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Another new beginning

Posted on Sun Sep 17th, 2023 @ 9:25am by Lieutenant JG Montgomery Vala

"Personal Log, Lieutenant Junior Grade Montgomery Vala. USS Sunfire.

The intricate ballet of the stars outside my quarters contrasts sharply with the flurry of my own movements within. Unpacking possessions and stowing them in their assigned spots, I am struck by the quiet gravity of this moment. Just a mere corridor away, the heart of the ship—the people, the systems—hums with life, echoing the grandeur of the universe. And yet, in these moments of solitude, the overwhelming weight of memories floods in.

The soft hum of the Sunfire's engines resonates with the rich tapestry of my past. As I gaze at the emblem of Starfleet perched on my desk, I'm reminded of my mother's tales of ancient Romulan wars, of Dhaelthra IV's clear nights and of my formidable journey through the expanse of space.

Each piece I unpack is a fragment of my life's puzzle. The worn-out Khariat board, every notch and scratch reminding me of countless matches with peers and mentors. An archaic piece of parchment with scribbled equations—reminiscent of late nights at the Daystrom Institute, and the melancholy of Celia's smile. It's strange how objects can be imbued with such sentiment, serving as silent witnesses to the chapters of our lives.

This assignment to the Sunfire feels different. The Akira-class ship boasts of impressive scientific capabilities, and I find myself eager to merge with its rhythm. I've learned, in my myriad of experiences, that it's not just the machinery but the crew that defines a starship. The last months aboard the USS Antares taught me that.

Starbase 67 seems like a distant dream already. The idea of embarking on new explorations, of pushing the boundaries of science and knowledge on this vessel, fills me with renewed enthusiasm. The horizon is broad, full of mysteries waiting to be unravelled, and I am raring to..."

An unsettling jolt. Then another.

"Pause recording." Vala said quietly.

The ship shuddered, interrupting his train of thought.

Steadying himself against his desk, he waited for the ship's stabilizers to correct the anomaly. But then came another jolt, followed by another, each more unsettling than the last, spaced apart by about twenty-seconds.

The pulsating rhythm of the disturbance was unusual, Vala mused. His instincts begun to scream danger, as they often did, but he was quick to calm them.

With a renewed sense of purpose and the weight of his new responsibilities pressing on him, Montgomery Vala made his way swiftly to the bridge.


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