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Meet and Greet

Posted on Fri Feb 9th, 2024 @ 11:09am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & 1st Lieutenant Kate Score

Mission: Character Development
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

Score had been waiting to meet the Captain, They had talked briefly when they rescued them, But that as it, She walked onto the bridge and hit the signal button to the Ready room.

"Come in" Came the call from inside the room, the Captain rising and heading to the replicator for a much needed shot of caffeine. A few more hours and she'd be on her way to Bajor, kicking up her feet and relaxing on the golden shoreline hear the cabin that Remal had built. It had been too long since they visited.

Score walked in and took a glance around, A Normal Set up, Figured a little something different.

"Ahh Lt Score, can I get you something?" Rhenora asked, nodding towards the replicator. "What brings you to my office when everyone else is on leave?" The Captain recongised the young officer from her dossier and personnel file, although she couldn't remember if they had actually met officially or not.

"Yes Please, Kaffarian tea please" Score replied. "I want to one, meet you, and two, Ask some questions."

"One Kaffarian tea, one extra hot double expresso with a dash of milk" the Captain ordered, grasping the drinks once they appeared in the alcove. She walked carefully over to her desk and motioned for Score to take a seat. Placing the drink in front of the younger officer Rhenora take her own seat with a grateful sigh, picking up her mug as though it were made of latinum.

Taking a sip she regarded Kate with a quizzical glance.
"I apologise for not taking the time to meet you earlier, it was remiss of me and I apologise" she started.

With a gentle gesture, she reached out to take the tea from the Captain and replied in a calm and reassuring voice, "Please don't worry, everything is alright." As she sipped the tea, she recalled the first time they met, when they had come to her rescue. It was a thrilling experience, and she couldn't help but smile at the memory. "You know, Captain," she continued, "I still remember the excitement we felt the first time we met, when we were all working together to save you. Even through it was a bad time to introduce each other"

"That's the one thing I admire about this crew, they always come together with great vigor in times of crisis. I'm glad you felt as though you were a part of the team from the beginning, it means I must be doing something right" The Captain chucked and took a sip of her coffee. "So tell me, what brings you to the Sunfire, apart from all the official guff that is"

Score replied " Is it the possibility of offering marine tactics training to our security staff. The rationale behind this proposal is that our organization currently has a limited number of marines, and it would be beneficial to equip our security personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to respond to any potential threats that may arise. By providing such training, we can enhance our overall preparedness and readiness to protect our assets and personnel."

The Captain pondered this for a few moments, her expression giving little indications to what she was thinking.
"An interesting proposal" she replied after a minute, "and a reasonable one considering the state of the fleet and the minimal resources we have available to us. I assume you would be overseeing this yourself?"

Kate adjusted her posture and straightened her back. She took a moment to consider her response before speaking. "Based on my qualifications and experience, I thought I was the ideal candidate for the position, but I'm willing to keep an open mind if there is someone else who is better suited for the role." Her tone was confident yet flexible, indicating her willingness to consider other options.

"No no, I think you are the perfect candidate for the job. I was however unsure if you wanted to take it on on your own, it will be quite the undertaking" Rhenora replied with a pleasant smile. She enjoyed it when crew were open and honest with her.

Score considered the question for a moment before answering, "Well, I would be open to anyone." She had been on the Sunfire for a few months now, but she hadn't had the chance to really get to know anyone. She had spent most of her time in her quarters, trying to get settled in and familiar with the ship's layout. She knew that there were plenty of people on board who could help her, but she didn't want to impose on anyone or bother them with her questions. Despite her reservations, she knew that she would have to reach out to someone eventually if she wanted to make the most of her time on the ship.

Rhenora sensed the hesitation and dialed in a little. "Have you met many of the crew yet, apart from those on the away missions and the like? I don't think I've seen you at any of the social gatherings"

"I tend to be a loner and not really a people person, but I am trying to change that," Kate replied.

"I can understand how focusing on your work can be a comfort, you can rely on hard work to get through. Allowing others to be close to you allows a certain vulnerability that can be both frightening and beautiful at the same time. Does that make sense?" Rhenora asked with a quirky smile.

"I concur, Captain. Is there anyone Who would be good to help?" Kate asked.

"Commander House or Commander Savar would be a good choice in the marine tactical training. They are both highly efficient in combat. As for meeting new people, Counsellor Vali is your go to." The Captain advised, making a few notes on her padd to ensure that Scores' request wasn't forgotten about.

They chatted amicably for a few more minutes before Score headed for the door and Rhenora returned back to her reports.


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