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Amending Aurora's Punishment.

Posted on Thu Apr 21st, 2022 @ 1:20pm by Lieutenant JG Aurora Vali & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: *CD*
Location: Aurora & Savar's Quarters
Timeline: After "Freedom" JP

Savar had finished his shift and had met with Commander House and the Commodore. He had to admit he had been impressed with a suggestion House made concerning his punishment and he thought he would amend Aurora's punishment as well.

He had gone and gotten Sidak from the nursery and was currently feeding the child as he waited for Aurora to return to their quarters.

Aurora had finished her shift, with Savar collecting Sidak she just had time to change before going and starting her potato duties. Walking into their quarters she smiled as she kissed Savar on the cheek and Sidak on the top of his head. “I just need to change and I’ll be on my way.”

"No, wait a moment I have an alterative to you going to the galley and peeling potatoes Aurora, that is if you would like to hear it" Savar replied as he returned Aurora's kiss.

“An alternative?” Aurora looked at her husband curiously. “You’ve peaked my curiosity now.”

"Please come sit down Aurora and I will explain." Savar replied, taking her hand and leading her to the couch where they both sat down. "My suggestion is this, instead of you going to the mess hall to do your potato duty and be seen by the crew. You can do it here and perhaps also make some recipes that feature potatoes that the crew can enjoy. You will be here with Sidak and myself but doing your potato duty in private."

“Oh, Okay.” Aurora nodded but didn’t seem all that enthusiastic. “I guess that’s better than having to work in the galley.”

Savar looked at her, "Your response indicates a lack of enthusiasm Aurora. What have I done wrong? I thought you would be pleased."

“As I keep telling you, you have done nothing wrong” Aurora offered a brief smile. “You are doing what you have to do as Acting Captain of this ship. I’m just still smarting over the whole punishment when I’m considered to be innocent of stabbing Niali.” She sighed. “I’m sorry I can’t help how I feel.”

"Aurora. Please understand. Commander House was punished for shooting me. It could not be justified to punish him without punishing you. I am sorry you are still upset over this. It something I wish I never had to do and I hope never do again." Savar answered quietly.

Aurora nodded. “I understand, I just can’t help how I feel. I just need some time. If Commander House is to be punished publicly then I should be seen doing the same.”

"Aurora, perhaps I misspoke or was not clear. Commander House is going to perform his potato duty in private which is why I suggested the same for you."

Aurora nodded. “Okay, in that case I will do the same. Speaking of which I should be getting on with it.”

Savar decided not to continue the discussion. Aurora was still smarting from the decision, and he was still feeling guilty. "As you wish Aurora." He answered simply.

Aurora nodded and headed into the kitchen, she was going to be busy with the potatoes for a little while. She hadn’t meant to sound ungrateful but she was feeling confused. It wasn’t Savar’s fault he had to do his part and her punishment was it.

Savar watched Aurora go into the kitchen and his dismay grew. He had only wanted to reduce Aurora's embarrassment and she seemed more upset. He looked at their son and kissed him a top his head, then picked him up and took him into his room to play with him.

A while later Aurora appeared in the doorway of Sidak’s room, watching Savar and Sidak as they sat together. “Potato duty all done for tonight” She offered a brief smile as she walked in and sat down.

“I owe you an explanation ... I’m confused Savar, what I did to Niali I did under the influence of the creature that wanted our ship, I wasn’t in control. Was Commander House under the creature’s influence too?”

Savar listened as Aurora spoke, when she had finished, he took her hand in his and held it gently. "You owe me no explanation Aurora. I understand your confusion. I do not believe it was ever determined that Commander House was under the creature's influenced." he paused, looking at her for her reaction and next comment.

Aurora nodded. “I sound like I’m being petty, and I don’t like it!” She sighed. “If I’m guilty then I’ll accept my punishment happily.”

"Nonsense. You are not being petty Aurora. You are confused and wish for an explanation. Your punishment and Commander House's were done to be similar to show that you both were treated the same. As I said earlier, there were no charges filed and no trial. If there had been, your statement and that of a doctor stating you were influenced by the creature would have been taken into consideration. This was all handled 'in house.' as not to have it drag out and affect crew morale as well as put this unpleasantness behind us and move forward." Savar replied.

Aurora nodded. “I appreciate that Imzadi, I guess I’m just finding all this pretty frustrating right now. I don’t mean to upset or frustrate you.”

"I understand Aurora and I would find it illogical and unbelievable if you did not. For what it us worth to you, I also find it frustrating that I could not come up with a better solution."

Aurora nodded. “You did what you felt you had to do.”

