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Back in the saddle

Posted on Sun May 1st, 2022 @ 11:58am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: *CD*
Location: Ready room

After dropping her single bag in her quarters, Captain Kaylen Rhenora headed for the heart of the Sunfire, her feet following the same path as many times previous towards the turbolift that would take her to deck one, main bridge. She was sure there she would find Commander Savar, either there or in the ready room.

Entering the bridge there was a half stammered "Captain on deck" as one of the junior officers stumbled to alertness during the boring bridge watch whilst the ship was docked.

"At ease crewman" she nodded, slipping easily back into old habits. Not spying the Sunfire's acting CO she headed for the Ready Room and pressed the door chime, not caring about her unkept appearance. He had seen her in worse shape, but had definately seen her in better.

Savar sat at his desk, going over the repair schedule for the Sunfire as well as dealing with the loss of Niali and Kerr to the Polaris team. The recent mission had been arduous and placed the crew in both physical and mental jeopardy. The Sunfire itself had also suffered. He was also dealing with the fallout from personnel issues involving both Aurora and Commander House. Issues that had been resolved but left him unsatisfied.

As he sipped a cup of tea, his door chime sounded. Setting a PaDD to one side, he called out "Enter!" and now waited to see who graced his door.

Rhenora looked up as the doors parted, seeing Savar comfortably working at the desk. It used to be her desk but he seemed very much at home , something she smiled at.

"Commander Savar, it's good to see you again" She greeted as she headed for the replicator for a coffee.

Savar stared at Rhenora as she greeted him and headed to the replicator undoubtedly to get a cup of coffee. He stood up and came around the desk to face her. As he did a smile graced his features. "Rhenora!" He roared and hugged her. Then realizing what he did, he released the hug, took a step back and added "Captain Kaylen, it is agreeable to see you again."

"Rhenora, for now, please. I'm not officially in command again yet" She smiled at him and dropped onto the couch, uncaring at her own appearance, and levering off her boots. " I hear you've had an interesting few weeks"

Savar came to sit next to her, Rhenora was not only his captain but his friend, a dear and close one. He nodded at her statement. "Indeed, we have Cap. um Rhenora. The damage to the ship is evident. In addition we have had some personnel changes."

"Oh?" This raised Rhebora's curiosity a bit more. They hadn't been off ship for that long although it had indeed felt like an age.

"Yes." Savar nodded his head and continued, "Commander Kerr and Doctor Niali both transferred to the Polaris team, leaving the Sunfire short a chief strategic operations officer and a chief medical officer as well."

" That is unfortunate, and very rapid." Rhenora admitted, lowering her head slightly. They were both good officers and would be hard pressed to find replacements at such short notice. "We'll have to see if Command have organised to back fill those positions, or we'll have to do it ourselves for the time being" Her mind started ticking through the possibilities.

"I agree on both facts Captain. Nonetheless it is a fact and one I was already making plans to handle in house. It may be a minor annoyance, but it is nothing this crew cannot handle. I am confidant of that." Savar answered as he took a sip of his tea.

"I'm sure anyone you put forward for those roles will be more than capable. Dr Wilson has been Acting CMO for some time now, I'm sure she will slip easily back into the roll. Was there something in particular you had in mind for Strategic Operations?" There was a whiff of something from her clothing that made her wrinkle her nose. She was overdue for a shower, or a long bath, or both.

"I appreciate the confidence you have in any selections I make. You of course are free to change them should you desire to do so." He paused as he gathered his thoughts. "As for Strategic Ops, I do have someone in mind and I would like your opinion." He paused again for a beat and spoke. "I am thinking of moving Lieutenant Thomas Haldeman there on a temporary basis. He has the knowledge and the experience and it would put another experienced officer on the bridge."

" Haldeman? I'm assuming his performance over the last few weeks has been his usual best and there have been no issues?" Rhenora prompted, doubting that there had been but it was worth asking the question anyway.

"Lieutenant Haldeman has been a model officer." Savar replied. "Though I believe his new duties as chief diplomatic officer have left him less than enthused as there has been little call for his talents recently and as strategic operations it would make use of his talents."

"I'm sure he will be appreciate of the change of scene then" Rhenora smiled as she rose and wrinkled her nose again. She really needed a shower. "I should let you get back to overseeing the repairs...and I really need a shower"

"Agreed. Even though it is on a temporary basis, the change I believe will be most welcomed." Savar nodded at Rhenora's statement of both letting him get back to work and her needing a shower. "Once you have showered and relaxed, I would like to talk to you on another matter involving crew discipline."

"Oh really?" Rhenora asked as she rose and started to head for the door, an unpleasant aroma shafting from her clothes.

"I regret to say yes." Savar replied. "However I will discuss it in more detail after you have showered and rested Cap... forgive me Rhenora."

"You can count on that, I'll drop by later after I grab a shower and some sleep. There is something to be said for sleeping in your own bed" Rhenora admitted sheepishly as she departed, making a beeline for her quarters and the hot shower than awaited.


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