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Posted on Sun Oct 22nd, 2023 @ 12:48am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: Halloween
Location: Bazza

Several thousand years ago the planet Bazza, a remote world far from any significance enjoyed a thriving population of pre-warp peoples. They lived in primitive cities much akin to those in 19th century Earth, farming the land, using basic machinery to help with daily tasks and building their society. They were a simple people, who's lives were basic and almost mundane. They wanted for little. They grew their food, harvested, then replanted for the next season. The planet was bountiful. Always though, high on the highest mountain in the highest region, sat the castle.

The castle had been there for many generations, there were no tales of when it had not been there. To approach it was forbidden and those who dared never returned to tell of it. Myth was that it was inhabited by ghostly undead, serving a plethora of hungry witches who ate the dead to continue their existence.

The civilisation rose and fell, the planet rebelling against the rising pollution its people were generating. Vast stretches of lang became uninhabitable, the weather too extreme for habitation or cultivation. Slowly but surely the people died, starved from a lack of food, suffocated from their own pollution.

Still - the castle remained as the cities and villages returned to nature. Slowly but surely over thousands of years the planet began to heal, its ecosystem slowly regenerating. Lush open grasslands gave way to dense forests and a myriad of wildlife began to once again habitat, evolving with the times to this new environment.

The castle continued as it ever was - untouched by time, as was its inhabitants.

The creatures within had developed a method of ensnaring aniphasic beings, living off their energy and using it to prolong their lives. Slowly but surely their energy consumption grew, developing more and more technology to suck the life out of any all energy beings that they could get their hands on.

*Present Day*

The USS Sunfire had left space dock a few weeks ago, having enjoyed some repairs and crew downtime after their last little ordeal. Feeling refreshed and ready for anything they were tasked with a planetary survey mission of a distant system that had only been catalogued one hundred years ago. At that point the words were 'nothing remarkable, one class M planet, 2 class K. No signs of intelligent life'.

Hoping for nothing more than the odd sensor anamaly, Captain Kaylen Rhenora sat comfortably in the centre seat on the bridge. The crew going about their business professionally and with ease.

"Captain, we're entering the Bazza system, showing 3 planets, 2 K class and one M class." The helmsman announced as the Sunfire dropped out of warp and entered the system.

"The records were brief, nothing remarkable" Ops continued.

"Start the standard survey pattern" Rhenora ordered, sipping on her ever-present coffee. She expected nothing out of the ordinary.

Several hours later they had surveyed the K class planets and moved on to the M class.

"I'm reading an M class ecosystem. No signs of intelligent life, however there are ruins from an earlier civilisation" Ops rattled off, showing a few images on the main viewer of said planet.

"Hang on... nah, that can't be right. I'm detecting an energy signature from the highest point on the mainland. But I'm detecting no lifesigns"

Rhenora turned around and looked at the officer at Ops who was turning redder by the minute.

" Well then... it looks like we might have to investigate. Continue scanning the surface and see if you can get information"

"Senior Officers, report to the ready room in one hour".



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