"I did what needed to be done Aurora." Savar countered quietly.

Aurora nodded understandingly. “The downside of being in Command” She offered a brief smile. “Looks like you’ve worn out Sidak” she nodded to where Sidak lay dozing. “Would you like me to put him to bed?”

Indeed Aurora." Savar answered as he looked down at Sidak who was sleeping. "No, I will do it Aurora. You rest." He replied as he stood up and bent down to pick their sleeping child and take him into his bedroom. A few minutes later Savar returned and sat on the couch next to Aurora. "Sidak is sleeping quite soundly."

Aurora nodded. “That’s good, it was nice to see the two of you together.” She moved to lie down, resting her head on Savar’s leg using it as a temporary cushion. “We always said we wouldn’t let our careers affect our personal lives, yet that’s exactly what’s happened. I don’t like it.”

Savar let his hand drop to lightly rest on Aurora's arm. "I concur Aurora, I too do not like this. It feels as a wedge has been driven between us. I know our love for each other is strong however I am troubled by how this incident has affected us. I meant for you to suffer as little as possible and I have seriously misjudged that aspect of this incident. For that, I offer my sincere apology."

“Don’t be sorry, what’s done is done.” Aurora offered a brief smile. “Let’s just move past this okay? Move on with our lives.”

"Nothing would please me more Aurora. I am more than willing to move on. Are you sure you have no residual hostility towards me in this matter?"

“Towards you, no. Towards the punishment, yes” Aurora was direct and to the point. “However I will do my punishment and we will move on as we always have.”

Yes, I suspected as much." Savar replied calmly. "I will arrange a meeting with Captain Kaylen when she returns so you may give voice to your displeasure at your punishment and she may overturn it."

“No it’s alright” Aurora offered a smile. “I planned to talk to her, but more as a friend than a Senior Officer. She will help me clear my head about this.”

Aurora's statement made Savar feel worse in that he had been unable to help Aurora clear her head in understanding her punishment. He nodded, "I see." he answered.

Aurora felt Savar’s emotions through their bond. “Oh no ... Savar, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to sound ...” She sighed. “It doesn’t matter what I say I just make things worse!”

"No of course not Aurora." Savar answered hearing and seeing Aurora's exasperation. " I have a suggestion if you are willing. A meld, so we can see each of our feelings. For I suspect we both want the same thing but are going about it differently."

Aurora nodded. “That’s fine, my mind is always open to you Savar.”

"Please sit up Aurora and we will begin the meld." Savar intoned calmly, while he waited for Aurora to sit up and face him.

Sitting up Aurora sat so that Savar could easily meld with her. “I’m ready Imzadi.”

Savar nodded, Excellent Aurora." Has he brought his hand up to gently tenderly rest on her cheek, his fingers splayed open, to begin the meld. "My mind to your mind, my thoughts to yours." He recited a the connection was made and their minds joined.

Aurora’s mind was filled with a jumble of images, those of her experience of being locked away in her own mind were the most prominent of all. The feeling of helplessness and horror at watching herself stab Niali was powerful. The pain lingered even though it was all over and done.

Savar saw Aurora's feelings of imprisonment and helplessness as the scene of her stabbing Niali was played out. He felt her helplessness as well and that is what the underlying issue was. Aurora's helplessness. That she was unable to stop the creature from using her as one would a knife or hammer.

The scene changed to happier memories of times with Savar, showing him just how much she loved him no matter what. She wasn’t angry with him, just herself for being weak.

Savar's mental image moved to Aurora. Here, he was free to show her just how much he loved her. He kissed her passionately and held her hand. "Aurora, your perception is incorrect, you are not weak at all. You were just unprepared for an assault that the creature presented. You are the strongest woman and most remarkable that I know."

Aurora’s mental image held Savar close, here she felt safe and in control if it wasn’t for Savar and Sidak she would have willingly retreated into her own mind and stayed there. “Forgive me Imzadi I just need time.”

"Nonsense Aurora, you have done nothing wrong or to forgive. I ask that you forgive me. I was trying to be fair and impartial in this matter and I have disappointed you and myself." Savar confessed.

“Let’s just start fresh” Aurora’s image offered a smile. “I will do my punishment and I won’t take out my frustrations on you.”

"A most wise decision Aurora. One I fully agree with." Savar answered has he continued to hold her close. he bent his head to kiss her softly. "I do love you a great deal Aurora."

Aurora returned his kiss. “As I love you Savar, that will never change.”

"Let us move past this unpleasantness and reaffirm our vows as well as rediscover each other."

Aurora nodded. “I would like that very much.”

"As would I my forever love." Savar answered with quiet sincerity.



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