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Snatch and Grab an Intervention

Posted on Sun Jun 11th, 2023 @ 3:57pm by Lieutenant Commander Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Remal Kajun & Patin

Mission: Repairs and Retribution
Location: USS Sunfire - Patin's Quarters
Timeline: Current

Bullheaded and focus driven, Remal moved with a purpose from the meeting. He traversed the Sunfire, and its inhabitants who managed to part like the tide as he swiftly approached. They didn’t understand. It had already been almost three hours since the abduction and yet those who could do were still talking about how leaving those who could not feeling frustrated. His destination was to find the one person who would understand the clearest and would likely be the one to join his plight.

Patin on the other hand had been hold up in her quarters. She currently sat legs out, butt upon the arm of her couch, back against the bulkhead, throwing weighted daggers at the door. Each one would soar through the air with a metallic thwip before striking the door and bouncing off. Her goal was to make them stick or at least enjoy the pattern she was making with each new divot in the door structure.

Meanwhile, Bonnie was following Remal, approximately two minutes behind. She was tracking his location with her tricorder in an effort to console him in the wake of this most recent tragedy. Her hopes were high, her thoughts were only of concern for her friend.

Thwip, thud went another one and Patin let out a groan of boredom. With the gym closed for remodel, she was at a loss for what to do to stay busy. And the holodeck was less appealing since that little explosion before dinos started eating everyone. As she prepared to throw another, there was a heavy thudded, urgent sounding knock at her door. She smiled knowing it would not be someone from Starfleet as they tended to ring the chime. “Open.” she commanded.

The doors parted and there stood a frantic looking man who seemed to be missing something. “Meat bag.” Patin called to him before loosing the blade in her hand in his direction, striking the frame an inch from his head. “Come in. Good to see you.”

He had not flinched, having learned to trust her with his life given what they had already been through together. He stepped inside, allowed the doors to close and let loose his tirade of information. “The snakes have taken Rhen.” Or rather the summary of it.

Patin glared at him briefly, questioning his motive and immediately formulating a plan. “When?” She asked simply, in an effort to get as much of the details as quickly and as orderly as possible. As he responded she moved over to her bed and tossed back the mattress revealing a large stash of combat gear and weapons.

“About 3 hours ago. She was at the spa, relaxing. Six or more snakes beamed in, snatched her while I was wandering the shops. They were gone before I returned.” He rolled his eyes, “And all Starfleet wants to do is have us wait around, sitting on our hands, talking about plans and singing kumbaya.”

“More than six you say, anything else?” She said as she began donning her tactical vest and pants. As she went she was carefully placing things inside of the many various pockets. Most of which was presumably contraband consisting of explosive material and ammunition.

“They also managed to take Commander Savar and his wife, Aurora.”

This information gave Patin pause, as she turned to him why squinted eyebrows. “Why them?”

He sighed. “A while back we had a non-diplomatic encounter with one Gul Maccet over some planet he wanted to mine. He attempted to poison us and then he lured Rhen down to the planet where he tried to kill her. Instead, Savar lost his cool and killed Maccet. My guess is another player didn’t appreciate that, which was why we were supposed to be indicted by a Cardassian tribunal.”

“Ha! Cardassian courts are a joke.” Patin said, laughing out loud. She continued to think through the situation. “I remember Maccet. Nasty man. Liked a good strip show now and again.” She stopped again. “How many did they use to take the Vulcans?”

“Three each, why?” He asked in an effort to second guess her train of thought. Unlike his rational thought patterns, he found Patin to be a bit, erratic.

Patin stared at him, burrowing into his brain via his eyes for a full minute before snapping to. She also had stopped packing, “Standard 3 party snatch and grab. Classic Obsidian tactics.” She motioned as if it was dawning on her.

“Then why six for just Rhen?” He asked earnestly.

“Because ya big numpty.” She smacked him on his firm chest. “You were supposed to be with her. They wanted you too for some reason.”

He eyed her as his own brain slowly came to the same startling conclusion. “So, whoever this is that’s doing this…”

“They’ll likely be back to try again. Sorry big guy.” She sounded apologetic. “But you know this means you have to be the bait right?”

Suddenly the doors opened and in fell Bonnie, face first, decreeing as she fell, “No!” She had been listening and attempting to open the door with her override controls. But when she heard he was to be bait, she lunged forward and her bad timing landed her square on the floor.

“Bonnie?” Remal queried as he helped her up and off the floor. “What are you doing here?”

She stood and rubbed her nose, which had already had a bad day, not to mention other things she kept landing on. “I followed you, to stop you from doing anything crazy. Now I hear you talking about being bait? This isn’t right. There has to be a better way?”

Remal smiled at her concern for his well being. She really was a friend who cared. With a smooth and comforting counselor’s voice he replied, “Patin’s right. They will likely be back. When they do, I’ll be ready for them.”

“We will be ready for them.” Patin said as she placed a pack of detonators in her vest pocket. “We’ll be ready and we will kick some spoon headed ass. Then we’ll torture them like they did us until they spill the details about where they took Nozzie.”

“And you’re just, okay with this?” Bonnie questioned Remal. “I mean, what if… what if we create a dummy to look like you and place a series of tracking chips or something.” Espionage was clearly not her strong suit.

Patin laughed. “Tell me young one, how would we go about making a copy of Meatsack? For scientific purposes, of course.” She laughed again to show her dry sarcasm. “Look, it’s got to be real. We’ve got to act like we don’t know this is coming. If they suspect anything, we’ll lose the trail or worse, Meatsack here could end up dead.”

Grimly Remal responded, “Thanks for the vote of confidence.” he grumbled.

“You know I'm right.” Patin glared at him before looking at Bonnie, “But, I like your ideas Bon. Tell me more about these tracking chips? Maybe we can use them to our advantage.”

Bonnie who had gone to intervene in the mad and crazy thoughts inside Remals head was now feeling as though she were being pulled into the wild and crazier thoughts inside Patin’s head. It felt wrong. “I mean, we can create a subdermal beacon which works using his own bioelectric signature. It would be undetectable and operational, with a good signal location of course, up to three sectors away.”

“Good, that sounds good, right Meatsack? We’ll be able to follow. Now, we just need a ship.” Patin said, picking up a phase pistol which looked like something she had crafted herself.



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