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The eagle flys

Posted on Mon Dec 7th, 2020 @ 1:01pm by Commander Jodon Arlidd
Edited on on Sat Dec 12th, 2020 @ 7:13am

Mission: Sunfire Station Keeping Starbase 247
Location: USS Eagle


The Eagle was being prepped for the mission to explore the Dark Matter Nebula.

Flight line director, smoked a stogie and inspected supplies being loaded. Noting the experiments, armaments and food rations... a circle of smoke round his head like a halo. FLD, Nimitz continued his work.

Jodon stepped out from the ready room. He stood for a moment at the side of the bridge looking as crewmen came and went. "Status report." He said sitting down in the Captain's chair.

The Andorian manning the Operations system replied. "All systems report ready for departure."

Jondon now relaxed into the command chair. "Helm lay in our course and clear our departure with Operations." Jodon command.

"Course entered, Ops has cleared us." The Vulcan meaning the helm stated.

Jodon looked over to the Ops and said. "Ready thrusters."

"Thrusters ready." Replied the Andorian Ops officer.

"initiate launching sequence," Jodon said.

"Sequence underway." The Helm said tapping away at the controls.

"Engage." Commanded Jodon sitting on the edge of his seat. He always wanted command of a ship now he had that but it was acting.

Commander Jodon Arlidd
Acting Second Officer & Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Sunfire


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