Interrogation Time

Posted on Thu Jan 13th, 2022 @ 12:04pm by Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Dean House

Mission: *CD*
Location: DS9
Timeline: Backpost

Captain Kira Nerys strode towards the holding cells in DS9s bowels, intent on getting some answers as to why someone decided to blow up one of the freighters, injure several crewman and leave one man with memory loss and psychological trauma. She wanted answers and she wanted them now.

Hightower stood stoically in the center of the watch screens, each one showing a different image of a different cell. There were only two he was watching with intensity. He studied them, trying to understand their reasoning for their actions. Mostly he waited for his boss so that he could get the answers they both sought.

"Mr. Hightower" Kira greeted as she strode into the holding cells, nodding towards the Chief with a warm but authoritative gesture. "Do we have an ID on these two?"

"The Bajoran security council has not been very forthcoming with personal details. All we have are names. The older one is Stencer Jo and the younger is Lucus Rey. From what we can tell they both hail from the Drakkar Province. Stencer was involved in the Occupation, however, Lucus was not."

"Hrmmm no priors or anything regarding recent history then? " Kira asked, keeping her gaze on the two languishing in the cells.

"Again, negative. There is a government official who has ordered a block of information regarding these two. If you ask me it is damned shady. Someone by the name of T’Givishite."

Kira mused over the name, it rang some distant bells in the dark reaches of her mind but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. " Sounds shady indeed, have you spoken with either of them yet or are they maintaining their silence?"

"I was waiting for you, and watching. There is a lot you can tell about a person by the way they act when they think no one is watching. These two are not professionals, not even close. From what I know so far, they seem like trainees sent to do something spectacular in order to earn favor with whoever sent them. That who, is question one that needs answered." He turned to her. "Whenever you are ready. I think they've sweated long enough."

Kira nodded and looked towards the cells again " Let's do it, we need some answers" She strode towards the cells, pausing at the brig's control station in the centre of the circular cell facility. From there she could see both active cells and their inmates, and could address both of them at once. She felt Lieutenant Hightower by her side, their postures echoing her own. She was pissed and she wanted answers.

"Stencer Jo, Lucus Rey, you were both seen in the vicinity of the freighter that exploded a short time ago. I hope you have good reason to explain being there" Kira started, her gaze one that would make mirrors slink off the walls and go elsewhere to shatter.

Dean finally had gotten there, still not having slept but he could do that. "Sorry I'm a little late." Joining them and looking to the two criminals. Having heard the question that Kira gave. Yeah, she's gotta be pissed.

" Glad you could join us" Kira acknowledge Dean as he entered " These two were just about to explain why they were caught near the site of the explosion"

"I already, thank you. I already know the answer to that before they say anything. We have them on live feed also, when we confronted them, they threatened about the bomb to start with. Which already makes both of them guilty of terrorism, murder, attempted murder, and terroristic threats. So basically, we can charge them, and go about sentencing without a trial. Whatever penal colony we want. I suggest Rura Penthe."

Kira have him a look that indicated she want sure if he was bluffing or not. "Evidence or not I would still like them to explain themselves" she countered, giving the two a glare

From behind Kira and Dean, Hightower took a silent and steady approach, to the alleged terrorists as with everything in life. When he spoke, his voice commanded the room, deep, low, and his words to the point. "They are afraid or stupid, or even both. They have failed someone by failing in their appointed task, and now they fear someone, or something higher than us. I do not think your threats will bear much weight Lieutenant." He had garnered that bit of info just from watching their interactions and listening to their words. "Perhaps a different tactic is in order?"

"Are you suggesting we release them and let whoever they let down finish the job? Interesting" she raised an eyebrow at the two who were sweating in the cells. "Would be far less paperwork on our end if they were to meet their demise outside of the cells"

"Well..." Giving a shrug, Dean looked like he agreed. "There is that idea. It's not a bad one. I mean if I was a ruthless bastard like them and whomever they work for. I'd certainly put them down for their failure."

Kira gave him a look "so that means you have an alternative to letting them for at the hands of their employers?"

"I was just saying if I was evil and their employer, I'd kill them for failing, ma'am. However, Major, I actually have an idea that gets us both them and who hired them. Use them as bait."

"So you're saying we delay feeding them to the wolves and get them to work for us?" She turned to look at him as if to say " you're brilliant but you're also nuts'.

"I think, I'll take that as a compliment. Besides. What would you pick? Either being sent to be killed, hunted down and killed, or left to live and know the one that would kill you can't. Or, can't get to your family and kill them as well. I'd take C."

"Can't..never say can't" Kira correctly "Les likely maybe but it's not beyond the realm of possibility." She turned her attention back to the two in the cells "how would you protect them?" She asked Dean without taking her eyes of them.

"If they already know," Dean gave a look to Kira, "That we've got them, then they know we may be planning something. So we can't use trackers, or listening devices. At least not in a conventional way. It's got to look like a full, real escape. Not set up. Which also means we'll need someone believable enough to be a sympathizer that has biotics in them. Some kind of bionic implant that is required to live. Hide it in there. Unfortunately, I don't have any. I guess I could get one."

"So you're suggesting we stage a break out?" Kira replied, mulling it over in her mind" and a reliable assistant in that endeavour. What I wouldn't give to have Odo around" her eyes drifted elsewhere for a moment

"Pretty much and like I said someone that has life required biotics to add the tracker to. Again I'll do so if necessary." Dean gave a little crinch of his nose at the mention of Odo. "He was my first thought as well but I didn't want to say it."

