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Lieutenant JG Montgomery Vala

Name Montgomery Vala

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Romulan
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 220lb
Hair Color Salt and Pepper
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tall, lithe, slightly hunched in his demeanour. Montgomery often wears a steely expression, and walks with a pronounced limp.


Spouse Celia Vala (Presumed Dead)
Children N/a
Father Unknown Romulan Dignitary
Mother T'Nael i'Varul
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Montgomery Vala is a complex blend of a scientist's analytical mind and a survivalist's intuition. He possesses a reserved yet earnest demeanor, which makes him approachable but somewhat elusive. Those who manage to break through his guarded exterior find a deeply empathic and thoughtful individual, one who weighs each word and action with meticulous care. His Romulan upbringing instilled in him a sense of discipline and a keen understanding of political nuance, while his Federation experiences softened those edges with a commitment to diversity and open dialogue. He values the pursuit of knowledge, not merely as an intellectual exercise but as a tool for survival and progress. Though stoic at times, he is not without humour or warmth; these qualities simply manifest in more subtle forms, like a wry comment or a keenly timed pause. Montgomery is a man who has lived many lives, and those accumulated experiences are etched into every decision he makes, every relationship he forms, and every problem he seeks to solve.
Strengths & Weaknesses Montgomery's strengths lie in his intellectual prowess and emotional resilience. His dual backgrounds in Romulan and Federation sciences give him a unique vantage point to solve multifaceted problems. In addition to being scientifically adept, he is also a seasoned leader, capable of managing a department efficiently even in hazardous conditions. His keen understanding of Romulan and Federation diplomacy is an invaluable asset during interstellar negotiations. Despite these strengths, Montgomery has his vulnerabilities. His mixed heritage often places him under scrutiny, raising questions about his loyalty and causing him to guard his true self. Additionally, his analytical nature sometimes hampers his ability to make snap judgments, a critical skill in combat situations. Lastly, he carries emotional scars from his past, which can influence his actions in unpredictable ways.
Ambitions Montgomery harbours a deep ambition to contribute significantly to both scientific knowledge and interstellar diplomacy. In particular, he yearns to publish ground-breaking work in the field of Temporal Mechanics, a subject that has fascinated him since his early days at the Romulan Academy for Science and Technology. However, his aspirations aren't confined to the academic world. With a solid Starfleet career, he aims to eventually hold a high-ranking position on a Federation flagship, where he believes his unique blend of skills would be most beneficial. Furthermore, Montgomery aspires to be an agent of reconciliation between the Federation and Romulan Empire, leveraging his understanding of both cultures to build a bridge for future generations.
Hobbies & Interests Though deeply committed to his scientific endeavors, Montgomery enjoys a balanced life through his wide array of hobbies and interests. One of his favorite pastimes is spending time in the holodeck, where he can escape to different worlds and epochs. He particularly enjoys scenarios that recreate classic adventures, such as Jules Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days," which he finds both exhilarating and intellectually stimulating. This aligns well with his love for literature; his reading list is a balanced collection of scientific journals, classic Earth novels, and Romulan philosophy texts. Traditional Romulan board games like "Khariat" captivate him, as do Federation equivalents like 3D chess. A practitioner of martial arts and survival techniques, Montgomery has also taken an interest in diverse forms of physical fitness, from Terran yoga to Vulcan meditation practices. His appreciation for classical music serves as a soothing counterpoint to his often intense professional life. These varied interests offer not just relaxation but also further layers to his multifaceted personality, demonstrating how Montgomery's diverse cultural background enriches his approach to leisure as much as it does his professional life.

Personal History Montgomery Vala's life has the contours of an epic, woven through a tapestry of cultures, scientific discoveries, and a relentless pursuit for survival. Born Rh'vaurekorn i'Varul in 2363 on Dhaelthra IV, a small Romulan border colony, his origins were humble but fraught with complexities that would shape his future in unimaginable ways.

