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The Briefing

Posted on Sat Oct 29th, 2022 @ 10:13pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Remal Kajun

Mission: Planet of the Dinosaurs
Location: Shuttle Bay

Half an hour or so later…

The majority of the crew had assembled in the shuttle bay, milling around the shuttles and waiting for the announcement of the Captain's grand plan to get them out of this mess. More than half of them were walking wounded much like the Captain herself, holding it together as best they could under the exceptional circumstances that had befallen them. For those that had served long term with the Captain they weren't so exceptional. The Admiralty we're going to have a field day when they discovered another Sunfire had gone down.

Rhenora walked near the shuttle bay door, its forcefield flickering tenuously to keep the nasties outside of the ship. She came to a halt at the centre, and let out a loud whistle to draw everyone's attention, something she hadn't had to do since the resistance. The chatter subsided quickly, leaving a reserved hush within the large chamber.

"Thank you all for coming" the Captain started, her eyes wandering over the bloodied and bruised faces of the crew. "As you are undoubtedly aware, we've made an unscheduled pitstop here on this planet." There was a few token smiles and laughs at the lame joke, but it had its desired effect. "And as much as we would like to remain onboard until help arrives, the toxic fumes and lack of supplies mean we need to leave and find a temporary new home."

Remal noticed only a few whispers or murmurs from the crowd, but for the most part everyone was giving their full and undivided attention. They were duty bound to follow her orders. They trusted that leadership would save them from the perils which surrounded them. So many held faith in Captain Kaylen, unshakable, unbreakable. They waited for her to continue.

Rhenora took a breath, her eyes wandering the crew before her, gauging their reaction to the news. For most it was somewhat expected, they hadn't been able to get the life support systems back online and smoke was choking the corridors. "To that end, Commander Savar has taken a shuttle and an away team to scout for a suitable location for our new camp. We need to pack, and relocate there. Department heads will allocate what supplies from each department to take, and personal items should be kept to an utmost minimum. " There was a murmour that rippled through the crowd like a stone creates ripples in a pond. "As we leave, we will secure the most sensitive areas of the ship, then expose what we can to the atmosphere in a hope to vent the smoke for our return. And we WILL return. This is our home, and we will get back here to get her off the ground." There was a conviction in her voice that couldn't be argued with, a pure belief that meant she felt the truth to the very fibres of her being.

Another murmour of mumbles and conversation filled the space before some hands were cautiously raised in the air.

"Ensign Marks?" The Captain addressed the first of them.

"Are we certain the distress beacon was activated? I mean what if it was damaged in the crash?" The young Ensign queried.

"Commander House activated the beacon just after we crashed. Whilst I cannot personally guarantee it was working 100%, it didn't communicate any errors. That being said we are due in Cardassia in 2 days, when we fail to arrive the Federation will come looking for us. All is not lost, we just need to keep ourselves safe until then" Rhenora explained, seeing a visible wave of relief sweep through the crew. This was a short term, not long term situation.

"Crewman Patrel?" Rhenora went to the next raised hand.

"Ahhh what are we gonna eat? Most of our supplies were destroyed in the crash, even the ration bars" the crewman's complexion was pale, her Trill spots standing out more than usual.

"We will take weapons with us, and there will be hunting parties, foraging parties and cooking crews. We'll return to the communal methods of survival all of our ancestors lived by in many years past. We will find food, and whilst it won't be replicator pot roast pretty, it will keep us alive." Kaylen's words evoked a rumble of choked laughs as they all contemplated the slightly dark humour. They wouldn't starve, but they'd all have to lower their standards as to what they called 'food' for the next little while.



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