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Recon Team

Posted on Mon Nov 21st, 2022 @ 11:20pm by Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Chester "Duo" Maxwell & Crewman Patin

Mission: Planet of the Dinosaurs
Location: Chosen Camp Site
Timeline: Before the Long Walk

Patin was scouting through the brush when Dean moved into the woods looking for her. He was sly, but if she could see him, he wasn't trying hard enough. "Pstttt, get low." She aggressively whispered. They had no idea yet what they were dealing with. Though he appeared to be carrying one of those hand scanner things.

Patin was right about one thing, he wasn't trying that hard. Not near as much as he probably should be. Given they did know there were at least Dinosaurs about, Dean didn't know if there were indigenous humanoids also. He crouched a little bit following her voice. Getting up next to her, giving a look at the Tricorder again first and then to Patin.

She eyed him and then eyed the tricorder. "What do you see on that fancy tech of yours that your own eyes can't?" She asked while returning her gaze and her other senses to their surroundings. She could almost hear a heartbeat the jungle was so quiet.

"Heat signatures for one. Like thermals left in footprints or touches to plants and estimating how long ago they were touched or made for one." Dean gave a little shrug, "Easier than guessing."

She rolled her eyes, "I know what heat signatures are. I'm asking what information you are deciphering from your gadget. For instance, I haven't seen or heard so much as a rustle and your mouth breathing since we set foot into the tree line. That means we're either alone, or we are being skillfully hunted." She whispered.

"I don't mouth breath," well he doesn't. Certainly not to give anything away. Shaking his head, "The latter. And you already know we're on their turf."

She crouched low and walked a few feet to her left, minding her footing, shifting with the wind. "You do, and that thought has never left my mind. Be ready. I'm going to make some noise." She reached into her pouch and pulled out a small ball. It was filled with a flash burn incendiary which when ignited would light up the entire area and make a single short bang effectively showing them their enemy. She didn't hesitate, lit the ball and tossed it high into the air, then waited with her phaser rifle targeted.

Why in the hell did that not surprise him for her to do something like that. They could argue over the 'mouth breathing' later. Quickly swapping the Tricorder for the phaser at his waist. Shaking his head a little bit.

The flash bang most certainly did that, it was at least effective. Instead of possibly, depending on one's eyesight. The flash completely gave away the position of five possibly six creatures. All of them perking up at full height from the sound. All of them were slender, depending on age anywhere from four to six feet tall. Length was a little harder to gauge because of the foliage they were hiding in but some where between six and twelve feet including the tail.

Savar and Maxwell worked to repair the shuttle. Even with the damaged nacelle, it could still fly at least in the atmosphere. "I have pinched off the damaged plasma flow to the nacelle. It is nonoperational but the remaining nacelle is undamaged, and we can still fly with it at much slower speeds." Savar announced, "How are your efforts proceeding?"

Savar and Duo managed to patch the shuttle and return to the Sunfire with a route and a plan for transporting 600 plus people over 7 kilometers through jungle and across a raging river.

Patin, again, didn't hesitate. She was not bound by ethics, only reasoning. She fired a shot at the first beastie she had seen. Before it even hit the ground she was targeting the next one. This was a kill or be killed situation and these were predators looking for an easy meal. While slender, she was not about to be food.

Dean was following suit along with Patin. Maybe they need to be in these kind of situations to be on the same page? Little strange as that was it was working. Even he wasn't going to try to pull anything and get close. To hell with that. After at least three of them were down, there was a gawking nasal sound given out by one of them. Followed by the rest. Which suddenly just disappeared into the forest as if they were never there.

Cautiously Patin relaxed her stance, they had sufficiently scared off their enemy, for now. Without protection though they may come back. She looked around at the site, plenty of cover, a nearby river or stream and a cave for shelter. She stepped from the wood into the clearing. "Nice shooting. Now you help me build a nice big fire and I'll help you start a shelter." She paused, "And hands off the merchandise, this is strictly business, at least for now." She added just to throw him off his game.

"So you're just half giving orders now." Shaking his head. Obviously she forgot about the bodies. Guessing Dean was going to have to carry the big ass things. They were heavy, even for him. He started to manage with them though. "Uh huh..." it not throwing him off. He wasn't even sure why she decided to throw that out. Taking a number of minutes before all three bodies were flopped down in a pile.

"Someone had to give orders and I didn't see you doing so." She sassed before moving to help with the dino bodies. She was more concerned with the fire than the meat. The fire would ward off more meat, and the teeth that accompanied them. As they tossed the third body into a pile she licked her lips, "This will make a nice meal. Wish I had a bottle of momma's finest to wash it down with. Shame." She brushed her hands together. "Alright, tree duty. You got some fancy way to bring these down big boy?"

Together they worked to bring down a number of trees for fire wood. By the time the group arrived, hours later, there was a fire cooking dino meat, and several shelters set up to welcome the weary travelers.


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