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Checking In

Posted on Sun Feb 14th, 2021 @ 1:26am by Lieutenant Burt Quaid

Mission: Resting up
Location: Deck 1 - Main Bridge
Timeline: Present


Reese stood at the Tactical Officer station tapping at the controls on the dimmed bridge she wasn't a Tactical Officer but she had to check the phaser banks were upgraded or fixed at this point in the day she couldn't remember due to the amount of paperwork she had to do and ship off to her superiors within an hour.
The Tactical Officer station was beside the side Turbolift so Reese stuck her head around the corner and said with a crook "Can I help you?"

Burt stepped out of the turbolift and walked forward. Turning his head for a moment he saw that Jessica had remained in the lift as the doors closed behind him. “Yes ma’am.” He said, noticing the provisional Captain rank on her command uniform collar. “Lieutenant Burt Quaid reporting for duty. I’ve just come onboard from Starbase 247.”

"Wonderful," Reese said turning back around to the monitor, "Chief Engineering Officer yes? I'm up to my eyes in paperwork."

“Yes ma’ma, Chief Engineering Officer.” Burt could have kicked himself for not announcing his position as well as his rank. He didn’t feel comfortable being on the bridge of a starship. He almost didn’t feel worthy. These were the heroes up here, these guys always got involved with the adventurous stuff. He just wanted to be left alone with his engines below decks. “I’m sorry to have disturbed you ma’am. Shall I return to my duties or is there anything specific you want me to look into down in Engineering ahead of our departure from Starbase 247?”

"I'm Acting Captain of 247 and Acting Captain of 3 other ships docked at the base try your best to refit and repair the ship and try to hand your report in words I already have too much to overlook." Reese said tapping on the console controls.

Burt bowed his head with respect, “I will do my very best ma’am. Apologies again for disturbing you.”

"You didn't disturb me," She said looking up with a smile "Anyways you can go feel free to hunt for me."

After being dismissed, the man took one last look around the large busy bridge and made his way back into the turbolift. He could feel his heart rate slow with each descending deck.

Captain Margaret Reese
Commanding Officer
Starbase Hummingbird

Lieutenant Burt Quaid
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Sunfire


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