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Reporting for onboarding Counseling/psych eval

Posted on Tue May 31st, 2022 @ 5:29pm by Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & Ensign Kitiuas Thenis

Mission: *CD*
Location: Chief Counselors Office

Ensign Kitiuas Thenis left Sickbay and made her way to the Chief Counselor's office to get her mandatory meet and greet psych eval out of the way. Why did medical doctors always want blood samples from an individual, she mused to herself. Well at least there was another Orion on board so she shouldn't get too many odd looks. She Finally arrived in front of the door that said Lieutenant j.g. Aurora Vali, Chief Counselor. With a depp mental sigh, Ensign Thenis hit the door buzzer. Well let's get this over with she thought.

Aurora was just picking up the next PADD on her desk when the door chime rang, walking to the door she smiled as she greeted the woman standing outside. “You must be...” She looked at her PADD. “Ensign Thenis?”

Aurora smiled warmly. “Please come on in and make yourself at home feel free to call me Aurora, I don’t stand on ceremony during Counselling sessions.”

Thenis jumped just a little when the door slid open as she was lost in deep thoughts about whether or not this counselor would be like all the rest and try and make her “talk” about the abuse she suffered from her male Biological DNA provider, she refused to call him her father. Just thinking of him made her blood boil and images of the extreme pain she would inflict on him with her Dancerknife set on slow. As she looked up she saw a redheaded humanoid standing in front of her, it was hard to tell her species. Quickly recovering Thenis replied with a slight smile ”Thank you Ma’am. My friends usually either call me Kit or Monster Hunter depending on what I am doing.” She stepped into the office and took a seat.

“Monster hunter?” Aurora looked at Thenis curiously. “That’s quite some nickname. May I ask how you got it?”

Kit had to chuckle at that “I take it you have not reviewed my service record to closely?” She asked “If you notice I am the ships new Xenozoologist. I have a Ph.D. in Entomology and Arachnology, a Doctor of Metaphysical Science in Cryptozoology, a Master of Metaphysical Science in Hominology, a Master of Science in Astrobiology, a Bachelors of Science in Geochronology and Thermochronology, an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Software Engineering, and an Associate of Applied Science in Information Science. In essence my whole career field is geared to finding and classifying all the creepy crawlies, insects and spiders, and all the other animal lifeforms this galaxy may have; hence the nickname” and with this she made air finger quotes “Monster Hunter. You can add in the fact that I enjoy and am a gourmet of food dishes that contain insects and spiders as the main course to that wonderful list." She said with a smile.

Aurora grinned. “Ahh now I understand, I’ll admit you’re one of very few people I know that actually likes insects and creepy crawlies!”

Kit smiled and cocked her head to the side, "You do know that the creepy crawlies and bugs outnumber us. Besides someone needs to catalogue them. I happen to find it all very fascinating. Fact of the matter there happens to be an interesting specimen in the Xenozoology right now; a Cestoda, subclass Eucestoda. You would most likely know it as a flatworm or tapeworm. What makes it so interesting is that it is still moving even though it is in a stasis field."

“Sounds fascinating” Aurora smiled. “So tell me more about you, what made you want to join Starfleet?”

She looked at the counselor and thought about her answer "How much of my personnel file have you read? I was raised since I was five years old on a Federation Space Station: The Serengeti. The stations chief of security, a Vulcan named Valeris, took an interest in my education and had me placed in a special Vulcan children's learning program. My Step-father is in security in the Federation Merchant Marine. You can say I am more Federation than Orion, so I joined Star Fleet.

Aurora nodded. “To be honest your file only just caught up so I haven’t had chance to read through it. You’ll find though, that I’m not your average Counsellor. I don’t go over and over old wounds, unless it becomes necessary to.”

Ensign Thenis smiled “Well that is good, as I told the Counsellor at Star Fleet Academy that I had no desire to discuss my past. I would handle that issue in a traditional Orion way, if I should ever see that individual again. So what do you wish to discuss?”

Aurora raised her eyebrows in typical Vulcan fashion. “Now you’ve peaked my curiosity. Is there a reason you don’t want to discuss your past? I will have to go over previous notes but I’d prefer to hear it from you. Plus it doesn’t help to bottle things up.”

