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Not Everything is Black and White

Posted on Mon Nov 8th, 2021 @ 7:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Dean House & Commodore S'thenosis Gorgox

Mission: Gamma Quadrant
Location: DS9, Quarks
Timeline: After weren't was suppose to be on leave?

Since getting back to Deep Space 9, there was some time to go and do whatever they wanted to on the station, if so chosen. Dean decided he would hit Quarks again.

Slipping in and carrying an actual hard cover book instead of a PADD. Sitting down, he gave a nod to Quark a moment. Going for something simple, a Texas Tea, and deciding on popcorn shrimp for something to snack on. Popping the book open while waiting on those.

Not normally a purveyor of station amenities, S’tenosis had little better to do with her time while she waited for Commander Savar and Lt. Vali to return to the ship and the case at hand. She had clenched her cheeks knowing she was tireless when it came to the truth, however others were not.

So this day found her walking the promenade in search of a location for which she could get a more in depth feeling for her notes, when a loud uproar rose from within Quarks, garnering her attention and stopping her in her tracks. She made a hard left, ducked as she entered and peered around the room at a number of people playing Dabo, mostly men. She overheard several of them commenting about a divorce and one claiming at least he would get the Striplezel.

Her tongue forked in disgust and she turned to leave when a voice stopped her.

“They are all nuts, Commodore Gorgox,” Dean gave a glance over to the Commodore.

“Indeed. Most males of your species are, so I've noticed.” She turned to face Dean.

“At least there are a few exceptions.” Giving a little light shrug.

“True. I have met a few who show promise.”

“Only promise, ma'am?”

“Considering many in your culture used to show their genitals as a way of attracting a mate, I shall stick with promise.”

“Good choice.” Came a comment from someone eavesdropping behind them.

“No one does that any they? And that would have been millions of years ago.” Dean raised an eyebrow.

“I believe young Bonnie Durnell referred to it historically as a 'Dick Pic', and I believe they happened as recently as three hundred years ago, but I digress.”

“Oh. Those. I believe I recall a mention of that before, back when they had those primitive communicators with screens.” Taking a sip from the glass.

“So primitive. On Draconia, Veelus do not take a mate. When our time to increase the population comes, we are assigned a male of sufficient breeding stock. Within 18 cycles we deliver a litter of 8-10 offspring whom we care for during the required 6 weeks before pushing them into the world, ready to fend for themselves. I've heard you humans require 16 cycles before you are ready to leave the nest. I cannot imagine having the time for that. Really. Not with Gregorovichs' law to read.”

“Six weeks?”

“Truth be told, I did gain more than the appropriate amount of weight during my gestation period. Snigglette Cakes.”

“What is your version of a cycle?”

“Pardon, I was referring to 18 lunar cycles at first and 16 solar cycles at latter. My mistake if I've calculated Earth cycles incorrectly.”

“It is quite alright, ma'am. So 18 weeks, and 16 years.”

“Eh, hem, 18 lunar cycles would be the approximation of 18 Earth months, would it not?”

“I apologize, yes. Double the gestation period of human females.”

“We receive full paid leave of absence for that time period, if we so wish. I, however, chose to stay the course and remain working with my studies. The justice system waits for no one.”

“What studies would those be? Also, does that not get lonely not having someone to spend your life with, good and bad.”

“Why, the Starfleet Judge Advocates Corp. We study the law for every one of our member worlds, a process which I endeared 30 solar cycles of my life to. One is never lonely when one is enforcing the law. In fact I prefer to think of myself as a traveler and a connoisseur of my work. I meet new, sometimes interesting, individuals like yourself everyday. Some are good, some not so much.”

“I’d like to ask you more about that in a moment,” Dean showed her the book. “First, however, how do you know Bonnie-kin?”

She eyed him curiously, “Do you mean Bonnie-Kin, the famous Gerontologist from Earth’s history? Or did you have another Bonnie-Kin in mind?”

There was a shake to his head given, “No idea who that is. I was talking about ‘my’ Bonnie. Durnell. We’re both on the Sunfire.”

