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Posted on Tue Jan 25th, 2022 @ 10:49pm by Lieutenant JG Aurora Vali & Lieutenant Niali Korial MD

Mission: *CD*
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Prior to Savar’s awakening


With the meeting done Aurora had headed to Sickbay, first and foremost to see what was happening with Savar. She was confused as to why she hadn’t felt something was wrong through their bond. Right now all she could think was that Savar had hidden it from her.

She had been at his bedside for a few minutes before Niall finally stepped through the doors. “Doctor...” she stood and walked across to Niali. “Can we talk?”

Niali nodded “Lieutenant, what can I do for you?”

Aurora offered a brief smile. “I owe you an apology, I misunderstood at the briefing. I didn’t mean to accuse you of anything.” She looked back towards Savar. “Ever since I had our son, I’ve been having problems with my emotions. Which I know isn’t unusual. That, and finding out Savar was here...”

She smiled a warm open smile. “There was no offense to take, sometimes I just have to speak my mind in the moment. It has caused me no end of trouble. I like order and completeness especially when I have responsibility for peoples lives. If there is no clear chain of command then meetings like that one occur. How are you feeling with your husband here?”

“Doctor, Savar and I are bonded. When his Pon’farr time came we became a fully bonded couple, as such I should have felt that something was wrong. I didn’t feel it, and I don’t know why.”

Would you like a drink, maybe we can sit and chat?”

Aurora nodded. “That would be nice, thank you.” She offered a warmer smile.

“I love ractajino” Niali walked to the replicator and turned to Aurora “and for you?”

“A Pepsi please, it’s one of my bad habits but I love it.” Aurora grinned as she tucked her long hair behind her pointed Vulcan ears.

She replicated the drinks, “come into the office it’s a little bit more private in there. They walked in and sat down. Niali pulled her chair round from the desk until she was just nearer Aurora. She handed the Pepsi to her and took a sip of her scalding hot drink. “Since you had your son have your emotions become more difficult to deal with?”

Aurora sipped her drink. “To be honest I’d say yes, but he’s not truly our son. I was impregnated by a species we know nothing of. My son was born in a very short space of time, and knowing he’s not mine I’m having to live day to day wondering if Sidak’s true parents will return to take him from us.”

“I am sorry to hear that, Aurora, if I may call you that? I presume Dr Wilson ran a bank of tests on Sidak when he was born so we have his genetic information? Also tests on you following his birth? “She smiled apologetically. “I am sorry I am shooting all these questions at you. How did your husband take all this in?”

“Sarah ran every test there was but we haven’t managed to find out anything about Sidak’s species. Savar struggled with my decision at first, but we both love our son as though he is our biological child.” Aurora paused to sip her drink. “Please feel free to call me Aurora. “Savar has been my rock, he’s an a-typical Vulcan in public but he’s very different when we’re together. I’m obviously not a typical Vulcan, being half Betazoid I chose not to purge my emotions.”

“May I ask what we’re the circumstances around Sidak’s conception? She took another sip of her drink.

“It’s...awkward to explain. We were on shoreleave, I was shopping with Savar. I went to try something on, next thing I know I’m attacked from behind, all I remember is a feeling of desperation on behalf of the female who attacked me. I wasn’t violated...nothing like that, I don’t know exactly how I was impregnated. Savar found me unconscious, and the pregnancy showed up when I was checked over when I got back to the ship. What would normally take months took a matter of days, I had Sidak in a matter of a week!”

“Goodness so this happened so quickly that emotions rather than logic were in play. You say Savar struggled with this at first, when did he decide he wanted the child?”

“He’s only recently come around to it” Aurora smiled. “He’s come to love Sidak as much as I do. He’s been my rock, helped me through my worries and concerns, I just wish I knew what was wrong with him now.”

“So do you know what happened?”

Aurora shook her head. “No idea” she looked concernedly towards Savar. “The only way I wouldn’t have felt it is either if he purposely hid it from me, or it happened suddenly and caught Savar by surprise.”

She finished her drink and set it down. “Medically there seems to be nothing wrong with him that I can find. Although his records I note are incomplete I do not think he is in any danger. It would be useful I suppose to look into his mind, are you able to do that, or are there any other Vulcans on board that could, or you would trust to do so?”

Aurora paused to drink more of her Pepsi. “I think Savar would prefer to me to do it, but I also know he’d count that as being a risk. I’m uncertain what’s best to do.” She drank more of her drink as she deliberated on it. “I’ll try but I prefer to do so in private. I take it you’d need to monitor me?”

“Yes, yes I would I don’t want another unconscious crew member. I would also need to perform a quick physical on you to ensure you are physically fit for this. Who is looking after Sidak whilst you are here?”

“Sidak is at nursery at present, they take good care of him for me while we’re both working” Aurora smiled. “It’s been an adjustment and a half for us having a baby around. I’m waiting for a response from Starfleet regarding tests and a request for me to have help conceiving Savar’s child. It seems being a hybrid means I can’t conceive normally, we wanted...still want, to have a baby of our own. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

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