time with an overwhelming sense of joy when she was informed that she’d passed and been accepted into the newest cohort of cadets. She wrote home immediately to her parents. What a leap. What an achievement - and the start of greater things to come. Who was she to not be overjoyed?

Her Academy tenure was spent largely like the other security cadets: physical training, basic investigative skills, phaser handling and so on. Elsewise she found the time to make herself a social life: some of her classmates knew her to (responsibly) drink many of them under the table on Friday nights out and party like an animal when the circumstances were right. While not exactly a social butterfly yet she did spend plenty of time getting to know her fellow cadets, acquiring acquaintances and sometimes lasting friends across campus and each division. She took up sports in her spare time, most notably the Academy basketball team.

Upon her graduation and commissioning she would be assigned to the USS Montauban, a patrol vessel, where she would partake in missions of wildly varying natures before being routinely reassigned to the Sunfire.
Service Record 2393: Graduated Starfleet Academy, promoted to Ensign.

2393-2397: Security officer, USS Montauban