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A Whale of a time

Posted on Fri Jun 28th, 2024 @ 12:27pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Commander Dean House & Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & 2nd Lieutenant Connor McQueen

Mission: Lost in Space
Location: Unknown
Timeline: Current

Connor had finished gearing up and had made his way to the shuttle bay, walking up the ramp he took off his rifle and locked it into place by the shuttles pilot chair. His fingers flew over the LCARS as he proceeded with preflight checks.

Aurora moved across to her seat, still somewhat perplexed as to how she was supposed to communicate with the whales. She could sense them, as she could sense most lifeforms, but communication was a whole different thing altogether.

Connor turned to nod at the newcomers as Savar came walking up the ramp.

Savar sat next to Aurora. He could see she was perplexed. Something troubling you my wife?" He asked as prepared himself for a meeting with the whales.

Ronson walked in, a small pack with random items as he wasn't sure what to bring when attempting to communicate with space whales. He look completely out of his depth, having become very comfortable with his role as Captains Yeoman.

Aurora looked towards Savar. “Sorry, it’s just...I’m wondering how on Earth I’m supposed to communicate with a whale! I can sense them, yes, but communication is a whole different scenario.”

"Aurora, I will be communicating with the whales and you will be monitoring my link with them. To ensure everything is proceeding as it should." Savar replied as he patted her hand to relieve her apprehensive state.

Aurora breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s a relief, I feel more at ease knowing that.” She smiled warmly. “Just be careful okay?”

Savar's lips formed a small smile. "I shall be very careful Aurora. After all, I have you and Sidak here waiting for me."

“Not just Sidak, you have our baby too.” Aurora smiled as she relaxed back in her seat. “This could be fun after all.”

"You are quite correct Aurora. Indeed I do have our baby as well to come home to." Savar replied. He saw Aurora relax. "I hope this attempt is successful and informative. Along with the creatures being able to help us." He paused for a moment and continued, "And of course fun." His eyes betraying his humor.

Ronson remained looking moderately terrified, and looked towards the new officer on the shuttle dressed in the colours of the marines. "Hi I'm Ronson, Captains Yeoman" he tried to make small talk to take his mind off where they were going. Although very capable, it had been quite some time since he had been off the ship.

Connor turned his head and nodded politely to Ronson, “Welcome aboard the shuttle Ronson, I’m Connor, nice to meet you. You go on these whale hunts much?” He smirked a bit as he finished through his flight checks.

"I make the Captain's coffee and organise her schedule" he replied with a hint of a squeak. He put his pack in the rear of the shuttle and sat, fastening his seat belt. "I don't hunt...cept when we're in the jungle against our will being hunted by a marksman for entertainment" he added, eluding to one of their previous ill fated missions.

Connor stared at the man for a quick second trying to decide if he was serious or not. Assuming he was making some sort of joke Connor smirked and nodded “Touché”

"Sorry, sorry. I was double checking some things and lost track of time." Dean got on the shuttle and found a spot to get settled down in.

"It is alright Commander. We have all just arrived a short time ago." Savar replied calmly.

“Alright, well.. he we go..” Connor a mixed as the ramp closed slowly and his fingers swept across the flight panel once again.

A short time later the shuttle lifted off and slid smoothly out of the shuttle bay, heading towards the whales.

"So..what I got caught up in was these old files. There's actually a lot of data that can help us, if you know what to look for, which, I do. It does start with the USS Enterprise, well..more exactly the HMS Bounty and the Probe incident as I mentioned before. However, given that Captain Kirk brought back Doctor Gillian Taylor from the past. We got so much information with our technology at said time and aquatics since. I think I've managed a way to use whale song and different frequencies to actually translate back and forth. That's where you come in, Commander Savar. You have to be the vocal and emotional, I know.." Giving a very big grin, "Conduit between."

Savar's face was impassive as Dean went over what he had and what Savar needed to do to communicate with the space whales. When he had finished Savar arched an eyebrow at Dean's grin and answered, " Fascinating. I shall endeavor to provide all that is needed to make this encounter a success."

Ronson listened to the conversation as they approached the pod of whales but said nothing as the huge beings began to fill the screen. The team made their preparations and moved forward to man the sensor controls.

"Mr. McQueen. Please let us know when we are in position to attempt to communicate with the whales." Savar told the shuttle pilot."

Ronson tuned the sensors on the whales as the shuttle neared, unsure of how Savar was planning on communicate with the whales. Would he request an EV suit and leave the shuttle to be in closer proximity?

As the shuttle drew closer to the whales, Savar spoke to Aurora and House. "I believe for this encounter to have the best chance of success; I need to be in close proximity to the whales. I also would like to hear your thoughts on this."

