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Return of the Mack

Posted on Tue Apr 19th, 2022 @ 6:23am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: *CD*
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: During Repairs

Walking through the docking ring towards the Sunfire was a surreal experience, the nacelle in the process of being replaced the ship looked like a wounded animal tethered to a fence. Despite knowing the ship was nothing more the composite alloys and other fabricated materials, she couldn't help but feel sorry for it, a knot in the pit of her stomach tightening as she took in the view. The reports hadn't done it justice, although she was certain no detail was overlooked. There was much to be said for seeing something with your own eyes.

The corridors were deserted as she crossed the threshold, the grey carpet devoid of hurrying boots that scurried here and there. It was quiet, oddly so and in a way that was almost unnerving. Logically she knew most of the crew were on leave, or assisting with the repairs, but still, it seemed empty.

Pausing at her quarters to drop her bag she debated stopping for a shower and changing her clothes. She stank, was covered in dirt and bruises, and would be a fright to look at. But it was an honest representation of how her time on the planet had been. Hard, brutal in places, not always successful but on the whole achieving her goal.

And now - they were home, back on board the Sunfire, and whilst the ship would be in dock for a while longer whilst undergoing repairs, it was good to be back.


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