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Meeting the team

Posted on Fri Feb 12th, 2021 @ 2:14pm by Lieutenant Burt Quaid & Ensign Jessica Wilson
Edited on on Fri Feb 12th, 2021 @ 6:39pm

Mission: Resting up
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Present


{Sunfire, Corridors}

Burt felt like he had been walking the corridors of the Sunfire for hours. In reality it had probably been nearer half an hour. He had started to get exasperated at his inability to find the bridge, when he suddenly found himself stood in main engineering.

Relief washed over him as he suddenly felt very much at home. Seeing the steady blue flash of the warp core, and the accompanying hum, instantly relaxed him.

Moving deeper into the department, he saw that his office was based near the aft section of engineering. He’d practically be able to smell the dilithium crystals stabilising the deuterium from his office chair. Bliss!

Entering the office, he found his chair occupied. “Excuse me.” He said, clearing his throat. “Lieutenant Burt Quaid, Chief Engineer.”

The woman shot up to her feet, sending the chair she was sat in hurtling backwards. It bumped into a storage unit and knocked over some coil-spanners, an isodine coupler and a couple of synchronic meters. “Sir!” She said, standing to attention. “Ensign Jessica Wilson. I’ve been taking care of things here ahead of your arrival.”

“At ease,” Burt raised a hand. He’d never been comfortable on having his subordinates standing to attention for him, despite his rank, “Don’t worry about it, Ensign. Do you mind if I move into the office though?”

The woman’s body visibly relaxed and she turned towards the man, “Of course not, it’s your office. I was just keeping your seat warm.” She smiled nervously before taking a few steps back and retrieving the chair from the storage unit. Replacing it under the desk, she spoke again, “Welcome onboard the Sunfire sir.”

Burt nodded in appreciation of the welcome. He then realised that the young Ensign was wearing eyeglasses. A rarity that he had seldom seen anyone else doing. “Ensign, can I ask why you wear eyeglasses?”

Jessica smiled, “I don’t particularly like doctors.” She admitted, “I know I could get them fixed really easily, but the thought of someone playing around with my eyes makes me want to hurl.” She paused for a moment, “Plus I think they’re kinda neat.”

Burt chuckled, “Fair enough, Ensign. I look forward to working with you.” He turned around and surveyed his engineering department, “Now why don’t you start by giving me a tour?”


Lieutenant Burt Quaid
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Sunfire, NCC-3935-B


Ensign Jessica Wilson
Engineering Officer
USS Sunfire, NCC-3935-B


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