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Feels Like the First Time ptI

Posted on Wed Apr 20th, 2022 @ 2:33am by Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Lieutenant Commander Dean House

Mission: *CD*
Location: USS Sunfire
Timeline: Current-ish

Bell said hello. Edison claimed eureka. Newton had an apple. Cochrane had a ship. Erikson transported a mouse. And somebody named Goldblum accidentally transported a fly. But what would Bonnie send for her first attempt at a cross-sector transwarp beaming attempt?

She had worn a groove in the floor as she paced, pondering the problem at hand. At long last, her stomach growled, bringing her back to a sense of reality. Sighing, she tapped her badge. "Lieutenant Durnell to Lt. Commander House, can I see you in cargo bay two please?"

That certainly was a slight surprise to him that she’d be calling him right now. Bonnie usually liked her privacy when she was ‘balls deep’ and concentrating that much on something important like this. Tapping his chest, “Sure. Be there in a minute Bon-Bon.” Smirking a little, “Hungry?”

“Oh my goodness, yes! How did you know?” she asked while glossing over the nickname, though somewhere in the back of her mind. She was amused. “Starving.” She continued to pace while waiting for his arrival.

He’d already made up a Deanwich, just finishing the first half of it. Figuring well sure, he could just bring her that other half. It was always better when he made it rather than replicated it. After a few minutes, he finally made it into the Cargo Bay. Footsteps as always, not making a sound. Being careful to notice what she may or may not be working on, then springing the “Boo!”

Jumping out of her skin, she screamed, turned and slapped him in the chest. “Don’t do that! What are you trying to do, scare me to death?” She was breathing heavy. “There are a dozen better ways to make my heart skip a beat you know.” But then her eyes fell on his Deanwhich. “You brought food?” She unapologetically grabbed for her portion. “Bless your heart.”

There was a chortle or two given at her reaction and what she said. Just looking at his chest a moment, like, ‘I think that tickled?’ Still smiling, yes It did. Dean also knew this time at least, she meant the nice way of ‘bless your heart.’ “That was the point, it makes your bosom pop out.”

She scowled at him before taking a huge bite of her Deanwhich and turning away so he couldn’t see her eat. “Sti’ww iii wann’t vewwi nice.” She said with a mouth full of food. Then she swallowed and turned back. “I suppose you want to know why I asked you to come?” She was excited, yet nervous at the same time and it clearly showed.

“Very astute intuition there.” Giving the ‘hey, it’s me.’ grinned at her. Switching modes and it was visible on his face. “Yes, I am very curious, because I know you’ve been spending a lot of time down here, as well as I know why.”

The glare she gave was glass shattering. She would hate if he spoiled her surprise by him being the know-it-all he always tended to be. She thought twice about smacking him again. “Why do you do that? My papa always said ‘knowing too much about everything meant you didn’t know enough about some things’.” She said before gesturing to the transporter pad and adding, “Tada! I give you the very first Transwarp cross-sector transporter, though it does need a better name, and testing definitely needs testing.” She started to pace and think to herself out loud again.

That was always going to be cute, the talking out loud thing. It didn’t matter if they were friends, involved more than that, or even enemies. Always. Though he looked at her funny, when she assumed he knew what he was talking about. “Um….” Pausing to look from her to what she pointed at and actually explained what it was. “I was going to say avoid people, darlin.” Another pause to look at it, and around it. Not touching her baby. “Well I’ll be a son of a bitch. You work fast.”

And there it was, back to his usual personality. While it wasn’t actually a defense mechanism, some may see it as such. Trying to hide feelings or insecurities. Which wasn’t actually the case. Sometimes Dean was just a big kid. “Except with me,” There was that smirk again.

She stopped pacing and walked up next to him, sandwich still in her hands, or what was left of it. "I had a task with a solid goal. It's easy to go from point A to point B when there is a road map. But now I, um, we need to test it. Something organic, something unique. Any ideas?" She asked before taking another bite of the sandwich, a piece of lettuce falling out and landing on the floor.

“Hmm…” Dean crossed one arm over his chest, the other rested the elbow on that arm and his chin in his palm. Giving a thoughtful look, then followed the lettuce as it dropped to the floor. “That,” pointing to it.

She glanced at her dropping and frowned. "You want to send a piece of lettuce as our first test?" She shrugged, "It would be organic, and original I guess." She eyeballed Dean's mostly uneaten Deanwhich. "What about a full-fledged sandwich?" Growing excited by her own idea, "imagine, the first intergalactic sandwich. Your Deanwhiches would be famous. I mean if it works…"

“That’s not a bad idea, everyone likes them. Though that means I’ll have to go to the galley or my quarters to make a fresh one. It’d take about 15 minutes with prep and cooking.”

She was antsy. Everything was there, the pieces, the people, everything. The idea of 15 minutes seemed like an eternity to have to wait. She couldn't tell but she was pouting on the outside. Her mind however was reeling. What to do while he makes more food… she could fine-tune the hardware. Maybe she could run more scenarios through the computer. Or… "Okay, 15 minutes? I'll come with you, you know, to make sure you don't take too long, or to help or whatever." She remembered to blink as she had been staring off into the nothing.



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