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Posted on Wed Mar 15th, 2023 @ 3:12am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali

Mission: Planet of the Dinosaurs
Location: Aurora's tent

Rhenora headed over to Aurora's tent, concerned etched across her features. She had heard noises emanating and was concerned for the couple and their stability when it came to exposure to this environment.

"Hello?" She called, not wanting to startle them or cause fright.

Aurora had sensed Rhenora’s approach, hearing her voice she moved to the tent entrance to greet her. “Captain... Rhenora, please come inside.”

Savar sat inside their tent as Aurora greeted Rhenora and then invited her inside. He waited as patiently as he could for her to enter the tent.

The Captain took a breath, feeling the energy that permeated the space. She glanced around, seeing everything more or less and order and considered how to broach the subject.

" I just dropped by to see how you both were doing. I have concerns for your well being, both of you" She said simply, a hypospray in her pocket loaded with the first round of inoculations.

"Concerns? What concerns do you have about Aurora and myself Captain?" Savar spoke calmly, his tone even and his face an unreadable mask.

" I have concerns about your well being Savar, about your emotional control and about Aurora's Pon Farr." The Captain squared off against her XO. She could see the strain.

Aurora nodded. Outside the tent she needed to keep up appearances, but she was struggling with the ebb and flow of her own pon’farr enhanced moods. Not just the urges to be with Savar, but the mood swings that went with it. “You’re right to be concerned” she clenched and unclenches her right hand as she spoke. “Mood swings are a thing for us women at those times of the month, but those moods enhanced by pon’farr are so much worse. I’ve had to bite my own tongue a few times today, to stop me from snapping at people.” She gazed at Savar, she’d bitten his head off earlier as it was.

Savar met Rhenora's gaze and squared his shoulders, "Your concern is commendable Captain but misplaced." He replied evenly. His emotional control might be shaky, but his logic wasn't. "Have you visited other members of the crew you are concerned about or were Aurora and I singled out for this particular honor?"

Rhenora paused but answered honestly "I am visiting those who I am most concerned about, and offering them the first doses of the vaccine we have developed. Aurora mentioned your struggle and I think the serum will help." She pulled out the hypospray, " We have tested it and it's proven effective against the illness this planet is giving us. Given that it's effecting your control, and has triggered Aurora's Pon Farr, I believe you are in most need"

Aurora looked towards Savar, then at Rhenora. “I’m willing, this place it’s not doing either of us any good.” She stepped closer to Rhenora so Rhenora could administer the vaccine.

Savar listened to Rhenora's explanation and the hypospray in her hand. " I see. Thank you for your explanation, Captain. It is not my intention nor Aurora's to be a source of concern for you Rhenora or add to the problems we are already facing." He answered using her first name and not rank. "I too will take the vaccine to ease your mind as well as hopefully proving an effective answer to this planet. You may proceed."

“Just... one question” Aurora looked at Rhenora. “Are there any side effects to the vaccine?”

Rhenora injected both of them with the hypo and stepped back. " We haven't witnessed any side effects yet, the serum has been derived from plant material, and a synthesised protein that Sidak has that appears to give him immunity" she explained as she pocketed the hypospray again. Pulling out a tricorder she scanned both of them. "I'm detecting no signs of rejection or any other symptom that would indicate your bodies not tolerating it"

Aurora nodded. “A protein from Sidak shouldn’t affect me anyway, if it wasn’t for his immunity I think I’d have been in full mating drive by now.” She offered a wry smile. “Do we need to have more than one booster, or should this one shot be enough?”

Savar was silent as Aurora asked her question of Rhenora. Hopefully one shot was all that was needed to grant them the immunity they needed to get back to being themselves. A question occurred to him and he addressed Rhenora. "Have you received a shot of the vaccine Captain?"

The Captain addressed Aurora's question first " We hope only one dose is necessary, and by consuming some of the local fauna that has adapted to this planet should be enough to keep any further symptoms at bay." She relayed the information Sarah had offered back in the med tent. "And as for my dose, I believe I'm in the second or third batch which should be ready in a few hours. Apart from headaches, I haven't been feeling too bad" She admitted.

“That’s good” Aurora smiled. “You know I think the inoculation is working already, probably because it’s derived from the samples from Sidak. I don’t feel so... wound up.”

"I'm very glad to hear it" Rhenora smiled warmly, feeling just a little of the tension in her shoulders easing. It was just one less thing they'd have to endure before they were rescued off this rock.

“I’ll let you know if that changes” Aurora smiled a more relieved smile. “What about you Imzadi? Are you feeling any effect from the vaccine?”

Savar looked between Aurora and Rhenora. He was silent for a moment before finally answering Aurora's question. " I believe I am more in control of my emotions than I ever was since we crashed here Aurora."

" Well then, I'll leave you two to get on with your evening." Rhenora nodded respectfully and headed out of the tent, intent on delivering the vaccine to those who needed it.


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