“Yes, of course. For a moment I felt as though I had not retained the crew manifest in my mind as I once had. No, I met young Durnell when I boarded the ship and again several days later in the mess hall. Her records stated she is an expert in historical aspects for which I sought her out.”

“I needed to understand something of a historical nature. Once she began speaking, her mouth was a proverbial wealth of information.” There was an underlayment of sarcasm there, but it was buried deep within the sedimentary layers. “I was not aware she was ‘your’ Bonnie.” Her eyes were questioning deeply.

“She likes to do that to be honest.” Smiling, “Then again so do I if you get me started on certain things.” Taking another drink and popping in a few popcorn shrimp, which he offered her. “I don’t think she is aware of it either.” Giving a little bit of a chuckle. “Actually it’s of a thing we do. I’m not sure if a real relationship would do better, or ruin our current relationship.”

“Ah, so the two of you share a sort of symbiotic yet platonic relationship, I garner.” She waved off the offer of the popcorn shrimp for now, though the meat did appear appetizing. “She is a nice girl, well rounded shoulders, bit flighty, almost distracted upstairs. What about you Mr. House? What drives you to sit in a seedy bar and judge others?”

“Hey!” came a shout from behind the bar, “I heard that.” Quark commented to himself belligerently.

“I would say it pretty well like that. I enjoy it. There’s a bit more maybe sometimes I’d like to move it toward, but like I said, I think that’d screw it up.” Giving a tilt of his head, why was he telling a complete stranger this? Oh..right the alcohol..since he’s actually had enough for it to affect him.

“Judge others? I was just reading my law book.” Giving a chuckle at Quark's response.

“Your comment about them all being, ‘nuts’ was it? And if you are looking for mating advice, I would suggest someone, probably anyone, else. But if you’d like to talk about law, I may be able to offer some knowledge on the subject.” She eyed the book in his hands. “Ah, interesting subject that one is, though I prefer his earlier works. One cannot control how judgements will control passage of the code with the changing of time, sadly.”

“Oh, that, of course. I have an..unordinary ability to pick out conversations without even trying, or notice things.” Giving a nod to the mirror behind the bar, “Such as using that to pick out that Nausiccan at the Dabo table is cheating. He’s got a magnetic device under the table and a thumb press on his palm to stop each ring when he wants it too.”

“As for Bonnie, even if I were to try and pursue her, other than her more preferred sexual orientation being a bit of a barrier, What’s wrong with her? It’s not like I could pursue Anna or Sapphire. I don’t even know them, and stating that just shows apparently, I’m only looking at appearance in my head right now. There’s also that other thing I noticed. That part I’m not going to share, not my business to gossip.”

“A keen eye for things is the mark of a good prosecution lawyer. Always vigilant. The pursuit of justice is paramount. As for Bonnie, I am not in a position to say, however if you have genuine questions about the nature of your relationship, perhaps you could have an open conversation with her or seek out a counselor. I believe your ship houses three at your disposal.” Once again she dodged being pulled into a personal quandary.

“So, do you intend to take action?” She asked, taking one of the offered popcorn shrimp and popping it into her mouth.

“It’s not necessarily that I dislike counselors, or doctors at all. I don’t think it would be appropriate to take this to them. It should be between Bonnie and I if I decided to bring it up.” Motioning to Quark for another drink, same one. “You might want to go check on that Nausicaan also by the way, so I’ll call this refill free.” Giving a smirk.

Turning his attention back to her. “Thank you for the polite words about the keen eye.”

She had meant taking action in regards to the Naussican, but he answered her question in his own way. She nodded to the side with a little bow. “Continue with your studies, and I wish you well in your mating endeavors. Good day, Lieutenant House.” She turned and left Quarks bar area in search of a much quieter area with which to study.

Dean had thought about it to be honest. It’s slightly out of character for him not to confront him. There were other things in mind and factors as well. The station had security. Quark could call them, also, if he did, it would probably end up in a fight. Getting in trouble right now wouldn’t be the best thing.

Now, however, he was trying to figure out if that’s what she meant, or about Bonnie. Standing as she started to leave. “Enjoy the rest of your day, Commodore, and thank you, for a number of things.” Sitting back down once she’d fully left, glancing at the mirror again.


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