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There was talk of another.

Posted on Wed Sep 1st, 2021 @ 10:53pm by Lieutenant Dean House & Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Finchley Kerr
Edited on on Wed Sep 1st, 2021 @ 10:54pm

Mission: Gamma Quadrant
Location: Gym
Timeline: Current

The little bit there on the station was alright. Kind of refreshing a bit. Dean did get to know a few more people a bit. The new guy was amusing. He was the new guy on the Liberty at one time with this crew. He'd come to like them. Some more than others. Though a few have grown on him. Though for some things, stressers have to be let out.

Dean's not always an open person, and sometimes probably to much. His teasing possibly can be a balance for that. Which right now, he was fighting three holograms. Currently practicing more of his acrobatic fighting. Not exactly bouncing all over the place but more nimble? Finishing the last one off by jumping up and wrapping his legs around the neck. Using the momentum to swing around and slamming it down on the mat.

The Captain found Dean in the gym and reloaded that another person was also present, the Sunfire's newest officer. They would be an interesting pair to spar against, or to her view, sit back and watch them do their stuff.

Pushing up, Dean gave a roll of his shoulders. "Surprised you didn't join in, Rhenora." Giving a look to Kerr, "Nice to see you again."

Finchley had welcomed the invite to come to the gym, though he wasn't sure who was going to be there. Entering, he'd seen Dean and had walked over but not interrupted. When the Captain had arrived, and he'd been spoken to he replied "Nice to see you again also, and thank you for the invitation to come here. Can I ask what's happening?"

"Of course. At this juncture, Dean is normally attempting to garner some kind of improvement in my hand to hand close quarters combat skills. An effort no doubt that brings him great frustration." The Captain retorted "and generally brings me great bruises. However it is a good workout".

"I heard that, Rhenora." Dean reached up to wipe off the back of his neck. Starting over to them, "That's not exactly true either. We did it once before and did talk about doing so again. Though you were the one that said you were rusty." Looking to Finchley, and giving a nod. "Nice to see you again." To Rhenora, "And I rather enjoy the talks we had while doing so as well."

"So is this a sparring session or a training session, and are you looking for me to be some kind of a referee?" Finchley asked them both.

" Nope, I want to see what you're capable of" Rhenora said simply " You learn a lot about people by watching how they fight" She smiled. " But to answer Dean's question yes we did agree to do this again - I'm rusty - he's not. But then again, he see's way more planetary action than I do. So.. horses for courses"

"Twas the purpose of this after all and you had fun. Both will help you get out the rust. I'm also special, Finchley, and not just in the head." Dean smirked a little bit. "Not a bad special weapon though in a pinch I might say. That and I'm just weird."

Finchley turned to Rhenora and said "I'm sorry Captain, are you ordering me to spar, bare in mind, I'm off duty and this is a curtesy to the Lieutenant here that I came as I didn't want to disappoint him by saying no?"

" No this is by no means an order, not even an implication, and I understand you are off duty. I thought you may be interested in sparring and the opportunity had presented itself. If not, then I'm sure Mr House here will land me on my ass again" The Captain tossed her towel over onto the bench and began to warm up.

"If he wishes to. Though, I was more thinking a teaching session of sorts this time, Rhenora. I can show off all I want. Even if it's not showing off, it's practicing." Dean moved to sit down and get a swig of water. "Though there is a bit of seeing what one can do in a practical match to look for what needs work or the weaknesses. Tactical thinking and all."

"Augmentation gives you that advantage Lieutenant...I'm a level nine Delta Intelligence Officer in case your wondering, and I never enter into a new posting without first going through the crews files to find out who's who and what's what" Finchley said "however, just because you think that genetic change makes you better than anyone else, it's not always the case. Tactics are my specialist area, and to be honest, just listening to you blow smoke up your own arse as to how superior you think you are to everyone gives me one advantage over you already...your vanity would be your downfall. I came in here thinking I'd have a good time working out, getting to know folks a little more, hey, perhaps even bond a little. What I didn't come in here for was to listen to a vanity exercise on 'how good am I and how shit are you so listen to me to get better'. Thanks, but no thanks, so if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to my quarters and do so research work on the up coming mission."

"I actually fail to see how you got out of any of that, my offering to help teach, and explaining things to look for is blowing smoke as you put it, out of my ass. Or how I once gave an aire of ego that I am superior, regardless of my genetic make up, Lieutenant." Dean tilted his head slightly. Giving a glance to Rhenora a moment and back.