His mother, T'Nael i'Varul, was a woman of refined sensibilities and a complex lineage. A fusion of Romulan and human genes, T'Nael was born from a short-lived but passionate union between a Romulan officer and a human linguist during a diplomatic mission. The duality of her heritage made her a woman of unique intellect and emotional depth. She met Rh'vaurekorn's father, a Romulan dignitary named Valaek, during one of his diplomatic visits to Dhaelthra IV. Despite their affection for each other, Valaek was already married, and their relationship remained a guarded secret. T'Nael knew that her son, later adopting the name Montgomery Vala as a nod to his father and his new beginning, would face societal obstacles due to his mixed heritage; thus, she devoted herself entirely to his education and upbringing.

Growing up, young Montgomery was deeply influenced by the stories, teachings, and traditions his mother imparted to him. Even with Valaek's absence due to his diplomatic commitments, T'Nael ensured that her son had a strong grounding in Romulan culture, language, and the essentials of survival and combat. Under the careful guidance of a handpicked mentor, Montgomery honed his physical skills, mastering Romulan martial arts and survival techniques. Highly intelligent but also sometimes too meticulous for his own good, he learned strategy through traditional Romulan board games like "Khariat," as well as through historical Romulan military campaigns, which his mother recounted like epic sagas.

As Montgomery entered his teen years, his affinity for the sciences began to overshadow his combative skills. His mother, foreseeing the importance of adaptability in a constantly evolving universe, wholeheartedly encouraged this newfound interest. At age 17, he was accepted into the prestigious Romulan Academy for Science and Technology, one of the youngest candidates ever to gain admission. There, Montgomery flourished. His natural talents in subatomic physics rivalled his exceptional analytical skills, and he took to his studies like a Tarkalean hawk to the skies. Three years later, he graduated near the top of his class. His dissertation on "Quantum Oscillations in Variable Geometry Cloaking Fields" caught the attention of some of the most esteemed scientists in the Romulan Empire.

After his academic triumphs, Montgomery stood at the threshold of another defining chapter in his life: applied research. Amidst lingering suspicions owing to his mixed heritage, it was his undeniable prowess and the strong recommendations of his mentors that landed him a position in a top-secret cloaking technology lab led by Dr. Toreth Varul. Here, Montgomery made significant contributions that caused a ground-breaking paradigm shift in cloaking theory. This discovery had far-reaching military applications and strategic implications, affirming his place as a rising star in the scientific community.

This professional achievement did not go unnoticed; Montgomery and his team received commendations from the Romulan Senate and the Praetor himself. It was during this high-stakes period that he met Celia Keirianh, a razor-sharp aide to the commander of the military section of the Academy. Intrigued by the unassuming scientist often found scribbling notes on archaic parchment, Celia admired his pragmatic outlook and logical mind, which stood in refreshing contrast to a society often governed by pride and elaborate theatrics. Montgomery, in turn, was drawn to her sagacious nature and clarity of thought. Their emotional frequencies resonated, and the two held a discreet yet heartfelt wedding ceremony on Romulus.

However, this serenity was short-lived. The Romulan Empire, still grappling with the aftermath of the Dominion War and internal power struggles, initiated a political purge. Montgomery became an easy target for suspicion due to his mixed heritage and lack of allegiance to the imperial hierarchy. Forewarned of his imminent arrest, he orchestrated a desperate escape from Romulus, aided by Dr. Toreth Varul.

After an exhausting forty-day journey through the darkness of space in a barely functional shuttle, Montgomery found himself on the fringes of Federation space. He was discovered by the USS Invincible, which sent him to Earth for an intense debriefing. It was during this process that Rh'vaurekorn—now choosing to go by the human name 'Montgomery' to distance himself from his Romulan past—displayed surprising transparency with Starfleet Intelligence. Eager to forge a new path and still reeling from his mistreatment at the hands of the Tal Shiar, Montgomery was exceptionally forthcoming, much to the satisfaction of his interrogators.

This cooperative stance, along with the impressive depth of his original Romulan thesis, opened doors for Montgomery at the Daystrom Institute. Awarded an observer's position, he was granted the freedom to engage in critical lab work. Leveraging his foundational expertise in Romulan cloaking technology, he authored another influential thesis in Temporal Mechanics, pushing the boundaries of Starfleet's theoretical understanding.

