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Posted on Wed Sep 21st, 2022 @ 3:19am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Dean House

Mission: *CD*
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Before we leave New Harrington

Once Dean was finally cleared from Sickbay and the Doc, he went up to the Bridge, across it to stop at Rhenora’s Ready Room. He’d not taken the time to clean up yet, even though he probably should have. Nor, agreed to have the non-life threatening injuries be healed either. Which, there was a long explanation for that reason. Reaching a finger out to press the chime.

“Come in” The sound was accompanied by the sound of sneezing, a curse, and then another sneeze.

Both eyes shifted back and forth, side to side, a moment before actually stepping in. Was that two sneezes he just heard? “Captain,” stepping in to shift to parade rest.

“ Ahh, Dean, I wanted a chance to talk to you after everything that’s happened recently.” She started, heading towards the replicator for a cup of coffee. Anything to starve off the sneezes. “ It wasn’t urgent though, if you need medical attention…” She glanced at his appearance and minor injuries still awaiting treatment.

“Hmmm?” Looking down a moment, “Oh, no. I’ve already been to Sickbay first. What about you though. I don’t recall you sneezing before we went down there.” Motioning to one of the chairs, silently asking if he could go ahead.

She nodded and rounded the desk, dropping into the high backed chair with a contented sigh “I’ve been sneezing for months, human’s vomit, Bajoran’s sneeze. The joys of pregnancy” She rolled her eyes at the hilarity of it all. “ But I’ve been checked out, all good here” She smiled as she took a sip of the coffee.

“Why haven’t I,” shifting over to sit down across from her after she sat, “Noticed the sneezing. Weird.” Giving a little bit of a shrug. “I might know of something that could stop that.”

“That’s why I like you Dean, always full of random useful things that crop up and the most opportune times” She laughed as she looked at him, keenly noticing the pips on the collar of his uniform. It was time to remedy that.

“I do try. Thank you, Kaylen.” He did remember the name reversals sometimes. “It’s an Orion root spice that can be mixed into tea. The replicated stuff isn’t as effective.” Giving a half shift to stand up, “Would you like me to get you a cup?”

“ In a minute, I just wanted to offer you something first” She stood and indicated him to do the same, reaching under the desk and pulling out a small container, taking a moment before lifting the lid. “ I believe, this belongs on your collar”

Dean gave her a curious look for a minute as he straightened up the rest of the way. The containers all usually looked the same, so it was pretty obvious as to what it was. That or it was to take another off. Which was entirely possible, given he was rather brash. “I don’t know if..” stopping short seeing it was the full pip he’d lost a number of months ago.

“Are you sure? I’m sure if it were brought up to Mister Vulcan,” yes, he used it. However, hasn’t in the open since that first time with Savar. Only within earshot of two people. Rhenora and Bonnie, even then sparsely. “Or has it been, and he agreed? Still not happy with my actions though? OR..” Giving a gruff and looking upward he just stopped there with the what if’s.

Rhenora took a breath, knowing the circumstances around the demotion in the first place. “I believe your actions over the last few months have been exemplary, befitting you the right to wear that pip again.” She spoke truthfully, taking the gold pip out of the box. “I understand you and Savar have had your differences, but this is my decision as Captain”

“They are what they are. The past is in the past of course. I’ll have other opportunities for it to be taken away again,” Dean said with a little chuckle. That may or may not have been a joke. “Well thank you, Captain. I wasn’t really doing it just to get it back but….” Lifting a hand, then pointing a finger at her, “You already knew that.”

With as much pomp and ceremony as she could muster - which wasn’t a heck of a lot at the moment she stood at attention before him, removed the black pip from his collar and replaced it with the gold one. “ I hereby reinstate you to the full rank of Commander” She stepped back with a smile “ Don’t make anyone take it away again…got it?”

He shifted to attention also. Giving more access for her to his neck for the trade off. “Of course,” smiling brightly in return. “Thank you.” Reaching up to thumb the old one, not feeling the gold ridge around the black inner circle anymore. “You know. You could put that half pip to use actually. Simply because you can and it would be a bit amusing.”

“ And that my dear is why you’re not Captain yet” She smirked as she settled the black pip into the box and set it back on the shelf under her desk. “ Now, I don’t believe Savar changed your position from second officer so I don’t need to rescind that”

“Why would it have anything to do with my being a Captain yet or not? I thought it’d be cute. Put it on yourself for it to signify Captain, plus one. Baby is already an Acting Ensign.” Grinning brightly. Shaking his head to the latter, “No, that was never taken off.”

She laughed along with him, the emotion soothing after the tense mission they’d just completed. “ Seriously? Born an ensign, that’d be a first. Besides that’s a few months away yet - who knows what will happen in between now and then” The mirth faded a little as she considered the options. Remal and herself hadn’t fully decided to remain on board yet, was it even possible to raise a small infant on a ship that tended to find itself in so much trouble. “Be careful there though, I’ll change the job description of second officer to ‘chief babysitter”

“Sure, why not. It is your ship after all to start with.” Dean enjoyed seeing the change in demeanor, at least for the moment, in her. His was always going to be an oddity sometimes. “As for Chief Babysitter, I guess you’ll have to be giving that pip back for me to put it on with my other three then.”

“Be careful what you wish for, you know trouble follows us like a hungry animal, you being chief babysitter and all that, better watch numerous asses” She laughed again, content to throw banter across the table.

“Watch numerous asses?” Tilting his head a little. “I don’t get it.”

