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Reassignment and Return

Posted on Mon Apr 11th, 2022 @ 10:17pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Jennifer Baldric & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: *CD*
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Current

Commander Jennifer Baldric looked at the orders on the padd before her. She was being reassigned, yet again. After such a short time she was beginning to feel a part of the Sunfire crew but Command were pulling strings and now sending her somewhere else. It was a bitter sweet order, she would be leaving her new found friends, but had been offered the opportunity of a lifetime. With a sigh she rose and headed towards the Ready Room, having located Commander Savar using the ships computer. Pressing the door chime she waited.

Savar was quietly going through some reports when the door chime sounded. "Enter!" He called out and eager to take a break from the monotony of reading of said reports. He sat a little straighter to see who would grace his office with their appearance.

The doors parted, allowing Jennifer entry into the Captain's private office.
"Excuse me Sir, I hope I'm not interrupting" she started, taking a step inside the door then pausing to gauge his reaction.

"Not at all Commander, please come in and have a seat. Would you care for something from the replicator?" Savar asks politely.

" No thank you Sir" Baldric replied as she moved towards the desk and sat in the chair opposite the Captain, the padd weighing heavily in her hand and on her mind. " I received new orders a short time ago Sir, I'm being reassigned" She said after a moment of silence as she she composed her thoughts.

"Reassigned?" Savar repeats what Jennifer has already said. "This is news to me Commander. I wasn't aware of any transfers taking place on the Sunfire especially not one concerning you."

"I've only just been advised by Command myself, XO on the Blaxland, effective immediately. I'm sorry to have to leave after the recent events" She continued, a genuine look of apology in her eyes.

"The Blaxland is a fine ship, with a good crew and captain. Congratulations, you will do well there. Nonetheless, I am disappointed with you leaving. You have proven to be a valuable and resourceful officer. As the expression says, you think outside the box." Savar answers his eyes reflecting his disappointment.

"Kinda had to" Jenn shrugged as she thought back on the situation. The time she had spent on the Sunfire had been filled with adventure and excitement, flying by the seat of their pants in uncharted territory against unknown beings.

"It's been an honour sir" Baldric said with truthfulness as the monitor on Savar's desk indicated an incoming transmission.

"The honor has been mine Commander." Savar answered ignoring for the moment the incoming transmission. "You are always welcome here Commander. May you live long and prosper.''

"Thank you Commander, now if I'll excuse me I need to pack" Jennifer rose and extended her hand in the traditional hand shake, grasping Savar's and shaking it firmly. She turned and headed out of the ready room to embark on her new future.

"Of course." Savar answered as he took the extended hand in his and gave a firm but not punishing shake. As Jennifer turned to leave the ready room, he spoke again. "Commander, the Sunfire is your home, and the door is always open for your return."

"I appreciate that Sir, hopefully one day I'll find myself back here. Who knows what the universe has in store for us" Baldric replied in a mysterious manner. The universe did indeed have strange and wonderous things in store for all of them.

"I look forward to that day Commander. As for the universe, we are but players in the grand scheme of events. Each of us with a role to play. Let us hope the universe will treat us all fairly in whatever it has in store for us." Savar answered.

" Indeed" Jennifer echoed and vanished through the grey double doors of the ready room.

Meanwhile the message still waited patiently on Savar's monitor.

Savar watched Jennifer depart. As he sat back down, he noticed the message indicator blinking. Reaching out, he activated it to hear the message.

"Commander Savar, I heard the Sunfire was back at DS9 with some heavy damage. I hope thing's weren't too rough in the Gamma Quadrant. I hope to be returning within a week, I feel the Sunfire will still be undertaking repairs given we need a new nacelle installed. I hope to see you soon" The voice of the Sunfire's previous Captain echoed through the monitor, the backdrop of tropical plants and someone cooling their cleavage with a fan in the background.

"Captain Kaylen, it is good to hear your voice again." Savar replied a touch of emotion in his voice such was his respect for Rhenora. "I believe you will have no trouble locating us, as we will be the starship with only one nacelle. I hope your time away was productive."

" We were quick enough to save some, not all" Rhenora lamented before moving towards more positive notes " We have one left to warn, hopefully we can uncover who is behind this before the Sunfire ships out. I hope you and the crew are well - I read the last few logs - it looks like you had quite the altercation"

"I see and understand Captain. I hope you and Chief Remal are successful in your warning being in time. "The crew is by and far well. Some minor injuries. Aurora stabbed Dr. Korial while being influenced by the creature. Yes. the altercation was most unusual to say the least." Savar finished.

"I look forward to hearing more about it, I'll keep in touch and I should see you in a week" Rhenora looked away for a moment and nodded to someone outside the field of view. " I have to go, talk soon" The transmission ended leaving a Starfleet insignia where the tropical foliage once was.

Savar looked at the screen for a moment before replying. "Stay safe Captain, stay safe." He sat back, it had already been an eventful day, Baldric transferring away and hearing from Rhenora. What else would the day bring? He wondered as he got back to studying the schedule for the repairs to be done.


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