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Well it had to happen sooner or later - Recert Dean House pt2

Posted on Mon Jul 19th, 2021 @ 10:51pm by Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun & Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House

Mission: Gamma Quadrant
Location: Various
Timeline: Recertification Week

-snip- "So they're waiting..." said under his breath. Looking up fully again, "Idea's, theories?" Dean glanced about the Bridge to them. -snip-

Remal turned to Savar and whispered, "He understands they are just holograms, right? They're not really capable of much beyond their programmed parameters."

"I see no reason why he would not know that Chief. He may have forgotten. This scenario is about him and his ability not the holograms and their opinions." Savar answered.

"Well, perhaps he is immersed in the simulation. Here, let me provide a bit of feedback to nudge him along just a bit." Remal suggested before adjusting the holodeck console in front of him. It was a small tweak that increased the intelligence level of the bridge sims just a bit.

The holographic crew looked around at each other until the tactical officer commented, "Neutrino surge does usually indicate the presence of a cloaked ship. This means they can see us, but we cannot see them. I recommend red alert until we can ascertain their intentions."

The holo science officer then spoke, "We cannot forget there is a vessel in that nebula which called for help. We do not know their status at this time. Perhaps contacting them would be prudent." He offered.

"I know they are there. Also, I don't want to go to red alert yet. We'll stay at yellow with only shields up. It's possible they didn't detect the scan. If we tip our hand that we know there's one out there, that will change things." Dean gave a glance to the Science Officer. "The transmission cut off when they were listing out who was on board. Try them again. Keep a track of those Neutrino emissions."

"Aye, sir. Hailing the ship again. I'm showing the neutrino readings are moving. It's possible they have taken our posturing as a sign they were detected. The further they move, the more their signature fades."

"Hmm.... So it's cat and mouse now. There's only a number of races allowed cloaks legally. We should have those emission signatures on file somewhere. For the most part..anyway. Let's see if it's a Romulan ship." Which he doubted, "Check for any singularity signatures. At the same time, while we wait to see if the Vengence responds. Just open a broad channel."

Dean typed into Ops, 'Send a signal to House Tragath. They owe me a favor or two. Request two K'Vort Class ships to join us and start a search pattern. Stay cloaked. Give them all the information we've got so far.'

"Sir, long-range communications don't seem to be reaching beyond this sector. It is possible we are being jammed, or it could be possible the Nebula is interfering. However, the computer is showing two possible matches for the singularity signatures. It is either Klingon, or the much larger Negh'var Class Warship, like the ones used when the Klingons and Cardassians shared an alliance."

"I was unaware the Negh'var class could maintain a cloaking device except for the Chancellor's flagship." Dean mused a bit. "Well, this isn't going well. Send out three communication probes. Two as decoys and the other to relay the message. Hopefully, that will work. As for the Vengence...I really hate to go in there blind."

"Probes launched sir. It could take a while before we receive a response. In the interim, we could rig a sensor probe into the Nebula. It would act like sonar, sending back random pings if it detects something, however... the enemy would see the readings too."

Nods, "We may have to risk it. Also, one at our entry point so we have a point of origin to head back to also as a tether. One good thing is, if they try to go in there we'll detect them. No cloak. Let's try it, see if they take the bait. Signal the station also, I assume we need another communications probe. To relay to Starfleet we require assistance."

"Sorry sir, after the three we just launched, our compliment is down to one. After our recent gaseous anomalous mission, we have not had the chance to restock. Torpedo bay says the sensor improvement has been installed on the last remaining probe. Orders sir?"

"Dammit..." Taking a pause a moment. "Okay. Let's actually really play cat and mouse. If that signature keeps moving out here. They are afraid to go into the nebula. Hold the probe for now. Helm. Paint them, if we can. Brush just the edge of the nebula and have engineering start venting plasma. Give us a little light show and head out of range of the interference. If we're still jammed that means they are following us at that point."

The Helm officer hesitated as she attempted to understand what Lt. House was asking her to do. "Aye, sir, moving us to within ten meters of the Nebula's edge."

The science officer spoke up, "Sir, if one of those electrical discharges from the nebula strikes our plasma flow, there won't be anything left of us to save the freighter or her crew." It was a dire warning.

Remal looked at Savar with worry in his eyes, "He's both reserved and brash at the same time. I'm no expert, but that seems dangerous."

"It is exceedingly dangerous and his confidence borders on arrogance," Savar answered his eyes on House as the simulation continued.

"It's not the Nexus ribbon, it's just a Mutara type nebula. There shouldn't be any discharge. Let me rephrase the orders. You're right. It could if we're in there. So wait until we're clear to vent the plasma. The bait one way or another should work."

The girl at the helm dipped the Sunfire into the edge of the gaseous cloud, skimmed it for several hundred meters before turning back into normal space. As soon as they were clear, the Engineering officer began venting drive plasma. This carried on for a minute before he discontinued the flow. "That's it, Captain, that's all we have."

"Moving us out of the range of interference. Five minutes until projected range dissipates."

"The neutrino emissions do not appear to be following, though I am losing detection ability due to the dispersion rate."

There was the point he made in his head actually. Either lose the 'lock' and go with his previous orders or stay so they could keep tabs. "Keep with the orders."

"Aye sir." Came the reply, then not a minute later. "Sir I am registering weapons fire coming from within the nebula. I can't tell if they are hitting anything, it may just be potshots. But, they are definitely coming from the cloud. It may indicate a second ship."

Grumbles slightly. "We had theorized more than one. Are we out of jamming range yet?"

"Two minutes sir. What if they are being targeted? Aren't we wasting valuable time moving away from the objective? The cloaked ship didn't seem to take the bait..."

Remal nodded as the tactical officer seemed to be verbalizing his own inner thoughts.

"I know, and I misstepped. However, we're too far now. Increase speed, fly her apart if you have to. Get those messages out and turn us around and do fly her apart. We're not finished yet and neither are they."



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