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Posted on Tue Jun 1st, 2021 @ 8:18pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon
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Mission: Gamma Quadrant
Location: DS9
Timeline: Current

The USS Liberty eased alongside one of the top docking pylons of DS9, adjacent to the USS Sunfire. The Akira class vessel was an impressive sight, smaller than the Sovereign class Liberty but packing a punch that was well above her proverbial weight. Captain Kaylen Rhenora took in the heavy escort vessel, reminiscing about the previous two ships that bore the name Sunfire and her time aboard them. Captain Shannon had kindly offered her a drink and a tour - both of which she was eagerly looking forward to.

Sandy was watching as the Liberty slid in and admired her lines. Coming from a fighter family, she could tell that this ship had the makings of a very fast and maneuverable starship. Now the idea of commanding her was almost to much to fathom. Why her? Why not let her keep the Sunfire? Starfleet was doing something new and by giving her command of a Sovereign was ludicrist at best. However she had been talking with the captain of the Liberty and they both agreed that it would be a new adventure for both crews and Sandy was beginning to look forward to the exchange. Besides she had offered the captain of the Liberty a drink as well.

=/\= Shannon to Rhenora, you ready for that drink I promised you?" =/\=

The Captain of the Liberty looked up as her crew began to depart for some shore leave and repair duties. She smiled as she remembered the new Captain's offer from a few days prior.

"Of course Captain, name the place and I'll be there in an hour" She replied as she tidied up a few things before signing off for her own shore leave. There were many things she needed to discuss with the Sunfire C.O.

"Great! Quarks then?" Sandy asked.

"Sounds splendid, I'll see you then" Rhenora signed off, finishing signing off on the repairs to done then striding towards the airlock.

Arriving at Quarks the Bajoran didn't care that she was 20 minutes early, she was grateful to be back close to her homeworld with her crew happy and healthy and taking a few days off. She spied a vacant table and pulled up a chair, ordering a glass of spring wine, contenting herself with people-watching until the Sunfire's Captain arrived. Her padd bleeped quietly as she waited, indicating a message from Command. Taking her eyes off the people around her she thumbed open the padd and read the message, her eyes widening as she took in the implications of it all.

"To Captain Kaylen Rhenora - C.O USS Liberty
You are requested and required to take command of the USS Sunfire, and begin the below mission in the Gamma Quadrant. Your crew from the Liberty will transfer over to the Sunfire. The Liberty will be under the command of Captain Shannon, former CO of the Sunfire, her crew will accompany her on the transfer. Both ships will travel through the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant to ascertain the status of any rebuilding efforts of the Dominion Empire and report any findings back to Command.

Admiral Starr"

Rhenora blinked as she finished the message, then reread it again just to make sure. Her stupor was interrupted by the arrival of the Sunfire's Captain.

"Well hello again, finally we meet in the flesh. Have I interupted something?", Sandy asked Rhenora.

"Oh Hi, I'm sorry I was reading a message from Command, I see you have a copy of it already" the Liberty Captain replied. "Please, will you join me for a drink?"

"Of course, and yes I also have read the copy of the orders. I think it will be kinda strange for the crews to switch but I have a good CAG for you if your interested," Sandy said, sitting down ordering a drink.

"Really? I must admit I've never had much to do with the Akira class starships and the various different support craft attached to it" The Bajoran admitted, shrugging her shoulders slightly. "By the looks of this we are due to depart tomorrow morning, looks like it'll be a crash course for both of us" She laughed.

"Yes a crash course is exactly what is going to happen tomorrow. I just hope my helmsman knows hot to fly a sovereign class," Sandy said laughing. "Oh you want the name of the officer?" Sandy asked. "I believe she is here on the station already," Sandy added.

" I want to know everything, there's a lot to take in for a short period of time" Rhenora admitted. " Tell me about this officer, have they expressed interest in remaining on board?"

"Well, her name is Sandy "Phantom" Risa. She is another of my close friends and damn good pilot. She can fly the Sunfire and fly her fighter by the seat of her pants. She is an ace and for what its worth I think she will fit in nicely on the ship," Sandy said.

" If you're willing to part with her I'm willing to have her. My helm officer is more than capable but someone who is a natural is always preferable" The Liberty Captain agreed. " So tell me - how do you feel about Captaining a Soverign class ship?"

"It is a challenge that I accepted and it will be different in many ways. I am pleased to accept her with your blessings. Oh and I will have Sandy report onboard tomorrow. I hear your OPS officer and matecwill be staying aboard the Liberty. I am pleased they are staying," Sandy said finishing her drink and ordering another.

"I wouldn't be surprised if a few of my own crew choose to remain aboard the Liberty - I'll open up the offer to all crew and they can work out the details with yourself if they choose to do so. I don't wish to force anyone to move if they don't want to" Rhenora explained, picking at the tray of food that had arrived at some point.

"I agree. I do know that my CAG, Brianna is moving with me as I plan to make a squadron on the Liberty," she said looking over the food that arrived. "Looks delicious what is it? I know Quarks has food but this looks wonderful," Sandy added, looking over the food.

" Looks like some type of deep fried potato sticks or something" Rhenora shrugged, whatever it was tasted good. "So tell me, does the Sunfire have any quirks I should be aware of?"

"I don't know about quirks but she jumps to warp very fast. I think the CEO had her hands in the dilithium chamber," Sandy laughed. "As for the fighter bay, that is awesome. She is an open fly through bay that I know Phantom, I mean Sandy, loves to fly in and out. It deploys faster than the closed deck," she added. The potatoes actually did taste good.

"Handy to know, I'll make sue my Chief Engineer is aware of the warp drive, and I shall make full effortrs not to touch the fighter bay" The Bajoran snorted a little. "The Liberty is like a lady, she is smooth, she is sleek, but piss her off and you'll know about it"

"I will have my chief engineer make sure she is well taken care of. I'm sure she will take care, because she is in love with starships and she goes on about calling them her Lady so she will be pleased with her," Sandy said. The Sunfire will treat you kindly and will protect you as long as you are kind to her. She's been through a lot but she's a good ship," she added.

"She has character then. I've always said a ship doesn't develop a personality until she's been through a few scraps and scrapes" Kaylen chuckled in good nature "We only had the Liberty for 6 months, but they were a good six months. "

"She will be put through her paces I'm sure of it. Any new ship that gets a proper shakedown is going to have its quirks ironed out," Sandy said with a chuckle.

"Oh there'll be quirks, there's always quirks" Rhenora snorted as she took another mouthful of potato sticks " From what I read on the message from Command we're heading on a joint mission, it seems only prudent I guess when we are all going to be dealing with massive change"

"Looks like it will be a massive change from where I sit but I believe it will work out for the best. Do you have something to do later? I would like to take a look see at your shuttle bay so I can get an idea of how much room I have to work with," Sandy asked, finishing up the food and her drink.

"My ship is your ship, feel free to spend any time you need getting acquainted. I feel the crew changeover is going to be the biggest challenge. I'm confident we can pull this off though" Rhenora smiled at her counterpart "Congratulations Captain, doubly so it seems"

"Yes, Congratulations Captain as well, and you can take a walk on the Sunfire and get acquainted with her," Sandy said, smiling warmly at her fellow captain.

Captain Sandy "Ghost" Shannon
Commanding Officer
USS Sunfire


Captain Kaylen Rhenora
Commanding Officer
USS Liberty


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