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Genesis - New Harrington

Posted on Sat May 28th, 2022 @ 8:43am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: *CD*
Location: Beta Quadrant

It had been raining for weeks, no more like months from the perspective of the sodden residents of New Harrington. The colony was a thriving conglomerate of cultures set just inside the beta quadrant, recently terraformed and under the control of a sophisticated weather management system.

Over the last few months though the weather system had developed some glitches the technicians had yet to find a solution for. Some regions hadn't seen rain in months and others it hadn't let up, leaving half the colony parched in baking hot heat and the other with flooding. The governor was baffled, they had explored every avenue to repair the weather control system themselves but the technology only grew more erratic, along with their weather.

The rivers started to rise as the sodden ground could absorb no more water, forcing the farm regions to flee their fields and abandon the vital crops. If they didn't fix things soon there would be food shortages and masses of people homeless or displaced. Governor Hitachi had waited long enough to call for assistance in the hope they could fix the problem themselves, now the throngs of displaced citizens demanded action.

"I have two technicians on their way to the weather platform as we speak, they will find and fix the issue!" She proclaimed nervously, hoping that the two technicians would be able to physically fix something they weeks of remotely accessing hadn't been able to.

Two hours after the technicians arrived they missed their scheduled check in. A rumbling Earthquake near one of the continents sent a huge tsunami towards land. It was almost as though the weather system was seeking retribution.

More technicians were sent, and never returned, also sparking more extreme natural disasters. New Harrington had a crisis on their hands.

Not knowing what else to do, Governor Hitachi sent a distress call to Starfleet and hoped, no prayed, that help would arrive soon.

Elsewhere in the Beta quadrant the USS Sunfire was running the final series of tests on her new nacelle, putting it through its paces within arm's reach of DS9 should anything fail. So far so good.

"Ma'am, we're receiving new orders from Starfleet, priority 1 distress call received from New Harrington. USS Sunfire to cease current mission and divert immediately to render assistance." The Ops officer announced, sending the message through to the Captain's display on the right hand side of her command chair. Admiral Watson had authorised the reassignment, and set the mission as priority one with the Sunfire being the closest available Starship.

"Helm, change course to New Harrington warp 6, Ops, advise DS9 we have been reassigned and thank them for their assistance. Let's go folks" there was an invigorating tone in the Captain's voice. She was excited to be back in space, doing what Starfleet did best, helping those in need.


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