“Hu ah Sir” Connor swept his fingers over the panel and edged slowly toward the giants as they engulfed the view screen. He piloted the shuttle so that they were level with the whales eye and turned his head over his shoulder. “This is as close as I think we are going to get Commander, whatever you have planned I suggest you do it now.”

"I would tend to agree, Commander. If you go out in an EV suit and get in touch range, though I know the gloves will hinder a connection a little. I also know, that some Vulcans don't always need touch. I'm fine with it as long as we keep you on a tether," Dean commented.

Aurora nodded. “I can’t say I like you being out there, but this is the best chance we’ll get for communication. Just be careful Sir.” She offered Savar a smile.

Ronson waited to see what the decision would be, sending the Sunfire an update as to the plan. "Ready when you are Commander"

Savar arched his eyebrow at Aurora's use of sir. He knew why she did it, to maintain professional decorum. "Why thank you Counselor." He replied his eyes betraying his teasing. He turned to House and Ronson. "I agree Mr. House though I should be able to communicate with the whales. However, once outside, I will see which method will work best." He turned to Ronson, "Mister Mitchell, please get the tether ready and attach it to the EV suit." Ashe moved to get into the suit.

Ronson rose and fastened the tether to the rear compartment hook as that was the part of the shuttle that would be depressurised. Fastening the other half securely to the EV suit he returned to the front half of the shuttle and activated the mid level forcefield that would keep them safe.

"Ready to depressurize when you are"

"Proceed Mr. Mitchell." Savar replied as he moved to the airlock, ready to exit the shuttle.

"Aye Sir" Ronson checked the force field in the mid section of the shuttle was active before depressurisating the rear compartment, waiting for Savar to begin to float before opening the rear hatch.

Savar slowly floated off the deck as Ronson depressurized the mid section of the shuttle. "Pressurization is complete Mr. Mitchell you may open the rear hatch."

The hatch descended slowly, revealing the darkness of the space beyond, and in the right hand viewport, the huge mass of the whales loomed large.
"Commander Savar has exited the shuttle, approaching the closest whale"

Savar moved slowly and with little effort towards the pod of whales. "I am approaching the pod. They have shown little interest in me so far. Perhaps that will change as I draw closer to them." He relayed to the others back on the shuttle.

True to form the whales indeed showed little interest, seeming content to let the shuttle and the man tethered to it approach. Those in the shuttle watched with baited breath.

"Alright, Commander," tapping along the console he was at, "As soon as you tell us you've made any kind of contact, I'm going to start sending these song calls, and hopefully, if I have the first one right, it will be essentially 'Greetings.' To hopefully give a familiar notion." Dean explained.

"Understood and very good Commander House. I am approaching the pod, the whales have still shown little interest in my approach." Savar relayed to the others as he continued to move closer to the whales.

"I'm not entirely sure if that is good or bad. Also, I'm not sure if maybe I should send out that call now instead. Give them an initial intention message. That unsurity being, you'll be welcomed, or they will panic." Dean replied.

"I understand your uncertainty Commander. However the whales have not shown any sign of aggression towards me and I am continuing my progress. There is a large bull directly in front of me. I shall attempt to make contact with him." Savar replied. "Stand ready with the call." he added.

Dean was about to open his mouth, but stopped himself. The suggestion was going to be perhaps start with one of the Matriachs instead. Perhaps play the sympathy card, but one of the bulls made sense, given they might retaliate first. "Understood."

Connor kept looking out the screen and back to his panel as he kept the shuttle as steady as he could as they continued parallel with the whales.

Ronson recorded everything and was sending it back to the Sunfire so those on the ship could gain a slightly different perspective. The big question was, would this harebrained idea work?

Aurora was standing looking pensive as her beloved husband made his way towards the whales. “Good luck Savar. I’ll be monitoring.”

Savar heard Aurora's voice and the underlying concern in it. "Thank you, Aurora. I know you are and will alert me if anything is awry." He answered as he closed on the nearest whale.

The whales appeared to ignore everything, watching with sn impassive eye as if to pass judgement on what these tiny specimens were going to do.

"Ready when you are Commander" Ronson advised, not that Savar was actually waiting for them to do anything in particular.

"Very good Mr. Mitchell.' Savar replied as he toa stop alongside the bull whale. "I am going to attempt to communication with it. Commander House if you would please send the greeting."

Dean nodded to himself a little bit, double checking that he has the correct message to sent. Pushing a few buttons. "Sent."

