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The comfiest chair on the ship!

Posted on Thu Jul 23rd, 2020 @ 10:43am by Commander Andrew Archer
Edited on on Thu Jul 23rd, 2020 @ 10:44am

Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: USS Sunfire, Bridge
Timeline: Present


Andrew walked the corridors of the Akira-class starship and felt relieved that his physical examination had come back clear. As a child there had been a small abnormality in his right ventricle; a completely expected side-effect of Human-Betazoid offspring. Thankfully it was easily fixed by the paediatrician when Andrew was still a baby and shouldn’t show up on future medical exams.

Stepping into a turbolift he ordered the computer to take him to the bridge. “May as well check over those science consoles again; make sure no-one’s tampered with them...”

The turbolift doors opened and Andrew stepped out onto the bridge. It was still quiet; most of the crew evidently still enjoying themselves on the starbase. “Perhaps they’re all in the ‘Rowdy Pirate’ Dr Sheridan mentioned.” He smiled to himself.

“Lieutenant,” a female Caitian Ensign approached Archer, “Sir, I was just about to contact you; it’s your shift as ranking bridge officer.”

Andrew was stunned. He’d done the command training to be able to take command of the bridge when required, but he’d completely forgot it was now going to be part of his regular duties whilst on the Sunfire. Obviously not much was happening at the moment due to the ship being docked at Starbase 10, but it was still a daunting prospect.

“Lieutenant?” The Ensign spoke, her feline Caitian features frowning.

Andrew snapped himself back into the room, “Yes Ensign, of course,” he spoke, clearing his throat, “that’s why I’m here. Thank you.”

He moved his way across the bridge and looked at the Captain’s chair. It was huge chair. Or at least it felt like it was. The responsibility surrounding that chair was almost palpable. It was mostly black leather, with some grey fabric trimming. The armrests looked plush and comfortable, with some controls and a ship-wide communicator built in.

Andrew slipped into the chair slowly and made himself comfortable. It felt like he was sitting on air. “This chair... the comfort levels! My God!” he thought to himself, “This is probably the most comfortable chair I think I’ve ever sat on!”

The young Ensign at the communications console spun around in his chair as his equipment chirped loudly, “Lieutenant, I’m receiving a communication.”

Lieutenant Andrew Archer
Chief Science Officer
USS Sunfire


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