He watched them talk back and forth knowing full well this was not what he was intending at all. Their prisoners were scared. Afraid of their own failure, and of whomever had sent them here in the first place. And now they were listening to Kira and Dean decide their fate for them.

Hightower took this moment to bypass Kira and walk up to the cell field. "I see the fear in your eyes. No matter how we spin this, one way or another you will not survive. So, why not tell us who you are, what your intentions were and who you work for? Let us help you. Isn't that better than lying down and giving up?"

The two in the cell just stared at him as if facing down their enemy. The younger of the two clearly rocking as he sat on the bench. The elder looked like he had something to say, his mouth twitching. There was a tear in his eye. He bit down on something in his mouth, then mouthed the words "All hail the Pah'wraiths, saviors of Bajor." He then began foaming at the mouth and shaking. His body convulsed briefly before falling over with a heavy thud.

" Get Bashir here NOW!" Kira yelled at the security officer and an instant later the stations' doctor was in the room. Meanwhile, Kira ordered the shields dropped on both cells and was making a beeline for the operative still alive. She wouldn't let him end it that quickly.

The younger of the two panicked, assuming they were coming to kill him after all their talk. He scrambled into the corner like a bug trying to find a way out. He knew the capsule in his mouth would be the ultimate way out, but he didn't want to die, not yet and not like this. He held his hands up, "Wait, wait, I'll tell you what I know... it's not much... but if it will save my life..." He pleaded.

As the med team beamed in and beamed out with their charge, Kira turned her attention to the cowering man in the cell. He was unarmed so she felt no threat, however, he would also have the suicide capsule, and she needed information before he felt inclined to use it.

"No-one's gonna die right now" She said carefully as she approached him in his cell "Just tell us what you know and we can sort this whole mess out for you"

Dean crossed his arms over his chest, "Well spit it out then."

After he relaxed, the full weight of the situation measured, he began speaking. "I was recruited. He was my mentor. They challenged us to prove ourselves as loyal to the cause. We were just trying to blow up the wormhole. No one was supposed to get hurt. You've got to believe me, it was just supposed to be a junky old ship with no one on board. Then he would be happy. He would welcome us as brethren."

"And yet you did no research ahead of time. Or made sure afterward that there were people still on it. You also tried once we were there. Did it anyway and injured a Starfleet officer. You still haven't said who 'he' is."

"You were supposed to back off. Once we failed all we would have done is wait, bide our time. But we secured the detonator and you moved in. We were trapped, our backs to the wall. And just when I thought you were going to back off, you..." He pointed at Dean, "you reacted and we set the detonator off out of shock more than anything." His tone shifted to a more somber tone. "I... I can't tell you who. I don't know his name. No one does, not really. They simply call him the messenger." He was holding back clearly out of fear.

" You're safe, no-one can get you in here, we can protect you" Kira appealed to the guy's fear of death. He clearly appeared terrified of what would happen if he revealed any further information.

"Then give us the comm frequency you get messages or order from the Messenger and we'll take it from there. I'm sure Kira will get you somewhere safe."

"I... I don't have it. I took my orders from him and he communicated with someone else who in turn talked to Brin who I think is The Messager. Even he takes orders from someone else." He shook his head in dismay. "It's done this way in order to maintain anonymity. Best I could do is show you where we met and were given our orders."

"Brin... where have a heard that name before?" Kira mused under her breath before turning her attention back to the trembling prisoner. "Show us where, and I'll guarantee your safety here on the station" she looked towards Hightower and House for their opinions.

He gave a nervous laugh knowing they couldn't possibly guarantee his safety, here or a thousand lightyears from here. The Wraiths' reach was beginning to grow. Day by day dozens were becoming hundreds and soon hundreds would become thousands. "I... I will show you, but It won't matter. None of it matters anymore." He began weeping profusely, his heart beating heavily in his chest.

"Captain," Hightower said, stepping into the conversation. "I've been following some of the news reports planet-side. Most of the mainstream media outlets are covering day-to-day items as usual, but there are a few who are talking division and cult conspiracies. This might be something this boy got himself caught up into. Not every terrorist starts out bad."

Kira thought for a moment. "I did hear a few weeks ago of wraith preachers in some of the villages, denouncing the Prophets and talking up their cause. Perhaps it's wider spread that we first thought" Kira agreed.

"Perhaps." Hunter replied, already deep in thought. "I'll place a security detail on this one. Once he gives up the coordinates, are we going to let the locals deal with the situation? It is their jurisdiction after all." He was thinking about how Earth was once a hotbed of Religion versus anti-Religion and wars that became of the multitude of conflicts. In the end, once the population realized there was a greater universe out there, faith in a deity became more of an internal, private matter often only practiced by the truly devout or the misguided.

" Sounds like a plan. Sooner or later someone will come for him, or come for revenge on his failure. Make sure we're ready when they do" Kira laid out the plan.

"I'll head back to the Sunfire and submit my own report and we can collaborate on finding this...heretic. If that's fine with you Colonel. Sorry, Captain."

Kira stood and nodded, then they each went their separate ways. Hunter remained behind with the young Bajoran terrorist hoping the both protect him and intimidate him for further information.