"Then perhaps you should listen to yourself when you speak" Finchley replied, turning back.

'I'm also special, Finchley, and not just in the head. Not a bad special weapon though in a pinch I might say. That and I'm just weird' "and" 'I can show off all I want'

"If that's not blowing smoke out your own arse Mr House, then I don't know what is" Finchley said. He stood and looked at the Lieutenant a second, then added "I could have come back with something about my own training, what it was, how I could kill you with one finger and all that jazz, even made a couple of brash remarks just as you have, however, that's not me, I'm not a show off, I'm just a practical unassuming guy, carrying out his practical unassuming life...unlike some. So, much as this hasn't been fun for me, I do hope you both enjoy whatever it is you're going to teach the Captain."

"You are particularly aware that you just did come back with something to that effect, as well as boasting, Sir. Not only that, but I could if I chose to, take that as a threat. Even if you say that's not you, and you're not a show off." Giving a motion out with one hand. "I am not the one taking everything in a completely defensive manner, Mister Kerr. Nor the one twisting words."

Rhenora watched the interchange and wondered what to make of it - there was definitely two strong personalities each trying to find their place on the ship and in the crew's social network. Perhaps this had been an error of judgement.

" Gentlemen - Please" She held up hands in a placating manner. " I was hoping this would be a bit of an informal 'getting to know you' type session" She started " I'm sorry if either of you took offense to that."

Finchley gave a wry smile "For a start Mr House, on duty or off, you never refer to a Senior Officer as 'Mister', it's either their rank or Sir, it could be misconstrued as insubordination otherwise. I'm not going to view it as such, but just a heads up. Secondly, that wasn't boasting, it was an inference to what could have been said, you're the one twisting words and their meaning. However, if you view it as me threatening you, by all means, please" and at this point he looked at Rhenora "and with your permission Captain", he looked back at Dean "go ahead and submit a report as such. Shall we say, eleven hundred hours in the Conference Room for the arraignment?"

"I really don't see that as being necessary. I am curious why you felt it necessary to get defensive. Not only that, but as you, took as you did my saying Mister, which a misconception of insubordination. You chose to use it in kind according to your view, would imply, theoretically, you just did the very same. We have very different forms and views of what is or isn't. I also tire of this dick measuring and I'm not beneath stepping back and asking if you would like for us to start over." Yes Dean was a little flustered, it got rather ridiculous. He still wasn't beneath what he just offered. Also, offering his hand out after standing up.

" Gentlemen Please!" The Captain replied more forcefully this time, hands on hips and a stern expression on her face. "What should have been a friendly banter had turned out otherwise. Unless you can resolve this as Starfleet Officers right now you are both dismissed"

Finchley walked back over to Dean and stood before him smiling. It had been the reaction he'd been expecting, Finchley was usually a decent enough reader of people's personalities, "Mister House, this was all a ruse, just to see how you'd react, and you reacted just as I thought you would. The 'dick measuring' is all on yourself, it was nothing that even occurred to me."

He took Deans hand and shook it "By the way, there was an element of seriousness in there. A Senior officer may refer to a junior officer as 'Mister', however, a Junior officer may not refer to a Senior officer as 'Mister', that is actually classed as insubordination. Personally, it's nothing that I get flustered over, but it's just a heads up for you in case you may say it to another Senior officer and they take Umbridge over it."

Turning to the Captain he said "My apologies for that Sir, I was just looking to see how some of the crew react over certain issues. I understand if your angry, again, I apologize."

"Angry no, concerned, again no, mildly miffed - yes" Captain Kaylen admitted as the interchange.

Finchley turned back to Dean and said "Ok then, let's begin this exercise session with you kicking my arse then..."

Dean left it there instead of replying, or even pointing out they were off duty, so why should it matter? Mister or Miss or Misses used to be considered respectful as far as he knew. Either way, letting go of Fin's hand and looking to Rhenora now, in case she still wanted them to bugger off.

"Captain Kaylen, there is an incoming communication for you from Deep Space Nine" they were interrupted by the junior ops officer. Rhenora sighed. "Excuse me gentlemen" and headed for the door.

"Of course Sir" Finchley replied. watching as Rhenora walked off. Turning back to Dean he said "Ok, let's get to it then."

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Commander Finchley Kerr
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