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Repair Crew - Day 3 - Evening

Posted on Thu Mar 9th, 2023 @ 1:30am by Lieutenant Commander Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Lieutenant Commander Thriss Kla'ren & Ensign Kitiuas Thenis & Lieutenant Thomas Haldeman & Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell

Mission: Planet of the Dinosaurs
Location: USS Sunfire
Timeline: Evening Day 3

Much later that evening Mitchell returned to the crew mess where the others were resting and preparing for dinner. Kit once again had something bubbling away in the pot of wonderment that seemed to be able to create all kinds of wonderful flavors.

"How did you all go?" He asked around the group.

Once again, Bonnie was off to the side, her seat of choice the window sill. She was studying their progress, her nose buried in a PADD. "Not horrible." She responded without even looking. "Data says we accomplished some repair work in Engineering and we were able to launch a communication relay into orbit. The beacon is active and the Captain sends her best wishes but reported the camp is experiencing an illness of some kind. So, help may not come for a few more days." She finished by taking a bite of her protein bar.

Kit was busy making stuffed spaghetti squash dish; with some spaghetti squash, cherry tomatoes, garlic, onion, Swiss chard and Parmesan cheese she had found in the mess hall. She added some oregano and rosemary from her spice kit to the meal. She was also warming the last of the Velociraptor steaks for Lieutenant Hadleman and anyone else who cared to partake of the steaks. As she was cooking she was also busy going over the tricorder scans of the insects she had collected, she was greatly concerned with what she was seeing; looking up she said “Sirs, I think we need to contact the Captain right away and also are the transporters up and operational?”

"I think Bonnie was talking to the Captain earlier, were Comms okay Bon?" Ronson cast his eyes as the Engineering team.

Tom sat silently listening to the conversation. He was tired, fighting and putting out those fires with Kit had been harder than he thought but he was pleased that they had been able to accomplish their task. It wasn't as glamorous as launching a com satellite, but it was just as important.

"Yeah, um, comms are working great. If anyone wants to call the camp, you should have no issues. Also," she turned and looked at Kit. "Transporters are still on minimum power, as are replicators. My schedule says I should be able to work on one tomorrow if I can get the shield system stabilized." Her priorities were still basic life support and safety and the shields play a part in both.

Kitiuas sighed "Okay here's the deal, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is to go outside the ship without being in a fully insect protective state. The damn insects on this forsaken planet carry a DNA effecting enzyme. I am not sure what would happen if you're bitten. Now I am asking if we can prioritize the transporters for usage so we can return the crew back sooner to safety within the ship, however, that is a decision above my pay grade. So, which of you fine Lieutenants want to make that decision and contact the Captain?"

Tom stretched and sat up straighter at hearing Kit's announcement concerning the insects on this world. "Well, that was unexpected." He commented before looking at Kit. "My opinion is you need to tell the captain Kit. After all you made the discovery and you are the one most familiar with the effects an insect bite would have, so you tell the captain.'

Ronson looked at the group with trepidation in his eyes. "Could this be the illness that the Captain was talking about? Something to do with bugs?" He asked cautiously, his eyes darting around as though they may be insects inside the hull. Paranoia was not his usual state of mind.

Kitiuas looked at them "You said they made an encampment near a stream or river. Then if so; yes. Insects are a great vector for disease, hence the reason there are scientist like me around to study them. Many of the more noxious biting ones tend to be around water sources as the majority of known lifeforms require some form of hydration, making it easier for those that survive off the blood of other creatures to acquire said blood."

"Makes sense to me, and I understand your desire to help, but until we can bring infected people here from the camp, we will have to prepare a place to quarantine people. And I don't know about you, but I haven't seen the state of sickbay yet. It wasn't on my priority list." Bonnie admonished. An illness was definitely not in the cards.



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