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Every new beginning...

Posted on Thu Aug 17th, 2023 @ 2:20am by Lieutenant JG S’Ers-a Kelek t’LyrZor, Maa t'Lyr'Zor

Sera sat placidly in the jump seat that she had ‘claimed’ for the duration of her journey to her new assignment. She had been quiet for most of the tedious voyage, preferring to listen and observe as she found herself yet again in a setting where she was…unsure. Not wanting to broadcast such naggingly illogical uncertainty, she pulled out the small data padd out of a side pocket on her pants and began scrolling; appearing to be deeply involved in whatever information was scrolling, but in all reality, she couldn’t focus on what was in front of her.

She had not expected another assignment so soon. It ended up being a TDY. "Your service here has been exemplary here, Lieutenant. However, we feel you have the skills necessary for the challenge ahead, and your talents are not being adequately utilized. We are pleased to inform you that you are here by transferred..."

Another assignment; and a chief position as well. Was she really the most appropriate choice? Only time would tell; and it was illogical to worry.

“Kadiith.” She thought silently. <>

So ultimately it was a promotion that brought her here; the solitary passenger on the cargo shuttle “Dengali,” currently enroute to the starbase where she would report to her next duty station…USS Sunfire.

The pilot suddenly called out over his shoulder to the only passenger on their shuttle.

“Oy, ah…I mean, Ma’am! We’re comin’ out of warp and will arrive…uh…presently!”

The copilot leaned across the small space between the two flight chairs and muttered, “Presently?! Who says presently?!”
The pilot whispered back. “I don’t know exactly how long! These Vulcans are sticklers for numbers.”

Sera took a slow cleansing breath and closed her eyes as she returned the padd back to the pocket she had just pulled it from. Oh yes…a stickler for numbers. She had excellent hearing too but deigned to not comment on the fact that she could hear their entire hushed conversation.

While her eyes were closed, she felt the ship shift out of warp, secretly basking in the physical sensation of the inertial dampeners kicking in. Despite feeling that stomach dropping sensation numerous times since leaving Vulcan, Sera never tired of it. Although she could only see a glimpse of the viewscreen given the amount of cargo stuffed into the small shuttle, they were apparently docking not far from her new…home. Sera got up from her seat and walked to the front of the shuttle and looked over the heads of the pilot and co-pilot at the Akira class vessel taking up the entire field of vision.

They piloted past the heavy cruiser starship and found their designated berth some distance away. The distance was...unfortunate. It had been a long journey and she was longing for sleep, however there was more to be done before rest would be an option. Now a lengthy trek was added to the list.

Enough. She would not let such mild physical discomfort interfere with her responsibilities. A change of perspective was required.

This assignment signified yet another new start. She had not realized when she joined Starfleet that there would be so many of them. Having satisfied her curiosity, Sera turned from the viewscreen and returned to the small space carved out of her and slung her ‘seabag’ into her lap as she waited for the shuttle to dock.


((Time Skip))

She had walked the gang-plank with minutes to spare before Sunfire departed the starbase. Sweet Surak, if she had not been able to get across to the two pilots of the shuttle that an extra stop for something called a 'burrito' was unnecessary, she would have missed the ship. This was not how she wanted to start her new posting. Taking a slow, cleansing breath, Sera ventured forward, presenting her orders and allowed entry onto the ship.

Now to formally report for duty.


Sera grit her teeth and focus on the pressure it generated in an attempt to maintain her focused calm. She had thus far been unable to find anyone appropriate in which to present her orders and formally ask permission to come aboard. It was highly irregular, but it gave her time during her search to consider the meaning behind what the pilot said to her upon disembarking the Dengali.

“Good luck, Lieutenant.” The copilot said in farewell but then the pilot had added, “Oh ya, break a leg!”

To wish good fortunes and then to be told to break and extremity was highly illogical. Was the pilot serious, or was this a strange idiom that meant something completely different?

She was still pondering the correct meaning behind the statement when she arrived to the bridge of all places. Although she had not preferred to show up here without proper protocol being followed, perhaps one of the bridge crew would know where anyone in command was.

She stepped off the turbolift and looked around; and shoved down the sensation of anxiety as it made itself felt. Straightforward was the best tactic in this scenario.

“Greetings. I am trying to locate the Captain…”

And the adventure began.


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