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Backs Against the Wall - pt 1

Posted on Mon Jan 10th, 2022 @ 4:37am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: *CD*
Location: Bajor

Patin stopped the snowrunner just shy of the outcropping and powered it off. “Grab my toolkit from the sled! Hurry!” She said as she grabbed her pouch and looked back. There were a pair of snowrunners approaching, each carrying two passengers, they had been spotted. One of them fired a wild shot from a phase rifle. She didn’t even blink. Her heart raced, she wanted to run towards the danger, to kill her enemy before they had the chance to do the same. A hand upon her shoulder brought her out of her stupor.

“ Hey.. we’re not back in the resistance anymore!” Rhenora could see the old habits kicking in, the desire to fight up front rather than flee and hide, to meet death on her feet. “The cave is this way!” Rhenora had grabbed the toolkit and had hoisted it over her shoulder, allowing her to move easier in the deep snow.

It was twenty yards to the outcropping and hopefully the cave. They were exposed and bolts of phased-fire lanced the ground around them, all wild shots. Suddenly Patin went down, face first into the snow. She had been hit in the shoulder from behind. Even as Rhenora helped her back to her feet she could feel the rage rising up from within. All the years of solidarity, of leaving the war behind, all the emotion she had buried was back, and demanding to be heard.

“ Get UP!” Rhenora demanded, grabbing Patin by her good shoulder and shoving her forward, just a few more metres and they’d have a defensible position. “Tell me you’ve got something to fire with in here”

Rhenora got them to the cave and pressed Patin inside, dumping the toolkit on the floor and looking for something that was either A) a weapon, B) something that she could use as a weapon, C) something that resembled a weapon, or D) a medkit.

Patin clung to the pouch around her neck. She was hurting but breathing. “Just like old times eh Noz?” She reached in and pulled out a handful of explosive rounds, each with varying lengths of fuzes. “I’ve got these, and in the toolkit should be an ax. Not much need for a rifle unless I’m hunting.” She coughed as she found the situation funny. They had dealt with far greater odds with far less before.

“Old times my ass, give me a standard issue phaser rifle” Rhenora grumbled, taking the explosives and working out a game plan. She could hear the other snowmobiles drawing closer. They must be getting bold.

She stood defiantly against the wintery blast, explosives in hand and an axe leaning next to the cave wall. Every sense was reaching into the white surrounding landscape to pinpoint her prey. And they would be prey, Noone took on Kaylen Rhenora and got away with it. Her hair escaped the knitted cap, whipping around her face as angrily as the wind itself. If the battle was to be waged, it would be here. Patin said there were two, so the odds weren't too bad. Patin however wasn't pleased with their current situation.

He pulled his snow runner to within ten years of Patina, parked and dismounted. Taking cover behind a tree he wondered why there had been no return fire. This fact had his confidence up as to a quick resolution despite being told to never underestimate Kalen Rhenora. He eyed his fellow soldiers thenotioned for the three of them to fan out and take cover. They would have to be careful.

Once he was sure everyone was covered he eyed the ridge then moved closer for a better shot. So far there was still no opposition. Now within twenty feet of the outcropping and well hidden behind a tree he called out, "Come out, we have you surrounded with nowhere to run. You're only delaying the inevitable."

It was hard to spot them moving under the now driving snow, the wind pushing the soft flakes and turning them into a bitter icy blast. They were moving, splitting up and attempting to flank her. She pinpointed where the voice was coming from, but would wait and attack them last. The cronies were generally easier to dispatch.

Goon 4 yelled at goon 1 through the snow battering him in the face, “How long can we hold out in this weather? I’m sure their nethers aren't deflated balloons right now.”

“Mind your tongue. We’ve come here to do a job and we’re going to see it through. We have the numbers, what do they have?” It was at this moment the snow and wind decided to blow harder, chilling him to his core.

Meanwhile Rhenora eyeballed them through the driving snow, lit a fuse, and tossed something highly explosive towards them.

The wind carried the explosive as if a hand of the Prophets themselves had grabbed it, moved it and placed it at just the right location. It fell into the snow a moment before exploding up and out. The corresponding explosion shifted the trees, threw debris into the air and knocked two the the goons on their snow covered arses.

“ Gotcha” Rhenora whispered to herself, preparing for the next round of explosives. She hoped that Patin had a stash in that rucksack of hers cos they were going to need each and every one of them to get out of this mess.



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