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Arrival, Physicals

Posted on Thu Jul 23rd, 2020 @ 10:27am by Commander Andrew Archer & Lieutenant Commander T'Brei Sheridan

Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Present

It had been a couple of hours since the Captain had arrived on the Sunfire. The ceremony on the flight deck had gone well, and he was now officially in command. Following the ceremony, both he and Lieutenant Archer made their way to sickbay for their physicals.

T'Brei sat in her office, reading. She heard the Ens. Della Street, RN, speaking to two officers. Closing her notes she rose, pulled on her consultation jacket and made her way to the ward.

She nodded politely and addressed the Captain and Lieutenant. "Hello, Captain and Lieutenant, I am Lieutenant Commander T'Brei Sheridan, CMO. And you must be here for your physicals?” She enquired politely.

"As a man of science myself," Andrew smiled, "I know how important these physicals are for the well-being of the ship and the crew."

T'Brei smiled a tiny smile and said. "Indeed, Science is also part of my work as well, perhaps we can discuss some research some times. This way, I am going to hand you over to our Nurse, Della, she will take your vitals and, I will make sure your medical chart from your last assignment is logged into your medical files here, and we will have you on your way shortly."

Della waved to biobed One and placed the Captain's medical PADD there.

Turning to Archer she said. “Biobed two for you Lieutenant."

Andrew sat on the biobed and removed the top layer of his uniform, revealing his undershirt. Doctor Sheridan attended to the Captain while Ensign Street greeted Andrew. "Hi, I'm just going to do a set of physical observations on you if that's alright. I need a baseline of your blood pressure, your oxygen saturations, your respirations per minute, your temperature, and anything else you feel may be bothering you at the moment. Do you have any allergies that I need to be aware of, and do you currently take any medication for any preexisting conditions?"

Archer shook his head. "No to both questions." He could feel his hands getting clammy. "I've never been a good patient." he admitted through nervous laughter.

Ensign Street smiled warmly, "Don't worry, it's just a physical. You're in good hands."

Della handed the Lieutenant off to the CMO. T'Brei looked over the vitals and looke up at the Lieutenant. "Your vitals check out with your last physical, the scan I just did, also checks out. Your in great shape and you are free to go. I know that Sickbay and physicals are the last places that any Officer or Crew person wants to be, so, drinks in the Rowdy Pirate on Star Base Ten on me, just tell the bar keep that the CMO sent you with a clean bill of health, he might even throw in a free chip to the Casino. T'Brei logged the Lieutenant in for the calendar year his physical on official records...

She turned back to the Captain's medical scans that came in, and turned to the Captain. "Everything is good, Captain, you are free to get on with all your hectic schedule. Your officially logged into our Sickbay systems for a year. Welcome to the Sunfire Sir." The CMO said to the Captain.


Captain Thomas Devoe, IDF
Commanding Officer
USS Sunfire


Lt Commander T’Brei Sheridan
Chief Medical Officer
USS Sunfire


Lieutenant Andrew Archer
Chief Science Officer
USS Sunfire


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