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Lieutenant JG S’Ers-a Kelek t’LyrZor, Maa t'Lyr'Zor

Name S’Ers-a ch’T’Pel Kelek t’LyrZor, Maa t'Lyr'Zor

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 1.79 m (5' 10.5")
Weight 65 kg (143 lbs)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue (unusual for a Vulcan, but not unheard of)
Physical Description • Hair length: Long, ending mid-thigh - this is considered old-fashioned, traditional.
• Hair style: Center parted, pulled back into low braided, thick chignon - very few ever see her hair down
• Build: Slim/Athletic


Spouse N/A - Widowed
Children N/A
Father Soven
Mother T'Rel
Brother(s) Kesh - middle son
Vanik - youngest son
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family D'Vik - Uncle - Her father's brother, also with unusual blue eyes

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sera generally acts in a manner consistent to a typical Vulcan, to most non-Vulcans anyway. However, do not be fooled. She can be a most inconsistent creature at just happens. She IS Lyr’Zor. She meditates; Look, it's a work in progress.

Social interaction is an illogically intuitive process in Sera's mind, and outcomes of this inherently fascinating process have been mixed. This does nothing to stop her from continued attempts, as more research and experimentation must be performed.

She has chosen a rather unorthodox career path, for a Vulcan, anyway. Although she left her family to escape the life that was laid before her; it is not possible to leave behind her upbringing. It was only logical that she chose security given her upbringing and training in numerous martial arts and weaponry. Sera had always excelled in Suus’Mahna and Kur’eel (an ancient, particularly vicious martial art form, considered by some as the origin of the brutal Romulan artform Kormerek).
Strengths & Weaknesses • She knew just enough Federation Standard to join Starfleet. However, she is going to figure out idioms if it...murders her?
• Sera willingly tries new things in a most un-Vulcan-like manner. This includes food and drink, activities; just about anything, really.
• Doesn't draw any attention to it, but Sera is QUITE skilled in hand-to-hand unarmed combat, and her lirpa skills are killer.
• Sera cannot wink. It is now a work in progress.
• Has a digital Federation Standard "Word of the Day" calendar.
• Although illogical, Sera does for Cardassians. She has her reasons.
Ambitions Hmm, that is a good question - I suppose she's playing her ambitions pretty close to the vest. However, to excel in her field and to create a 'community' for herself.
Hobbies & Interests modifying/repairing weapons
Human Culture / music / food

Personal History Sera’s worldview up until leaving Vulcan to enter Starfleet Academy was incredibly insular even to mainstream Vulcan’s standard. This was due in part to her rather unorthodox upbringing within a Royal Clan of questionable repute (Lyr'Zor) that gladly traced their origins and allegiance to principals in place well before the Time of Surak.

Her clan is isolated by remote geography in the Southern hemisphere. The largest city, Jia'anKahr, within the Lyr T'aya region, is the clan’s stronghold. It is an ancient walled city built within the Vuldi Gorge where it met one of the small Vulcan seas; and does not make a habit of welcoming outsiders. Those who have tried to infiltrate the lands of Lyr’Zor are usually never heard from again. What happens to those curious—yet foolhardy—persons are unknown.

Amongst mainstream Vulcans: The ancient Lyr Zor, once spoken of in fervent whispers, are considered secretive, martial in nature, and were often utilized by other clans/houses (Even the other Royal Clans although they would deny such most fervently) as spies and assassins, if the price was right. They were one of the last clans—at least outwardly—to adopt Surak’s teachings and, even then, did not open themselves to outsiders. Much of the clan’s social customs, behaviors, and hierarchy are still unknown even in the modern day, and this is just how the clan wants it.

“Misdirection is the key to survival. Never attack what your enemy defends, never behave as your enemy expects, and never reveal your true strength. If knowledge is power, then to be unknown is to be unconquerable.” – M’Tan-a Denak, cha’R’Val, Maa t'Lyr'Zor, Follower of Tellus

Sera had always wanted more than the role that had been so ‘logically’ laid out before her. However, being a dutiful daughter, Sera had no choice but to obey. She had been betrothed to Viruk Kelek sa-fu t’T’Rala t’Awidat Maa t’Lyr’Zor (Viruk, Son of T’Rala, of the House Awidat, of the Clan Lyr’Zor).

He was the eldest son of House Awidat Matriarch T’Rala – one of the high houses within clan Lyr’Zor. It was a logical (and logistical) match. They could not have been anymore dissimilar, but they had one thing in common. Both wanted to see a world beyond the fortress walls of Lyr’Taya.

Sera agreed to the match, but with a caveat, which Viruk readily agreed to. When he left Lyr’Taya to join Starfleet (it was allowed as a youthful dalliance), Sera joined as well.
Their time at the academy only showed the duo how ill-suited they were to one another, and it was with a relief of sorts that they were assigned different duty stations – as the Dominion War had broken out.

They had ‘kept in touch,’ through communications during the war, but Sera needed no subspace message when she awoke with a strangled scream from a nightmare that was Viruk’s final moments. She saw through his eyes as a Cardassian stood before him and thrust his blade deep into her mate’s heart, twisted, and tore the blade from the irreparably damaged pump as their connection was sundered through his death.