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The ship shape Sickbay in the fleet.

Posted on Thu Jul 23rd, 2020 @ 3:01pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Brei Sheridan

Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: Around the Ship and Star Base Ten


Lieutenant Commander T'Brei T. Sheridan, made her way down the corridor to the airlock as she made her way off ship, she checked her shopping list to ensure she picked up the special grade medical equipment she had ordered for her lab and diagnostics.

As she approached the cargo delivery area, the Chief smiled and said, "Well Doctor! Did not recognize you in that pretty dress. Pink is my wife's favorite color." He grinned and tagged her purchases, then loaded them for beam over to Sickbay directly.

T''Brei, nodded giving him a small shy smile. "I helped your wife, Margaret pick out some pink fashions the other day. And I assured her that you would appreciate seeing her in them."

They walked along the cargo area, he tipped his cap. "I do, Doc, I do. You take care in that ship, come back to your family safe."

She waved and nodded, proceeding onwards to pick up her Gown and other evening fashions. Her new dress uniforms and other items had arrived. She had them tagged and beamed to her quarters.

After she finished her shopping, she turned to see the CMO of the base, "Doctor Sheridan, I have an emergency and could use your assistance ."

She followed Doctor Argus into the Sickbay of Star Base Ten.

She looked to pull on a jumpsuit over her dress, when the Nurses and other staff arrived and yelled. Surprise!!! They had food, drink, presents and Rose's, pink ones, red white and yellow...

Looking a little perplexed, she then felt a touch to her elbow. Turning, it was Senoaa Trwiili, the Betazoid Doctor and good friend smiled at her and said. "I arrived today and wanted to surprise you." They partied, talked over old times. Star Base ten staff thanked her for her consultation case work.

After the party Senoaa Trwlilli walked her back to the ship.

As they stepped aboard the Sunfire, she gave him the tour.


"This is the Bridge. As you can see the upgrades ..." He smiled nodded to Officers also checking out the ship.

As they made it on through engineering, security, and finally Sickbay, Seonaa looked around. "Nice."

They looked over her cases of medical equipment... she would get it added to her lab later.

Senoaa smiled. "Time for me to depart, the Missouri has arrived and we put out for a plague breakout on degralio 12."

He left the Sunfire. T'Brei. Changed into uniform and went to her lab to install the new equipment.


Lieutenant Commander T'Brei T'Ana Sheridan, CMO



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