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What a small quadrant

Posted on Wed Feb 10th, 2021 @ 7:23pm by Lieutenant Burt Quaid
Edited on on Wed Feb 10th, 2021 @ 7:25pm

Mission: Resting up
Location: USS Sunfire
Timeline: Present


Burt had been trawling the corridors of the Sunfire for approximately 20 minutes, and he still hadn’t found the bridge. He was too proud to ask the computer for directions, and too stubborn to ask any of the passing crew members. The Chief Engineer should know the layout of a starship like the back of his hand. His embarrassment had turned into frustration around eighteen and a half minutes ago.

Turning another corner he came face to face with a passing chief petty officer. “I don’t believe it, Jack Reynolds?” Burt’s face lit up at the sight of a previous colleague. He extended a hand and shook Jack’s hand, “How the heck are you? I haven’t seen you since the Victorious days!”

Jack, a slightly stumpy man with ginger tinted hair smiled back, “It’s been about three years, Lieutenant.”

Burt snorted loudly, “Since when did we ever refer to each other by rank in private, Jack? You know I’m Burt to my friends.”

“Sorry,” the chief petty officer raised his hands playfully, “There aren’t many officers onboard the Sunfire that are as relaxed about rank as you are, Burt.”

“So you’re stationed here? In engineering?” Quaid asked, unable to hide his growing excitement. He and Jack had been close friends on the USS Victorious, and it would be an honour to serve alongside him once again.

Jack nodded, “I’m a warp core analyst.” He paused and laughed for a moment, “I’ve come a long way from being a warp core coolant regulator.”

“Well, it’ll be great to work with you again. We need to book some holodeck time together.” Burt smiled. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to report to the bridge.” The man started to walk away, unaware that he was actually moving away from the bridge with each step he took.


Lieutenant Burt Quaid
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Sunfire


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