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Uber ride

Posted on Wed Dec 21st, 2022 @ 6:10pm by Patin & Commander Dean House

Mission: Planet of the Dinosaurs
Location: Shuttle Craft
Timeline: Current

Dean shook his head a little once they got up in the air. Making sure that it was stable first before even trying to go any where. Dropping fifty feet down would simply make a loud thud. It wasn't going to damage anything or anyone. If it was while they were moving and higher though, different story.

"So you're just going to take a nap, huh? You know this will take maybe ten minutes to get there right."

"Ten minutes, an hour, I'll take what I can get. Besides, it keeps me from criticizing your driving." She grinned devilishly then just as quickly returned to her resting face.

"I wasn't driving the first time there, sweet cheeks." Shaking his head a little bit. Pushing the shuttle in the direction of the Sunfire. Just above tree level, out of chomper range, but low enough to not get jumped by the flyers.

Without looking, she reached out and punched him in the arm. "Unless you're willing to spread the honey and then lick it off, you don't get to call me that yet. I haven't forgotten what you said on the Bridge yesterday. Nor do I care, but for right now we are a team only because Nozzie says so. Got it?"

"Is there a particular reason you have to act that way? Is it daddy issues? No one loves you? Defense mechanism because you're afraid to open up to people? The whole resistance thing aside, which is still messed up."

She cracked one eye open in his direction and smiled broadly. "Oh, is that what we're going to do now? Are you going to psychoanalyze me, play twenty-one questions or whatever it is counselors do? Honey, I don't have people problems so you'd better be clear on what issues you think I have if you're going to go running off at the mouth."

He smirked a little bit, "So, it's basically you enjoy being a hardass, or is it just an ass?"

"I mean who wouldn't right? Besides I like to think of myself more as a smart ass. Not unlike yourself I might add." She continued to face front. "So what erand does ole Nozzie want us for today anyway?" She asked, genuinely not aware of what they were being sent to do.

Okay, Dean couldn't argue with her about him being a smartass also at the same time, he was himself, which Patin hadn't gotten to know fully. To be fair, he didn't know her either that well. Apparently they did have more in common than they thought. "We're suppose to be going and getting the extended shelter rigs, medical supplies, food stuffs, getting the not broken shuttle. Which would be the bigger runabout. Checking on the crew still left on the ship trying to fix things."

She finally looked over at him, "oh, is that all?" She had suspected they were the errand boys but she didn't think she had signed on for supply and nursing duties as well. "I'm sure the repair team is still alive, anyway. So, tell me about Dean, House is it? What drives Dean? Got a girl back home, someone you're looking forward to seeing if we ever end up getting off this rock?"

"I don't have anyone back home, period, like at all. They're all dead unfortunately." Dean gave a sigh, "I wouldn't mind seeing if someone was okay however when we get back to the ship at the least."

"Oh do tell. There were only five we left behind, so that narrows it down quite a bit." She was staving off boredom at least, so she turned. "Let's see, there was the quiet Andorian guy, everybody likes the strong silent type right? I know I do, the less they say the better we get along." She was counting on her fingers. "Then there was the volunteer, but I think he's married, oh unless you're into that sort of thing. Dean, you dog you." She teased before continuing.

"Who does that leave, Oh, the green girl. She was pretty attractive, into bugs and what not, I mean if you're into that sort of thing. I mean personally I love ones that bite or contain a useful poison. But, who else, There was that Bonnie girl, the one scared of her own shadow or something. If you're a sucker for a good hurt, that one will not disappoint. And who's left? Oh, Nozzies' righthand, that Mitchell fellow who serves her coffee 24/7. He's not bad on the eyes, and if you're into smoozing the boss, he's a good foot in the door."

When he only smiled throughout her speal she stared hard into him, "Come on you've got to give me some good meat for the gossip train." She begged as the Sunfire began to appear in the distance. They were almost there, but there was still plenty more 1-on-1 work they would be doing throughout the day.

With each finger he started visibly lifting them as she started counting them out. Just keeping a straight face to not giving anything a way pretty much. There was a smile in there but it wouldn't give a damn thing away. However, there was the curious one. "Smoozing the boss? Which one would you be referring to." Giving a shrug, and avoiding the Bonnie comment. "Oh and I'm surprised that the Orion doesn't have every male wrapped around her little finger. It doesn't work on women, and I'm far as I know of. Which boss?"