“ Your own… mine… the munchkins, you know” She laughed as she took a sip of the coffee in the black mug before her, tracing the insignia of the Sunfire with her fingertip. “But I hope it won’t come to that, I’m hoping we all stay in space and keep doing what we love to do and exploring the galaxy at the same time, small Bajoran in tow or not.” She left the part about the prophecy out for the time being, hoping that it wouldn’t come to pass. Living in fear that something may happen was one sure way to make it come true.

“Oh, in that aspect,” giving a little crinch to his nose a moment. “I’m sure you won’t be asked to move. Other than we all know there’s going to be maternity leave.”

“ Not too much leave I hope. I think I’ll miss the bridge, and the team” She replied with a hint of sadness colouring her words. She didn’t cope overly well with big change and this was going to be a massive one. “Will you be ok with Commander Savar?”

“Who said you wouldn’t be allowed on the Bridge. Just not..always.” Pursing his lips together a little bit, “I believe I can handle him.”

"I'm not doubting your ability, you do have a tendency to…"she paused as she considered the correct phrasing to use "rub him up the wrong way"

“I believe on that part we can agree, also that he does me as well.” Shaking his head a little, “We’ll be fine.”

“I’m glad to hear it, now I need to make the arrangement’s for Lt Vali’s return to her full rank.” She paused a moment whilst seemingly searching for the right thing to say. “ Thank you Commander, for everything that you’ve done for both myself and the ship. I am grateful and honoured to have you on board” She extended her hand in the traditional earth gesture of a handshake.

“I’m just protecting my family. Even mister Vulcan.” Dean smirked a little bit. “Really, I am. I’m also honored to be here and have all of you. It’s been awhile since I’ve felt a place to belong.” He didn’t need to elaborate, the reason he said that was in his file. Foregoing the handshake, he opted for a hug instead. Holding a moment then stepping back. “If I may, however, I’d wait on the reinstatement until after we know how the proceedings go.”

"You think?" She enquired, returning the hug before stepping back a little. "I believe Aurora has endured enough punishment for everyone to call the matter complete."

Dean nodded, “I understand, but it still may not be seen that way. We do have higher ups after all. Less of a mess to wait bec…” There was one of those looks. “Wait a minute. Actually that’s a good idea. That can be used in her deposition for defense. Merits and commendations since the incident, and her duties. Including the reinstatement, just like mine. That could definitely help.”

"Considering that Aurora, yourself, Bonnie, Savar and myself are the only ones that were there and saw what happened in one way or another, I think everything will help. Then again, it's a Cardassians trial, the outcome has probably been determined already. S'thenosis is going to have her work cut out for her." Rhenora mused sagely, understanding the implications of it all. They were all going to get grilled for this.

“I can say for sure my time with JAG, there is no probably about it. She’s already guilty and if not sentenced to death, she’ll be sent to the lowest hole of a mine they can think of. Possibly be set up to be murdered by another inmate just as a favor to get a reduced, if at all, sentence. Or at the least transferred to a different facility.” Unfortunately, Dean didn’t like the thought of that, but it was the truth.

"They are going after Savar mainly though, the rest of us are collateral damage. Macet's goons said Savar broke his neck in cold blood." The Captain sighed at the injustice of it all. "We should never have let them go."

“The same is going to apply. Which means we need a better case to work with and, they have to be openly arrested under stipulations it will be through Federation Law. I say this because Starfleet is different. The Cardassians aren’t part of it. They are an allied coalition with the Federation and if done right, have to abide to due process.”

"We better buckle up, sounds like the ride is about to get bumpy. As you were on the ship you may be spared, if the rest of us get arrested, it'll be up to you to get the Sunfire and the crew to safety," there was an almost earnest tone in her voice. "Look after them."

Dean raised an eyebrow, “Now why would you think it would come to that? I just gave a lot of information. Does S’thenosis not know this? Should I be pulled in to help.” Raising his shoulders a little for a moment and then lowering them. “Regardless, you know I’ll do what is necessary, Rhenie.” Yes, Dean just gave her a nickname. Just like Bonnie had been given, even Savar. Meaning his way of showing a term of endearment, whatever form that may be.

"That's all I ask" she smiled at the nickname "as for S'thenosis, I'm sure she is more than aware, but if you would like to offer your services, I'm sure she would grant you an audience."

He hmmmed a moment, “I don’t like that. Maybe…Enora.” Dean nodded, he liked that better. “I’ll give her a poke then, or you could regarding the matter I suppose.”

"I'll speak to her in the morning, I'm sure she's elbow deep in Cardassians law at the moment," the thought of the dragon lady being elbow deep in anything was somewhat amusing.

Dean actually still couldn’t decide on the nickname to be honest. He’d just gotten used to Rhenora. He’d come up with something eventually. For now there were more pressing matters. “Do you happen to know off hand just what experience she has with their law, or law in general?”

Rhenora mused over that for a few moments "She is one of the most determined and comprehensive law specialists I know, and I don't say that lightly. If anyone can get Savar and the rest of us through this, it's her," there was a tone of conviction in her voice.

“Fair enough,” holding both hands up for a moment. “I don’t know her like you do, and I trust you.”

“ Thank you, we’re gonna need trust, conviction, and everything else soon. Right now, rest up, we should be at Cardassia in a few days.” The Captain said ruefully.

Dean gave a bit of a nod, “I guess I can attempt to do that.”

“ I trust you Dean, now go get some downtime” She smiled at him before returning to her desk and the ever growing pile of padds that waited for her attention.

“Don’t work to hard.” Dean smiled, looking to the desk a moment before moving to the doors.

“ I won’t” She promised and settled down in the chair. Next she would call up Aurora and repeat the process, reinstating her rank and privilege as they headed towards Cardassia.


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