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Patin the Brave

Posted on Thu Jan 13th, 2022 @ 4:32am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: *CD*
Location: Bajor

“Willus and Segal are down! I don’t know what that was but I don’t want to find out they have more!”

“Stand your ground. Look, they’re not dead, just dazed! No more than normal, probably.” He muttered to himself. “Return fire!” On his command the other goon continued firing at the opening, trying to hit anything, everything he could.

The splintering of rocks about her made her step back behind the relative safety of the outcropping, waiting until the proverbial dust had settled before peeking out again. They were doing the same. Waiting… With another explosive ready to be lit she figured out a game plan.

Patin surprised Rhen by smacking up against the wall next to her. “Down but not out, eh Nozzie. Now, what are we lookin’ at? Give me a count.” She was wrapping her shoulder with some snow and a piece of fabric.

“4… two snow mobiles.. I think I’ve taken two on the flank out, or at least slowed them down a bit. The leader is over there” She pointed to a grove of trees where the barest of outlines of a snow mobile could be seen. “ I’ve got a few explosives left.. And an Axe. Somehow I don’t think that’s gonna fly for you” Rhenora quipped as she saw Patin rummage in the bag out of the corner of her eye. “ Nope.. there’s just the explosives.. Unless you can find something I’ve missed”

Patin grinned, with a twitch in her eye, “You’ve got me, Noz, that should be enough. Give me the axe. I’ll distract them, you nail em’ with your good arm. We’ll do what we do best when the backs are against the wall, we blow a hole in the wall.”

“ What are you gonna do with an axe and a busted shoulder?” Rhenora retorted, knowing she was baiting Patin for her own good.

“What I do best. Something crazy I suspect.” She grabbed the ax with her good arm and found a good balance with which to hold it. Then she gave Noz a look like she was ready, expecting her to light a fuze and let her fly.

Rhenora looked at Patin and rolled her eyes, knowing there was no way they were gonna get out of this in one piece with a one armed bandit wielding an axe.

“ Alright…if I can take out number 3.. I can capture the leader” Rhenora said to herself, changing her focus to ascertain the position of goon number 2. She spotted him making his way towards the cave trying to use the tree’s and large boulders as cover. No way the leader would expose himself like that.

Patin counted a breath beyond the last shot striking the cave entrance. Opened her eyes and let out a scream which would pierce a man cold. Then like the mad woman she was, she ran out of the cave, slogging into the snow and wind, immediately disappearing from sight. This was her playground and there were some bullies who needed to be taught a lesson.

“What the…! What are you gonna do, bleed on them?” Rhenora shouted as she took in her options. Patin was screaming like a mad woman and flailing the axe about with her good arm. Rhenora had intended to use the snow overhang to take out goon number 3 but with Patin running towards him she couldn’t risk hurting her friend as well.

“ For the love of all things Prophets” She swore as she headed down the hill, explosives in her hand. Pausing mid stride she lit the fuse and pegged it as hard as she could towards Goon 3, hoping the concussive blast would kill him but leave Patin unharmed.

Between wind, snow and the breath of cool mountain air, she was practically invisible. Her feet didn't even crunch the snow beneath. Her scream gave an initial fright but Nozzies boom stick allowed the biggest distraction as she peeked from behind a tree only to come face to face with a goon. She grinned, "High ya." Before pummeling him in the chest with the blunt side of her axe before dropping the hammer side on the back of his skull. She then gave a quick look and listen for the other three before moving off.

“ Will you just stop still for 5 minutes!” Rhenora grumped as she took off after Patin. Goon number 3 was out for the count, as were Goons number 2 and 4. That only left the ringleader and Rhenora wanted to have a little chat to him before he joined his comrades.

She doubletimed it as quickly as a pregnant 50 year old could do in deep snow - nowhere near as agile as Patin was in her home environment. She had two explosives left, the striker in her pocket, and that was it. Patin still wielded the axe like a one armed bandit with an extra large chip on her shoulder.



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