As his observer term concluded, Montgomery successfully applied to Starfleet Academy, propelled by his solid academic record at Daystrom. Though older than most cadets, he felt an insatiable desire to take a leading scientific role on a starship. His curriculum was rigorous, including courses in Temporal Mechanics, Exochemistry, and Subatomic Physics, rounding off his already extensive qualifications. In 2392, Montgomery graduated with commendable grades, earning him a commission as Science Officer aboard the USS Antares, a task group flagship.

His fit with the crew of the Antares was immediate and profound. The Chief Science Officer, an elderly human, took particular interest in Montgomery's multi-cultural experiences. Disaster struck when an accidental activation of a planet-wide defence system on an apparently dormant planet exposed the crew to fatal levels of Seletron Radiation. Tragedy claimed the life of the Chief Science Officer, and Montgomery, now the highest-ranking science official, took up the mantle. His organizational skills shone as he managed an effective science department for several years until the ship was decommissioned.

Yearning for the stars, Montgomery returned briefly to the Daystrom Institute but soon secured a new commission aboard the USS Asgard, operating within the Phendana Drifts. As Chief Science Officer, he pioneered the exploration of a rare Gallicite ore asteroid, gaining local fame and special recognition from Daystrom for the innovative magnetic suits he developed. However, this chapter closed abruptly when Montgomery sustained a severe injury during a confrontation with Klingon pirates. Sent back to Earth for years-long recuperation, he continued his research in temporal field mechanics and occasionally lectured at the Academy.

Fully recovered from his injuries, Montgomery faced a crossroads in his life. The position he had once held aboard the USS Asgard had long been filled, compelling him to reassess his goals and ambitions. Feeling the inexorable pull of the stars, he decided not to pursue further formal leadership training but to seek a role that aligned with his scientific prowess and on-board experience.

Then came the opportunity: a prestigious opening for a Science Officer aboard the USS Sunfire, a ship renowned for its exploration missions and scientific endeavours. The ship's mission profile, deeply rooted in exploration and scientific discovery, felt like a glove fitted for his hand. It seemed the ideal vessel for someone of his skill set, experience, and yearning for new horizons.

Montgomery Vala couldn't pass up the opportunity to once again serve in space, to fulfil the scientific curiosities that had driven him since his early days on Romulus, and to move further away from a past that seemed both a lifetime ago and an eternity away. With the weight of his Romulan past behind him and the promise of a future with the Federation in front of him, Montgomery found himself at another pivotal moment in his storied life.

His application submitted, he now awaits confirmation while reflecting on his remarkable journey—a path marked by hardship, subterfuge, and significant achievements. As he stands at this critical juncture, Montgomery Vala is filled with a sense of anticipation and hope, poised for the chapters yet to be written aboard the USS Sunfire.
Service Record Since arriving in Federation Space:

Observer Period
2386-2387: Observer, Daystrom Institute
Specialization: Cloaking Technologies and Temporal Mechanics
Notable Contribution: Authored a thesis on Temporal Mechanics based on prior experience with Romulan cloaking technology

Academic Training
2388-2392: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
Courses: Temporal Mechanics, Exochemistry, Subatomic Physics
Graduation: 2392
Commissioned as Science Officer upon graduation

Early Career
2392-2395: Science Officer, USS Antares (Task Group Flagship)
Events: Exposed to planet-wide automatic defense system
Promoted to Chief Science Officer after predecessor was exposed to fatal amounts of Seletron Radiation
2395: USS Antares decommissioned, Crew disbanded

Return to Daystrom
2395-2396: Research Scientist, Daystrom Institute
Research Focus: Temporal Field Mechanics
Brief Lecture Stints at Starfleet Academy

Subsequent Service
2396-2398: Chief Science Officer, USS Asgard (Norway Class)
Notable Event: Exploration of rare Gallicite ore asteroid; invention of magnetic suits
Injured during an attack by Klingon pirates; sent back to Earth for intensive care

Medical Leave and Research
2398-2401: Medical Leave and Researcher, Daystrom Institute
Research Focus: Gallicite Exploitation and Temporal Field Mechanics

Latest Assignment
2401-Present: Awaiting new assignment, Applied for position aboard the USS Sunfire