Ronson monitored for any change whilst the reading was sent. Unable to detect anything he said as much to the Commander. "No change Sir"

"Thank you, Commander House, Mr. Mitchell. I am attempting to communicate with them and explain our desire." Savar replied.

Aurora was silently keeping track of the conversation and her beloved husband, if anything felt off between Savar and the whales she needed to be able to warn him.

Time passed, no-one dared speak least they break the delicate communication that Savar was attempting. They looked toward him in the hope of any favourable news.

The minutes crept by and then suddenly Savar contacted the shuttle. "I have explained our situation the male, that we come as friends before him and the pod and wish peace with them. He is going to communicate with the others about our situation and needs."

Ronson exhaled slowly, not realising he had been holding his breath in the first place. "That's a wonderful thing to hear Commander. Do you think they will help us?"

Dean kept listening and watching. Giving a bit of a sigh, unfortunately, maybe Savar wasn't the one to talk to them directly. Whales he knew, or mammals such as Dolphins were incredibly emotional beings. Letting a breath out, listening again. "There's..." He paused a moment, "It's..hold on..I'm translating."

He started running his fingers over the console as he was getting, whatever it was he was getting. Giving a number of other pauses before he put the 'song' on speakers. "It's absolutely beautiful, even Mister Vulcan should be able to appreciate this," Dean smirked and gave Aurora a wink. "He's talking..and to the Matriarch." The Wains and archs, deep lows, and body moment said they were considering it.

It took at least a full three minutes before Dean exclaimed out loudly, "They don't care for the touch, just being spoken to in their native tongue. Which..evidently, I've figured out."

"Commader Savar, we have established communications with the whales through the shuttles computer system. You are free to return to the shuttle" Ronson paged the ship's XO.

"Can you understand what they are saying?" He asked House.

"Yes, Commander," Dean replied back, "There's some syntax errors here and there, but it seems to be working."

"One moment Mr. Mitchell, I wish to impart my farewell to the whales." Savar answered.

"As you wish Commander" Ronson replied, waiting a few minutes for the ships XO to return to the shuttle after saying his farewells.

"Commander Baldric is requesting an update" he commented as the comm system bleeped.

"Of course, now of all times. Just tell her she can wait. Little busy." Expecting the rest of them to get Savar safely back on the shuttle, Dean was concentrated on talking to the Whales. Giving them just a little summary of how they are there and their wish to get home.

"Ahhh right Commander" Ronson stammered , sending a brief update that they were attempting communication through the shuttles computer.

The Whales started to get a little more excited. Swimming closer to the shuttle than before, also getting a little curious. At least that is what their behavior looked to be. One of the larger females moved up close to the shuttle, enough to nudge and rub on it.

Dean motioned to let it go. Flipping the received song onto the speakers. "Hear that, she's responding. Trying to imprint on us so the rest of the pod won't question helping us."

The shuttle was nudged again, causing a robust shuddering as the inertial dampeners struggled to compensate. "She's being a bit rough about it" Ronson grumbled before zipping his opinion. "Can you understand what she is saying?"

"Hold on." Dean tapped around a little bit, then put it on speakers, the translator. "That should suffice. Though like I said, there's going to be some syntax or translation errors here and there."

From the speakers, which came out mostly mechanical, "You are..not first to here. You did not attack first and harm babies."

"Harm the babies? We would never harm the babies" Ronson wrinkled his nose in disgust at such a concept. "Can you convey that we need a lift back to Federation space?"

"You should," Dean motions out in front of him, "Be able to ask that yourself."

The Yeoman gulped before trying to formulate what to say. "How do you explain Federation space?" He whispered before coming up with an idea.
Pressing the comm button he spoke carefully. "We are lost, we need to get back to the blue spatial vortex near the single sun with 7 planets. There is a ringed space station there that can help us."

Aurora was fascinated listening to the conversation, she was more relieved that Savar would be able to come back inside. “What did they mean by we are not the first to here? Have there been others before us to arrive here?”

"Yes...the others before. They attack our young, kill them. Take hides and insides." There was a cry out through the pod of sorrow. "We know of many places. Many many. Many with blue spheres and seven planets."

Ronson pondered this before replying, having felt somewhat comfortable being the voice to talk to the whales.

"We wil never harm you or your young. We give you our word. We just want to get home."He paused to consider another way of describing the wormhole and DS9. "The super fast Conduit with a space station guarding the entrance, within a system with 7 planets and 1 sun. "

"We are aware of the fast space Conduit and the space station. We will consider your request" the matriach replied, turning away from the shuttle and back to the pod. Ronson took this as a cue to give them some space.

"Plotting a return course back to the ship and transmitting the communication frequencies to the Sunfire. We can continue talking with the whales from there."


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