"What do you mean which boss? How many bosses do you answer to? Ronson serves Nozzie so naturally I meant her, come on, tell me you're not that dense." She paused to debate whether or not to care about the Orion comment not knowing if it was part of a misleading trail or whatever. "Okay, and I have so many questions regarding the female Orion, like what doesn't work on women and why are you immune? If the woman is sexy she's sexy, doesn't matter your gender. Besides, what are you on about?" She asked as the ship slowed and began decending towards the Sunfire, which now had a pair of golden sails flowing on the roof.

"You mean ass kissing," shaking his head. "I technically have two, Ronson has more, hence I actually had to ask which boss." That was simply a duh moment, at least for him. "They have, well a lot do, a natural pheromone that makes most species highly suseptable to suggestion and their will. Other races have different effects. Most females get headaches more than anything." Taking the shuttle around so they can get a good look and scan of the ship from this angle. "I say I'm probably immune because of my unique physiology. Vulcan are immune also."

She was now visibly amused, "You may be immuned to phermawhatzits, but I doubt you can avoid being attracted to thos feminine curves?" Patin mocked. And for the extra measure she sat forward and mimicked sexy curves with her own hands and body before breaking into laughter. "One thing that's always a constant, horny men." She said from experience. The Sunfire sat quietly at her odd resting angle. There was noticable movement on the roof. That was before they entered the hangar.

Dean had to laugh with her as she did that, and there wasn't exactly a denial either really. Leaning a little to look back through the window as well as double check the sensors. Yup, there was, "Well some one is alive." Them being seen probably would get those still there to take note and head for the shuttlebay.

Patin unbuckled and prepared herself for whatever may lie beyond. The shuttlebay. The front end of the bay was exposed but not easily accessible to creatures while the rear was at ground level or rather slightly below. This made any hole into a potential shelter for beasties seeking a cave entrance.

It was nearing early afternoon and the weather was "Is it just me or did someone leave the sauna on while we were gone?" Patin commented. "Give me my permafrost back, damn." She said as she stepped off the shuttle ramp and into the bay. Her eyes on the lookout for movement. "Where is that runabout of yours?"

Yeah it was hot..then again, that figured, no environmental controls so to speak. At least not there, so it was definitely going to be hot as hell. "Pretty sure we did..." yes he knew that was rhetorical. Stopping and looking down, just a slight cock of his head to listen when they both finished talking. Just for any sounds of those particular creatures. Or any of the crew. Pointing to the upper level that should still be in decent condition as well as the Runabout.

Patin was confident now they were alone. No noise, no movement, nothing whatso ever, not even Dean's mouth breathing. She slung her rifle upon her back, took a drink of water and asked, "Alright boss man, where do we start?"

"We really should regroup who's left first. Check on their status, then split into groups to start getting all of the supplies and the like either on the runabout or site to site transport to the camp."

She gave a mock salute, "Whatever you say boss. How do you plan on doing that exactly? Pretty big ship last I checked and this thing on my chest has just been a pretty decoration since yesterday." She pointed at the communication badge on her left breast.

Dean gave a glance a moment to where she was pointing, then back away from her over to a console, "It might work now that we're close enough. Just in case, we can check that console to make sure the personal communicator relays aren't down. Which..they shouldn't be." Moving over to it. If there wasn't power, he simply connected it up temporarily with his tricorder.

"There it goes, a dampening field." Tapping along the console a moment. "It should be back up now. Lets get in touch with our people now." Dean tapped his own chest, "Commander House to Sunfire team. Come in."

Bonnie, up to her ass in sweat, and hot enough to melt, heard the crackle over the comms. She paused long enough to tap her badge, "This is Lt. Durnell, I thought we agreed not to use the batteries for communication unless it was an emergency?" She asked, unaware of who was on the other end.

There was just a look a moment, but Dean left the sigh before it got out the 'door.' "That's fine and dandy, Bonnie-kin, however, it's Dean, not the team here. Patin and I are on the ship and we've got tasks to take care of. Starting with a head count."

Patin eyed Dean and his interaction with Bonnie. She could almost see the blood pressure rise causing his face to flush as he heard her voice. This brought a smile to Patin's face. She pointed at him, clearly visible in his sightlines and then proceeded to make kissy faces at him, mocking him. "So that's the one you've got it for eh? Brave man."

He didn't even know his face could do that, be it a lie, it was usually under control. "Oh hush you." Dean interrupted without waiting for a reply, "Besides, what's so funny about it if it's that way or that I just care that much about her?"

"Oh nothin, just amusing is all. You make a cute couple." She was teasing on the outside but slightly jealous on the inside.



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