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Settling in

Posted on Sat Feb 13th, 2021 @ 6:56pm by Lieutenant Burt Quaid & Ensign Jessica Wilson

Mission: Resting up
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Present


{Sunfire, Main Engineering}

Ensign Wilson had spent the last 50 minutes showing her superior officer around the engineering department. They’d spent the majority of that time in main engineering, but had also spent time in auxiliary control, the main computer core and the nacelle tubes.

“That was a thorough tour, Ensign.” Burt said as the two officers entered the CEO’s office. “Considering we were less than an hour, I think you covered everything.”

Jessica stood proud. She enjoyed pleasing the people she worked under. It made her job and life much easier. “Thank you, sir.”

Burt leaned back in his chair, “Now we just need a rough idea of when we’ll be departing Starbase 247. Repairs and upgrades seem to be coming along very nicely.”

“The command staff should be on the bridge as we speak.” The woman offered helpfully, readjusting her glasses by pushing them up the bridge of her nose slightly. “I could show you the way to the bridge from here?”

“That would be great.” Burt smiled nervously. He tried not giving away the fact that he got lost while looking for the bridge earlier. “After you, Ensign. Lead the way!”

The two officers left main engineering and walked the short distance to the nearest turbolift. Wilson cleared her throat before simply saying, “Bridge.”

Burt frowned. Who knew it could be that easy to find the bridge?


Anyone around on the bridge?

Lieutenant Burt Quaid
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Sunfire, NCC-3935-B


Ensign Jessica Wilson
Engineering Officer
USS Sunfire, NCC-3935-B


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