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Welcome Home

Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2022 @ 10:28pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant JG Aurora Vali

Mission: *CD*
Location: Rhenora’s Quarters

Aurora was glad to have Rhenora home, the two of them had become friends as well as colleagues and Aurora felt she could talk to Rhenora about anything. She’d given Rhenora time to settle in again, before arriving at her door, and pressing the chime.

Inside Captain Kaylen Rhenora was sitting comfortable on the lounge, padd in hand and catching up on the goings on of the Sunfire during the time she had been on Bajor. It seemed they had had quite the adventure indeed.

Walking inside Aurora offered a smile. “Welcome home Rhenora. I’m sorry to just drop in on you but I need to talk you.”

"Of course, please, come in and take a seat" Rhenora smiled as Aurora entered, shifting over on the couch and moving the small pile of padds to make room.

Aurora nodded and took a seat. “As I’m sure Savar will tell you, I’ve been finding it difficult accepting being punished after what I did to Niali. I blamed myself but Savar was quick in telling me that I wasn’t to blame because I wasn’t in control of my actions! Now I’m being punished anyway!” She sighed. “I’m sorry I’m just confused.”

Rhenora listed carefully, allowing Aurora to express herself without any interruption. She was still catching up in the reports but had a fairly god grasp on the events.

" I can empathise with how you are feeling, and how it would seem unfair" she started carefully. "Alien inhabitants are never black and white to deal with"

“That’s just it! It wasn’t an actual entity, it was just the creature outside controlling my mind. It wanted the ship.” Aurora sighed. “I would never have hurt Niali, it was like I was ... a passenger in my own mind.”

" I can understand how that would feel terrible for you" The Captain replied, watching the emotional toll play out across Aurora's face. " From what I've heard a lot of people are still experiencing the after effects of the creature. It must have been horrible" There was genuine empathy and remorse on the Captain's face " I'm sorry I wasn't here with you"

“Thank you Rhenora” Aurora offered a warm smile. “it’s not just that, it’s...” She paused. “I haven’t been taking my punishment very well and Savar feels it’s affecting our marriage. Maybe I’ve been taking it too personally, I don’t blame him he only did what he had to do.”

Rhenora paused, reflecting on the situation. It would be hard to be disciplined by one's spouse, particular if it felt unfair to begin with. " Savar was just the messenger, but I'm sure he feels just as bad as you do. It's hard sometimes to separate duty from your relationship, probably the hardest thing an officer ever has to do"

Aurora nodded. “Savar feels he’s let me down, that he’s failed me. I don’t blame him, I just can’t help how I feel inside! I wasn’t strong enough to stop myself hurting Niali, what if it had been Savar or you!?”

"Then we would deal with the consequences the same way Niali did. From what I have read in the reports the alien influence was very strong. To have to witness the actions whilst powerless to do anything would not have been easy for you. I'm sure you tried your best, which is all anyone can ask for" Rhenora explained softly, hoping to ease Aurora's burden.

Aurora nodded. “I promised Savar we’d move on, I guess talking to you about it is helping me do that. I’ve missed you not being here Rhenora.”

"I've missed you as well. We managed to mostly achieve our goal on Bajor, but the investigation is still continuing. I felt I was needed here. " Rhenora smiled gently at her friend. " So tell me, what else happened while I was away?"

“Let’s see ... Sidak started sleeping through the night, up until now he’s been waking for a nightly feed but I added a feed before bedtime and it seems he doesn’t need another overnight then.” Aurora grinned.

" Well that is good news, a good night's sleep makes everything better. I don't think I'm going to cope with the lack of sleep..." Rhenora mused, rubbing her eyes and stifling a yawn. As it was she still hadn't caught up on sleep since they'd returned from the planet. A few nights in her own bed was going to work wonders.

Aurora’s smile faded a little. “We’ve still not heard anything from Starfleet regarding the permission for me to have help getting pregnant with Savar’s child.” She sighed. “I know it can take a while but we both want a baby of our own. Though I guess two young children would be a handful.”

"Be careful what you wish for" Rhenora smiled wryly as she considered the prospect of running after not only one, but two little ones. " If one is a handful, imagine what two will be like!"

Aurora nodded. “I know. Speaking of little ones, how are you both doing?”

" I think we're ok, although I haven't checked in with Dr Wilson since we got back. Taking it easy wasn't exactly easy to do when you're chasing ghosts from the past. I'm tired, always hungry, but I think we're good" Rhenora smiled, shifting slightly to get more comfortable. There was a reason women normally birthed their young in their early 20's and not in their mid 50's.

Aurora nodded. “Might I suggest you check in with Sickbay? Better to be safe than sorry as the saying goes!”

"I will as soon as I get through these reports" Rhenora smiled sagely at the number of padds sitting on the coffee table next to the rapidly cooling coffee. "I promise you I will though"

Aurora nodded again. “Anything I can help you with? I know what it’s like when everything piles up on you.”

"I know right? I promised Remal and a good half a dozen other people that I'd take things a bit easier until our two become three" Rhenora admitted as she looked at the pile of padds. Still she was curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee and didn't feel like she was working overly hard. "I appreciate the offer though " she smiled warmly.

Aurora nodded. “Well you know where I am if you change your mind.” She stood ready to leave.

The Captain uncurled her legs, stretching them to restore the blood flow before standing and wrapping Aurora in a hug. "Thank you, for everything"

Aurora was surprised but gave Rhenora a hug in return. “My pleasure Rhenora, and thank you too.”


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