Kitiuas smiled slyly “Ever heard of the Orion Syndicate? Well the Male Genetic Donor of my genetic make up was an Enforcer in Syndicate. His favorite pastime was to beat on my mother and me when he got drunk. The idiot eventually got himself arrested by Star Fleet for killing a Star Fleet Security Officer when the ship he was on was being boarded by the Federation. So I will wait in cluros until the opportunity presents itself for me to use my Dancerknife on slow, on him. So does that answer your question?” she asked sweetly.

“More or less” Aurora nodded. “So you find your... Male Genetic Donor and you kill him. Then what?” She looked at Thenis curiously. “Is it going to make the pain of what he did go away?”

Ensign Thenis chuckled “Well doctor you obviously have not meet many Orions. I have no intentions of killing him, will harm him and scar him, but not kill him. I will crush any endeavor he should pursue, but not kill him. It is the way Orion way of Cluros. Plus I already know where to find him.” She smiled “See when it comes to revenge Orions consider it an amusing game.” She sat back and with a look of serenity on her face said “ You ask would it make the pain of what he did go away, no, but it has provided me a sense of pleasure, he knows that both my mother and I, now that I am grown, will seek revenge against him. My mother has made the first moves in her gambit, and I shall make mine eventually.” She then crossed her legs and sat back, looking at Lieutenant Aurora “I am a fully dedicated Star Fleet officer, and a wholly loyal Federation citizen, but I am also an Orion. You seem to have much to learn about Orions counsellor.”

Aurora nodded. “I do indeed. How’s about you teach me? I’m always willing to learn new things and in the long run it would benefit you and others.”

Kitiuas sat back and twirled a loose strand of her hair "Where would you like to start?" she asked with a very sly smile.

“Wherever you think is appropriate” Aurora offered a smile. She was using the situation to get an understanding of what kind of person Thenis was, for the purpose of her evaluation.

Kitiuas again smiled "I like you, so please call me Kit." then she reached down and pulled a small handle from her left boot and pushed a barely visible button and a small humming noise followed by barely visible blue light appeared. "This," said Kit "is a Dancerknife" she explained as she began rapidly twirling in and around her fingers, hands and arms. "the speed of the energy blade determines how painful and wide a cut can be, with the slowest speed being the most painful." With that with barely perceptible speed of her hand she clicked the blade of and set it on the counselor's desk. "Please take it and study it. I give it to you freely and with no conditions. It is yours." she said with a sly smile. "When I think you are ready counselor I will tell you more about Orions, and may even teach you Dancefighting and how to use a Dancerknife with that form of unarmed combat." She again smiled sweetly at her "Understand counselor you have nothing to fear from me, I am a loyal and dedicated Star Fleet Officer and Federation citizen. I look forward to advancing our understanding of the universe through my science endeavors." There was a slight smell of lilacs, cinnamon, and roses wafting in the air around Kitiuas.

Aurora looked surprised at having been given such a gift. “I don’t know what to say, except thank you. I will learn about this knife, and I will keep it safe that’s a promise.” She smiled warmly.

Kitiuas smiled and replied "You are welcome. now counselor will there be anything else or may I get to my Lab and office to put it back together?"

“I know it’s been a short review but I’m happy for you to carry on and get your duties underway.” Aurora smiled warmly. “If there’s anything you need feel free to drop by and see me.”

“Thank you. I will let you know if I feel the need for your services. I will stop back by and see how much you have learned about a Dancerknife, just remember it is extremely difficult to see the blade, so try not to cut your fingers off.” She said with a laugh. “I am sure Doctor Thesia would not appreciate having to fix a wound caused by a Dancerknife, they can be quite the nasty wounds to fix.” With that Kitiuas got up and proceed to leave the room, she turned back just as she was exiting and said “Thank you counselor it has been a rather illuminating conversation.” and she left.

Watching Kitiuas go Aurora waited for the door to close before picking up the dancerknife and looking at it. This was going to be interesting to say the least.



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